Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miss Peach's and Mickey's Wedding

Miss Peach and Mickey are getting married today. You can attend by following this link. I am so excited. I followed the wooing with much joy. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

                                                 Miss Peach and Mickey get married today.
                                                 The kitties are gathered in splendid array.
                                                         Let's toast them long life
                                                         Without pain or strife
                                                  Then throw rice and shout, "Hip-hip-hooray!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am putting up my Halloween post a little early, so I can also put up my post for Miss Peach's and Mickey's wedding for tomorrow. Fred and I would like to wish you a very Happy Halloween. Stay warm and safe, but have lots and lots of fun.

                                                 Have a Happy Halloween!
                                                 Beware, take care, if the Moon turns green.
                                                                 Strange creatures fly
                                                                 With a watchful eye
                                                 Looking for meat for their soup tureen.


Luna's beans made a request that I fit Luna into Halloween week, as she is definitely a black cat. She has the most gorgeous green eyes. Here she is sitting on a lap, one of her favorite things. Luna's beans are very much involved in making electronic music, so there are wires and cables all over the place. Fortunately, Luna is not at all interested in them. What she does go for is the ties that hold them neatly in place. She leaves the ties alone while they are on the cables, but if she finds one on the floor, it instantly becomes a toy. She never gets to play with one long, because someone always takes it away from her. It wouldn't be good if she bit off a bit of the plastic and swallowed it. Luna is fond of toys and adores catnip. She always has a really good time when the catnip on her scratcher is refreshed. She loves basking in the sunlight. Where she lives now has a private patio with a high wall, so she can go outside. She loves it. She has her own little pot of cat grass on which to nibble. Luna asked me to remind you that she is hosting the Halloween edition of Weekend Cat Blogging, so get your posts in.

                                                 Luna's a black cat with eyes of green --
                                                 One of the prettiest I've ever seen.
                                                          She loves her nip;
                                                          Goes on a trip.
                                                 Now she's ready for Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anakin Andrae

When the Mom first put this toy down for the kitties to play with, Anakin pounced on it and claimed it for his very own. He growled at any other cat who tried to get near it. Anakin is the youngest and smallest of the cats, but he is growing fast and is nearly as big as Aniwa now. The Mom discovered that Anakin and Aniwa sound too much alike to the cats and it was causing confusion, so Anakin is always called Kin Kin now and he answers to that name. One day the Dad went hiking in a nearby National Forest and when he returned to the car, he discovered a tiny, very bedraggled and muddy kitten nearby. The kitten ran under the car and pawed at the tire. The Dad got him away from the car, but didn't have any way to keep him safe and warm in the car, so he sped home to get a carrier and some towels. When he got back, a lady had the kitten in her arms. He asked if it were her cat and she replied that she found him and was going to take him to the Humane Society. The Dad explained that he had brought a carrier and towels to take the kitten home and give him a forever home. The lady handed the Dad the kitten and that is how Kin Kin found his forever home. At first, the other cats weren't thrilled by this newcomer, but it didn't take long at all for Spooky Do to welcome him and for Aniwa to discover that he liked to play as much as she did. Aniwa seems to be Kin Kin's favorite among the other cats, probably because she is closest to him in age. They play together a lot. Kin Kin is very adventurous and has already discovered how to climb up to Aniwa's favorite high shelf.

                                                Kin Kin staunchly defends his toy.
                                                He is such a brave panther boy.
                                                      He will growl and hiss
                                                      And take it amiss
                                                 If any cat comes near his toy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farewell, Pierre

It is easy to tell from this photo why Pierre's nickname was Tarzancito. This was his very favorite spot to sit and watch the world. He loved climbing through the trees and was very good at it. He also loved playing in the garden of the abandoned house next door. He is buried there now. Pierre was also a very loving cat and loved curling up with the family on the couch to watch TV. Pierre was always a very active cat and when his family found him listless one day, they rushed him to the vet. He had a very bad case of kidney stones with complications. He was such a tough mancat that by the time he showed any symptoms of there being something wrong, it was too late to save him. The vet tried overnight, but he only got worse, so his family sent him along to the Rainbow Bridge to end his suffering. They loved him very much and still miss him terribly.

                                                 Pierre just loved to climb in trees.
                                                 He scampered through the branches with ease.
                                                       He got kidney stones,
                                                       Which hurt down to his bones.
                                                 Now he's at the Bridge, climbing the trees.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spooky Do

As promised, today it's back to the limericks. As it is Halloween week, I am doing only black and orange cats. Above is Spooky Do, doing his best to live up to his name. I think that Spooky Do is the largest of the cats in his house and he is now quite the mellow guy. He welcomed Nelly and Anakin into the family without any fuss. Aniwa likes to attack him, but it never goes beyond the wrestling match stage and they are often seen grooming each other. Spooky Do's favorite thing is to climb into containers: bags, boxes, plastic bins. He has a favorite blue plastic bin that he often naps in. He loves to chew on plastic grocery bags, just to hear them crackle, perhaps. He likes to get up on a high shelf to keep an eye on what is going on.

                                                 Spooky Do likes to sit in boxes.
                                                 He jumps right in and settles his 'tockses
                                                       To look at the world
                                                       Before him unfurled.
                                                  He also likes to nap in his boxes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeding the Birds

Unfortunately, it's happening again. The kitties and woofies are going to the Rainbow Bridge faster than I can keep up with them, even if I do a tribute post every day. I am not going to do that, as I can't handle it emotionally any more and it makes my blog look like an obituary page. I will do the tributes in between the fun posts, even if it means that the tributes appear long after the event.

I thought I would tell you about my adventures in bird feeding. It all started many years ago when my family discovered that the ravens who hang around liked to eat chicken skin and just about any other food that we wanted to discard. The ravens are a riot to watch and we were soon getting fat from the grocery store, just to feed them. There weren't any ravens around this morning and I didn't have anything for them, so there isn't a photo of the ravens.

This is the suet feeder in the crabapple tree next door. For many years, we had birds spending the winter based in this tree, eating the crabapples. Then about two-three years ago we had a late frost and all the crabapple blossoms were killed. I didn't want the birds to starve, so I put up this feeder and put out a big block of birdseed. Every critter in the neighborhood enjoyed that block of birdseed, including the raccoons and deer. The ravens really like the suet, too, though I also get smaller birds eating it. I have kept it full every since, but decided against another big block of birdseed.

This is the finch feeder, which contains thistle seed. This spring a pair of house finches built a nest in our carport and I wanted to make sure that the babies had enough to eat near their nest, so I put this feeder up. They were emptying it every day at first, but now it last two-three days.

When my Mom began to get very frail, there was very little that she could do and she got bored. I put up this general small bird feeder to give her something to watch. I also thought that the tweeting of the small birds might amuse her. It worked, to some extent. Up until winter arrived, this feeder was also being emptied every day, but now it generally lasts two days. I started putting just the cheap seed in it, but the hulls were making quite a mess on the ground, so now I use the no waste bird seed. It attracts a variety of small birds, including finches, sparrows and juncos. I have also seen a dove or two on the ground, eating up what the smaller birds drop.

This was my attempt to take a picture of the feeders with birds actually using them. It didn't turn out very well, but you might just be able to make out some birds if you click on the picture to make it bigger. That's my adventures in feeding the birds. It's a reasonably inexpensive hobby and I am really enjoying it. I love hearing all the tweeting just after I fill up the feeders.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Things did not turn out at all the way I had planned them. I had been having a regular flock of birdies around the bigger bird feeder and thought that I would refill the feeder, then back off far enough that the birdies wouldn't feel threatened and photograph some bird tocks for Derby, as that is the only kind of tocks around here. Unfortunately, winter arrived and this happened:

Most of the birds took off for warmer climes and the ravens wouldn't hold still long enough for me to photograph their tocks. So here are the only tocks I could photograph for you, Derby:

I don't know if stuffed tocks count, but I did my best.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Farewell, Rosendo

This one just breaks my heart. Gretchen's Mom was writing a story about how an abandoned kitty got adopted and found a forever home. Her husband didn't know anything about the story, but he brought an abandoned kitten home with him. The kitten's name in the story was Rosy, but Rosendo was a little boy kitty, so he got named Rosendo, which is Spanish. He was starving and sick. You can see how tiny he was in the picture below:

He got the very best care possible, but on what would have been his fifth day with Gretchen and her beans, the kitty angels called him home. What is really tragic is that Gretchen threw a major hissy fit when he first came home, but she was just getting used to the idea that he would stay when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. It isn't all sad though. Gretchen's Mom found Sophie and she has moved in. Gretchen threw three days' worth of hissy fits, but now has accepted the fact that she has a new sister. Let us be comforted by the fact that little Rosendo had four days of unmitigated love and attention that he otherwise would not have had, hadn't the male human found him and brought him home.

                                                There was a kitty named Rosendo.
                                                Whose cuteness caused our hearts to bend-o.
                                                             He was skinny and sick;
                                                             His life sped by quick.
                                                 Have fun at the Bridge, little Rosendo.

PS.  I don't really want to take away from the feeling of sorrow for the untimely death of Rosendo, but I feel that I must tell you of what is going on right now. I feel lower than a toad's belly now and I can't go on with the limericks.  I knew to expect it, as I felt it with my Father's death.  I am going to post a Tocktober post tomorrow and tell you about my bird feeding efforts the day after.  I will get back to the limericks after that, I hope.  I have had the comforting dream of my Mother telling me that she is all right now and with my Father, so I hope that my feeling of crushing sadness will go away soon.  I just hope that I can de-clutter the house soon and adopt some kitties to keep me company.  I wish I could stop waking up in the middle of the night, feeling that my Mother needs me and not being able to sleep again.  Sorry to burden you with my troubles.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nelly Dancy

Nelly Dancy has begun sticking her tongue out lately. Is she showing her opinion of the flashy box? Nelly has a very expressive face and it's always easy to tell what she is feeling. She was adopted into her forever home in November of 2008 when her previous family was moving and didn't want to, or couldn't, take her along. She fit in easily with the other cats and was very welcoming to Anakin when he came along. Nelly is full of energy and is usually up to something. She loves to attack toes and toys. Nelly is fascinated by the Outdoors and will try to sneak outside every time she spots an open door. Last summer she succeeded in getting out and made a beeline for a mountain ash tree in the yard. She climbed up to the very top in her bid to get to stay outside for a while. This ploy succeeded, at least for a while. She wouldn't come down and someone had to climb up a ladder to reach her.

                                                 One day Nelly sneaked outside.
                                                 She climbed to the top of a tree to hide.
                                                         Her humans saw her --
                                                         It caused a bother,
                                                But they got her down and back safe inside.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell, Tiny Tim

Here is Tiny Tim, soaking up the sunshine. He was named after Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, as he showed up on December 26, 2001, with a lame leg. He got rescued and his leg healed up fine. Tim loved sitting in the sunshine and also going outside in the garden, though not as much as some of the other cats. Tim also very much enjoyed pouncing on Longfellow or whacking him on the bum as he was about to jump off the porch. Tim knew that the catnip is kept in a drawer in a table. He would go sit on the table when he wanted catnip. A while ago, Tim lost interest in eating and drinking and started panting. Off to the vet he went and it was discovered that he had Pyothorax, a fairly rare condition in which an abscess forms in the thoracic cavity and fluid builds up. There is a treatment, involving 5-10 days at the vet having the fluid drained, but there is no guarantee that the fluid won't just fill up again. Tiny Tim always hated going to the vet and his family decided that such a prolonged stay for maybe little gain would be harder on him than just saying goodbye. He was helped to the Rainbow Bridge on September 28th.

                                                 Tiny Tim fought the good fight,
                                                 But Pyothorax sapped his might.
                                                        His Mom helped him go
                                                        On his journey so
                                                 Long to the Bridge, where he plays in the light.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes
is a beautiful, polydactyl calico with lovely green eyes. This is a very unusual picture. Daisy loves to sleep on the very softest things she can find and this fleece blanket is just perfect for her. What is unusual is that the new kitten Anakin is also sleeping there. The other cats have taken to Anakin pretty well, but Daisy has been avoiding him. She isn't mean to him or anything; she has just been staying away from him, though she does hiss at him occasionally. So now the question is, has Daisy finally accepted Anakin or was the fleece just too irresistible, despite his being there? I guess it is possible that Daisy was there first and Anakin joined her after she went to sleep. Notice how she has snuggled her face right into the fleece.  This is a typical sleeping position for her.  Daisy has lots of fun when she isn't napping. She really enjoys paper bags. Once in a great while, her Mom lets her go out in the back yard, under careful observation. There is a comforter with a daisy pattern on it that is her favorite place to nap. I call it a quilt in the limerick to make the line scan.

                                                 Daisy chooses the softest place
                                                 To take her nap and rest her face.
                                                       The quilt with daisies
                                                       Brings on the lazies.
                                                 That has become her favorite place.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Farewell, Jake

This is a hard one to write because it is so sad. Jake and Spot were inside kitties living with their Mom and two Kidbeans. They started blogging in 2006, but didn't blog very much at all. Then a boyfriend who didn't like cats moved in and Jake and Spot became outdoor only cats in the summer of 2008. The last we heard from them on their blog was that the Mom had gotten a doghouse, put it in the basement and put fleece blankets in it to keep them warm for the winter. That was September 2008. It must have worked because we didn't hear anything more until just recently. Jake was killed by a car. His Mom has lost her information to get into his blog, so it hasn't been updated since September 2008. She is just devastated.

                                                 Jake and Spot had to live in the yard.
                                                 They liked it fine, 'cept the door was barred.
                                                           A car hit poor Jake;
                                                           A trip he did take
                                                  To the Rainbow Bridge where nothing is hard.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Oh, wowie! I got two awards today. First the one that I am most excited about. Mark, LC, Ayla and Iza designed this award just for me. The photo is of Edward Lear, master limerick writer. He wrote hundreds of them. The most famous one is this:

                                             There was a young lady from Niger
                                             Who smilingly rode on a tiger.
                                                     They returned from the ride
                                                     With the lady inside
                                            And the smile on the face of the tiger.

He wrote lots of other poems, too, but most of them have become rather obscure. His best known one is "The Owl and the Pussycat" which I think will be well-loved forever. I am so very happy that I will celebrate with a limerick of my own:

                                               Thank you so much for my limerick prize.
                                               I truly appreciate you guys.*
                                                           They are fun to do**
                                                          And to know that you
                                               Really like them, too, is the bestest prize.

*Well, one guy and three gals, but I was going for the rhyme.
**The tribute ones aren't really fun, but they are done with love and I always feel gratified when they come out right.

I also got this one from Mark, LC, Ayla and Iza. They are really spoiling me. I don't understand much Portugese, really just enough to recognize the language when I see it, but I do know a few words and I think it says, "This blog is a dream." Thank you so much. I didn't see any rules, but I feel that I should pass it on. I would like to give this award to:

Perfectly Parker
Shadow, Molly, Trooder and Jake
Diego-san, Theo and Thompson
Cheysuli and Gemini

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Loki has had a rather interesting life so far. Originally, he lived with his Daddycat, Nana's younger son. Then Daddycat lost his job and finding a new one would involve a lot of travel, so last May Loki came to live with his Nana for the summer, or so he thought. Nana has two dogs, so Loki moving in with them was rather a shock for both the dogs and Loki. They all get along fine now, though Loki does sometimes object to having his butt sniffed while he is napping on a chair. Daddycat has found a new job, but it involves moving around a lot, so Loki is living with Nana from now on, or until things settle down for Daddycat. Loki misses Daddycat, but he comes to visit whenever he can. Nana is spoiling Loki a bit. She buys him lots of toys and has introduced him to cat treats, which he never had before. Nana has discovered that Loki really likes catnip and she keeps a special stash for him. Loki knows where the stash is and will love all over Nana while looking at the catnip drawer. This usually works for him, but not always. In visiting around the cat blogs, Loki discovered Reese and fell in love. He dreams of her often.

                                                 Loki's in love with a cat named Reese.
                                                 Just seeing her makes him squeeze
                                                         His eyes in delight.
                                                         He dreams all night
                                                 Of the fun he could have with his darling Reese.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farewell, Mrs. B

I think Mrs. B was about 10 years old. She had a rough time of it before she found her forever home. Someone found Mrs. B in their backyard. She was in bad shape and they took her to a neighbor who rescued cats. This Nice Lady took Mrs. B to a vet who discovered that she was FIV+ and insisted that she be put to sleep. The Nice Lady was having none of that and took her to another vet, who treated her for her immediate problems, including diarrhea, and who said that she could live a long life with the right care. Mrs. B was about two years old at the time and was definitely not a feral cat. She had obviously been an inside cat, but how she got to be in the condition she was found in we will never know. Foster Dad took in Mrs. B to nurse her to health, but then she developed some alarming symptoms, so off the vet she went again. This time it was discovered that she had heart worms. This is often fatal, but Mrs. B pulled through. Mrs. B, called Bobbi at the time, was being kept inside, but she sneaked out one day and was terrorized by Foster Dad's dog. She wasn't hurt, but she was traumatized. Mrs. B went back to live with the Nice Lady, I think. About this time, Random Drift's Mom was looking to adopt a cat, as her Kalahari had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and her apartment seemed much too empty. She didn't have any luck at PetSmart and told a fellow worker that she was looking for a cat to adopt, but didn't know where to look. This fellow worker knew the Nice Lady and took the Mom to see her and Mrs. B. Mrs. B went home with the Mom and stayed there for eight years. She was never sick until just recently, when she got so sick that she had to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge. Mrs. B was a calm cat, but she did like to sneak out to eat grass. She never left the yard; she just wanted her salad. Her Mom took to growing cat grass in the house to see if that would stop her from sneaking out. Mrs. B loved to watch TV, especially Meerkat Manor. She would come running whenever she heard the theme music. For a long time, the Mom thought that Mrs. B just didn't like to play at all. She provided lots of cat toys for Mrs. B and Bubbles, but Mrs. B ignored all of them. Then one day Mrs. B found a milk ring on the floor. All of a sudden Mrs. B was playing all over the place. She never did play with anything else, though. Mostly she slept on her own special pillow, but she would sit on the couch with the Mom to watch TV.

                                                 We say goodbye to Mrs. B.
                                                 She lived quite well with her FIV.
                                                        Milk rings gave her joy
                                                        Like no other toy.
                                                 Now she's at the Bridge, eating grass carefree.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Huffle Mawson

Here is Huffle Mawson in her parsley pot. It was one of her favorite places to sit in her back garden. When her Mom decided to redo and improve the garden because it has mostly gone to weeds, the parsley pot disappeared. Huffle was quite upset by this turn of events. After much begging by Huffle and a campaign started by Angus Mhor to get the Cat Blogosphere involved in getting Huffle a new parsley pot, this appeared:

Huffle is quite pleased with the cat grass, cat mint and catnip planted in the two little pots, but has yet to sit in her new parsley pot. She has been too busy hiding under the new plants in the garden, waiting for a chance to pounce on the evil birds who have been taunting her.

Huffle's Mom and Dad brought her home from a shelter four years ago and named her Stella. When her Dad noticed that she was quite the explorer and loved to investigate anything and everything, he added the Mawson, after the arctic explorer. When her Mom noticed that she liked to huff at things, lots of things, she started calling her Hufflepuff. This was soon shortened to Huffle and that is what she answers to now. When she first moved in, Huffle had a brother named Salvador. He didn't like her much and gave her a rough time. Even so, Huffle missed him when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. Huffle loves to play outside on her deck and in her garden. She thinks that all of her Mom's new plants are delicious, but her Mom objects to her tasting them. Maybe that's why she planted Huffle's new pots, thinking that Huffle would stick to her cat grass, mint and nip. Huffle is also determined to catch a bird or two, but she hasn't been successful yet.

                                                 Huffle lost her parsley pot.
                                                 It was something she liked a lot.
                                                      She got a new one,
                                                      But it wasn't a blue one,
                                                 So Huffle ignores her parsley pot.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Farewell, Baby-Dot and Baby-Tuxie

This is Baby-Dot, having a little look around.

And this is Baby-Tuxie, going exploring. These two brothers were abandoned, along with one other sibling, who is being fostered by someone else, by their feral mother in a lady's yard. She was caring for them on her porch, but couldn't take them inside because her son is very allergic to cats. She called a vet, who knew that PDX Pride's Mom fosters tiny kittens and she took them in. Unfortunately, they both died within hours of each other only a few days later. They were only 2 1/2 weeks old. There was a problem with their formula, but that in itself wasn't enough to have caused them to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe there was something wrong with their little insides. Despite the short time that they knew them PDX Pride's Mom and Dad grew attached to the little ones and are still very sad about it.

                                                 Two little tuxies were fighting for life.
                                                 Their foster Mom helped in their strife,
                                                            But they left anyway
                                                            And all we can say
                                                 Is, "Have fun, tiny tuxies, in you new life!"

Sunday, October 11, 2009


By special request, today is Trooder day. This is his very first Gotcha Day, so be sure to drop by and wish him joy. Trooder is four years old. He was found in a feral colony by a very nice couple who were surprised by how friendly he was. They took him to Grayson County Humane Society. He was quite a mess. His fur was terribly matted and he had diarrhea and ticks. They cleaned him up and discovered that he walked funny because his left front ankle had been broken and didn't heal properly. He was a big hit with everyone, but no one adopted him and his time was running out. A group called N.O.A.H. took him in and put him up for adoption. His forever Mom found him at the store where she always shopped for food for Jake and the cats. He was huddled in the back of the cage, but came forward and meowed when he saw her. The lady who was handling the adoptions took him out of the cage and handed him to his soon-to-be Mom. She was very hesitant, but when they went to the quiet room and Trooder sat next to her and purred, then put his paw on her hand, she just knew that this was the new kitty for her. She took him home that very day. It turns out that Trooder has arthritis and his limp will never completely go away, but it is much better now that he is getting treatment for it. The shelter and NOAH called him Nowhere Man, but the Mom decided that he needed a new name. She tried Big Guy, but he didn't respond. The Dad called him Thumper because of the noise he made walking across the kitchen floor and he sort of responded to that. He was also called the Introoder, because that is how Molly, Shadow and Jake saw him. This got shortened to Trooder and suddenly, he was responding to that name. Shadow was the first one to make friends with Trooder. Molly was slower to come to accept him, but they get along fairly well now. Trooder still hisses at Jake sometimes and guards the human litterbox room from him. This is to prevent Jake from eating out of the litter box and that makes the Mom very happy. Trooder was so happy that he had a new home that he started to gain weight. He needed to gain some weight, as he was pretty skinny. However, he now has a jiggly belly and may have to go on a diet. This brings us to Trooder's first limerick:

                                                 Trooder may have to go on a diet,
                                                 But shhhh, the Mom is keeping it quiet.
                                                         Trooder loves his eats
                                                         And he loves his treats.
                                                It will be hard keeping him on a diet.

Because today is the first anniversary of Trooder's Gotcha Day and
because his Mom may not let him see the first limerick, here is a
special Gotcha Day limerick for him:

                                               We celebrate Trooder's Gotcha Day.
                                               Everycat come and shout, "Hooray!"
                                                         Kitties far and near
                                                         Raise a mighty cheer
                                               And toast Trooder's first Gotcha Day!                                                 

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here is Patches doing her meatloaf impression. This seems to be a typical position for her. Patches started out life as an outside kitty and spent the first half of her life rather wild. She had two male cats taking care of her for a long time, but oddly enough, didn't have any kittens. All three of them used to hang around Caspersmom's house quite a bit. When it got cold, Patches used to go up on the roof and curl around the stovepipe. Caspersmom was afraid that she would get burned so she put out a nice box with warm blankets in it for her. Then something bad started to happen. One of Patches' guardians disappeared and the other on got so badly maimed that he had to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge. Caspersmom brought Patches inside and she has been there ever since. She turned 15 in July. Since Patches had never been inside before, it took her a while to get used to it. For the first few years, she was rarely seen. She hid during the day and came out to eat and use the litterbox at night. Casper was adopted about the same time and now Patches will occasionally allow Casper to groom her a bit. Patches has decided that the Mom is her best friend. She will sit beside her to watch TV and get petted. When it is time for the Mom to eat, Patches will sit in the chair beside her and get petted and eat a few morsels. When the cats got to go outside at their old house, Patches was the last one out and the first one back in. She decided that she liked the inside much better than the outside. Patches loves to be warm more than anything. When the stove is on, she will lie beside it. The Mom gave her a sweater once, to keep her warm, but she was out of it in about 5 minutes.

                                           Patches is the small and shy one.
                                           If you look for her, she might be gone.
                                                She streaks like a winner
                                                When it's time for dinner
                                           And sits with her Mom 'til the food is gone.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Farewell, Drebin

I had planned to write about Patches today, but then I decided to start alternating the fun limericks with the tributes now. This will give me a bit more time for research, as Patches' limerick is already written and alternating the limericks will, hopefully, keep me from giving myself a sad. I don't know much about Drebin at all. He didn't have a blog. His Dad worked with Mr. Tuck's Mom and he told her that Drebin had sneaked out of the door and disappeared on July 29th. His family looked and looked for him and found and adopted Oliver from a shelter in the process. Finally, Mr. Tuck's Mom learned that Drebin had been found around September 19th, but he had already gone to the Bridge. At least his family knows what happened to him, sad as it is. I am sure that he is having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge right now.

                                                 Drebin made his escape and ran away.
                                                 His Mama hunted for him night and day.
                                                        She found him at last,
                                                        But his life had passed.
                                                 Now he's at the Bridge, always at play.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I will get back to the limericks tomorrow, but I wanted to write this tonight. I want to write tributes for the kitties who went to the Rainbow Bridge while I was away, but I need some more information on some of them. Did Drebin appear on another blog before he was mentioned on Oliver's Weekly Scoop? Does anyone have the URL for Jake's blog?

This house is beginning to feel lonesome and I think I just might adopt a kitty or two, but the house needs to be made kitty-friendly first. My Mother loved cut glass and there is a lot of this about:

Also, does anyone know what kind of plant this is and if it is dangerous to kitties?

It may take quite a while for me to get the house ready, but I feel that there is most likely a kitty or two in my future.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What could that be under the rug?

It's Cleo, of course. Playing with this rug is one of Cleo's very favorite things. She is also very fond of boxes. The Mom found Cleo hanging around outside the house, looking very uncared-for and hungry. She invited her in and she has been a member of the family ever since. Cleo is the adventurous one and was the one who was most likely to jump over the fence at the old house when they had a back yard to play in. Cleo could be very bad at not coming in when she was called. It got to the point where the Mom would bring Cleo in while the other kitties played outside, because she just wouldn't mind. Other than that, Cleo is very well behaved and gets along well with Casper and not quite so well with Patches. Lately, though, Cleo and Patches have been seen sharing a sunspot or a nap spot, though not touching each other.

                                                 Cleo loves to play with the rug.
                                                 She rolls up in it, all warm and snug.
                                                         She can disappear,
                                                         Including her rear,
                                                 When Cleo decides to hide in the rug.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hams Are Here!

My souvenir hams from the Hams of the Werld Tour arrived yesterday and the timing was perfect. I gave one to my older nephew for his cat and one to my brother for Dodger and this one is going to my best friend's cats. Poor things, they will have to share one for the two of them. Aren't they the cutest things? I hope to be getting back to the limericks soon. My life will be getting back to what is going to be normal Wednesday, when I go back to work. Tonight and tomorrow night I intend to do some research and visiting and hopefully come up with a limerick for a Thursday post. Maybe I will get lucky and a limerick will come to me before then. I will miss Mom a whole lot, but so far I am doing pretty well. See you soon.