Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sammy and Andy made this for Herman's blog and I like it so much that I am using it for my blog, too.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with lots of family and friends and good cheer.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Farewell, Gatsbi

Gatsbi lived at Forty Paws for eleven years.  Ma and Pa found her feral mother and her siblings and brought them inside.  The mother became a barn cat, because she was simply too wild to accept a life indoors.  The other kittens all found forever homes with other people, but Gatsbi stayed at Forty Paws because she had neurological problems. The vet thought that she must have suffered brain or spinal cord damage shortly after she was born.  This meant that she could not jump and had trouble climbing.  She had diabetes, but that was well under control.  She adapted to the new house well and decided to live upstairs.  Then one day she became rather lethargic and had a very low temperature.  She was not eating or digesting well, either.  Off she went to the vet, who tried everything he could think of, but nothing would bring her temperature up to normal and she didn't seem to be enjoying life much any more.  Ma and Pa made the very hard decision to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. The vet who treated her and her regular vet reviewed her case and decided that she probably had intestinal cancer.  She was quite a kitty and Ma and Pa are missing her terribly.

                                                      Gatsbi got sick and no one knew why.
                                                      To make her better the vet did try.
                                                                    He tried every way
                                                                    To get her to stay
                                                       But Gatsbi off to the Bridge did fly.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I am thankful that I am healthy this year.  I am very thankful for Herman to share my life with.  I am thankful for my family and friends, including all my online friends.

Monday, July 12, 2010


This is Clementine in the laundry basket.  Samantha had been sitting in it not long before.  Clementine has become a typical little sister.  Anywhere that Samantha goes, Clementine wants to go there, too. Clementine first showed up at the house on December 13, 2009.  The Mom and Dad heard a kitty meowing on the second floor patio and there she was.  The Mom took her out some food and let her in the house when it began to get really cold. Samantha was not terribly pleased about that, but there was nothing she could do about it.  The Mom and Dad asked all around the neighborhood, but nobody was missing a little orange kitten, so she stayed.  At first she was called TOK, The Orange Kitten, but she soon got her name of Clementine. She soon went to the vet and checked out as completely healthy.  The vet estimated that she was somewhere between six months and three years old. She doesn't seem to have grown much, so she is probably at least one year old. She didn't act at all feral, so she must have belonged to somebody at one time.  At first there was lots of hissing on Samantha's part, but it didn't bother Clementine and the hissing soon tapered off.  Now the two of them pounce each other and wrestle. Clementine loves to play, especially with Samantha, but Samantha isn't always willing.  Clementine also hunts bugs and investigates everything she can reach. She likes to drink water out of the bathtub.  She uses her paw to check the water temperature to see that it's not too hot, then dips her paw in the water and brings it up to her mouth.

                                                 Clemmie likes to go where Samantha was
                                                 If you ask her why, she just says, "Because . . ."
                                                           She pounces on Sam
                                                           With a jump then wham!
                                                Kitty wrestling has started with flying paws.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Farewell, Rascal

I started reading Rascal's blog when I discovered cat blogging.  I read it regularly back in the days where you could get through the entire Cat Blogosphere blog list in a few hours.  Then the Cat Blogosphere expanded exponentially and I found myself reading it less and less, trying to visit more and more blogs.  I regret that.

Rascal has a remarkable gotcha story, which you should really read in its entirety.  It starts here.  Rascal came into his new home as a tiny kitten in 2000 and started off his new life by forgetting where the litter box was and pooping on the carpet his very first day. His Dad had been a cat-hater not long ago and his Mom was afraid that Rascal's time with them was going to be very short, but his Dad laughed and said that he just needed to be shown the litter box again.  That was the start of ten wonderful years.  I wrote a short bio and limerick for Rascal which you can find here.

In February of 2008, Rascal was diagnosed with feline lymphoma and the vet gave him six months to live with chemotherapy.  Rascal was always a fighter and an mighty wrestler.  With the help of the chemo, he wrestled his lymphoma to a standstill and went into remission for two years.  Not long ago the lymphoma came back, but Rascal managed to fight it off for another five months.  He lost weight, but not his zest for life.  The morning of the day he was helped to the Rainbow Bridge, he had been out hunting mice and chipmunks.  When his Mom found him panting on the kitchen floor that afternoon, she knew what had to be done.  The lymphoma was filling his lungs with fluid and it was time to help him to the Bridge.

                                              Rascal had his good days and bad,
                                              Which made his family happy and sad.
                                                         One really bad day
                                                          He just went away
                                               To the Bridge where none of his days are bad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Donkey Doodle Dandy is here to wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July.

I am planning to alternate posts between Kitty Limericks and Herman's Hideaway, as I used to before Herman got sick.  I think he is probably as well now as he is going to get.  The poop will probably just stay the way it is, but it doesn't really bother either of us, except that I have to keep giving him his Centrine to keep the poop puddles from coming back.  I am a bit undecided on what to do about the tribute posts.  There is no way I can keep up with all of the kitties who go to the Bridge.  The Cat Blogosphere has gotten so big that there are bound to be kitties going away quite often.  I am trying to decide whether it is better to do some tributes mixed in with the happy limericks, or just stick to the happy limericks.  If you would like a limerick of your own, just mention it in the comments or send me an email.  You don't have to be a kitty.  I do limericks for all our animal companions.

Friday, July 2, 2010


That is a catnip plant that Kiara is lying next to.  Kiara really loves the nip and sometimes she overdoes it.  When her Mom had Meeko for about a year, she was worried that Meeko was lonely, so she went to an adoption fair at a pet store and found Kiara.  She liked her very much and brought Meeko into the store to meet her.  They seemed to like each other, so the Mom brought Kiara home the very next day.  That's when the trouble started.  It wasn't too bad, but Meeko liked to start a fight with Kiara to remind her who was there first.  They have calmed way down, but Meeko still occasionally pounces Kiara.  As you can see, Kiara is a very floofy tortie and she has an incredibly floofy tail.  She loves her Daddy best.  She loves to drink out of the bathroom tap and will actually race her Mom to the bathroom, so she can jump up on the sink and get her drink. Some house guests have been a little perturbed when Kiara has followed them into the bathroom and demanded a drink from the sink.  Kiara is eight years old now.

                                                Kiara really loves her nip.
                                                It sends her on a little trip
                                                    To doze and dream
                                                    Of a lovely scheme
                                               To get a lifetime supply of nip.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, ML

Have a glorious birthday, ML! You do so much for the whole Cat Blogosphere (and the other animals, too) that we simply cannot thank you enough. You put in an enormous amount of work to keep the Cat Blogosphere running and set up money raisers for pet owners in need and make really fine graphics that I am totally in awe of where you find all the time. I really hope that you understand how much you are appreciated. I have written a silly little limerick for you. I am woefully out of practice, but I hope you like it.

ML is just the bestest Mom.
She loves all the kitties, wherever they're from.
She will never rest
'Til she's done her best
To help the kitties be well and calm.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Farewell, Ziggy

One day a small kitty showed up where the family at Sheep Thrills Farm parked their cars and followed them to the house. He then parked himself on a bench and stared into the sun room through the window. Because they are nice and kind people, they set up a nice place for him in the barn and got him some food and water. They didn't bring him inside right away because they already had a houseful of cats and two dogs. Every day, Ziggy would be back on the bench, staring in the sunroom window. Finally they couldn't stand it any more and decided that they could at least fix him up a place in the basement. You can guess how long that lasted. Ziggy moved right in and became part of the family for 17 years. He absolutely loved to play fetch. He had a rabbit-fur mousie that he would bring to anyone who would sit still for a little while. He would fetch the thrown mousie for hours if the person would keep throwing it. He only stopped this game after he had a bad fall and injured his back. Ziggy was a big cat, weighing up to 26 pounds. He had a big frame to go with it and the vet said that he was in perfect health. He did develop a thyroid problem, but that was easily controlled with medication. This winter, he just didn't seem to be himself. He got one problem after another, ending up with pneumonia. He died on his heating pad with his Mom petting him. He is sorely missed.

                                          Ziggy got his new home by staring
                                          At the folks he sensed were caring.
                                               They welcomed him in
                                               To their cozy den.
                                           Now he's at the Bridge, where it's all about sharing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Meeko has discovered that the Blurpy's toys are a lot of fun and make good pillows, too. Meeko also likes to nap in the easy chair and on the Blurpy's blanket. She adores getting cuddles from her Mom. Rolling around on the floor is one of her favorite things to do. She is more delicate about approaching the catnip plant than her sister Kiara is. Kiara tends to overdo it and ends up asleep on the floor in no time. Meeko takes it easy and just gets a little high. Catnip bubbles are another thing altogether. The Mom got a bottle of catnip bubbles and started blowing them one day. Kiara ran away from them, but Meeko was interested. She pawed at one, then hissed at it. The Mom kept blowing bubbles and Meeko would hiss at any one that got close to her. Meeko is allowed out in the garden with Mom when Mom is gardening. One day Meeko decided to get a closer look at the birds and climbed a tree. The Mom was startled when she saw Meeko five feet up the tree. Meeko got down again OK. Meeko and Kiara certainly know all about the M-word. Their Dad is in the Air Force and they move regularly. They have lived in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. They will probably be moving to Montana soon.

                                   Meeko hissed at the catnip bubbles.
                                   Something about them caused her troubles.
                                                    She climbed up a tree
                                                    The birdies to see.
                                  And that gave her Mom her own kind of troubles.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewell, Floyd

This is the last of the old tributes that I will be making. I am three months behind and there is no way that I will ever catch up. I will still be making tribute posts every other post, but I am going to work from the newest back. To all of you who are being skipped, I am very sorry, but I just can't do all of them any more.

Floyd came to live with his Mom as a kitten adopted from a shelter in 1996. He was very active and quite a little terror at times. One day he decided that he really wanted some chocolate pudding. Of course, his Mom wouldn't let him have any, so he jumped into the bowl. He was unceremoniously picked up and rushed to the bathroom for a bath. He calmed down a bit as he grew and on his first birthday, he welcomed a new kitten, Kirzon into the house. Later Lola moved in and he welcomed her, too. Floyd grew into a gentle giant, much bigger than the other cats, but very gentle with them. He never quite knew how big he was and he was always trying to fit where he saw the other cats go, like into a box, but he didn't fit. Floyd was diagnosed with lymphoma last February. The treatments didn't work as well with him as they have with other cats, and he was helped to the Bridge at the end of October. He stayed gentle and loving up to the end.

                                       Floyd welcomed the kittens in.
                                       He greeted them with a lick and a grin.
                                             He got lymphoma
                                             And left his home-a.
                                       Now he's at the Bridge, welcoming kitties in.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

DVD Arrived

The DVD I won at Fiona's auction arrived and I have already watched it. It's pretty interesting. I like it. Thank you.

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is the picture that won Rusty an Honorable Mention in Baby Patches' photo contest.  Things are sad over at Jan's Funny Farm right now. Crystal went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I am going to carry on with Rusty's limerick anyway and hope that maybe it will cheer them up a little, if they see it.  I looked and looked, but didn't find out much about Rusty.  He really liked the catnip candy corn that all the cats got for Christmas.  He will close his eyes every time he sees the camera.  He loves his food and he's a big cat, but he's just floofy.

                                                Rusty is a ginger Mancat.
                                                He looks big, but it's floof, not fat.
                                                      He will close his eyes
                                                      When the camera he spies.
                                                He hates the flash and that is that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell, Private

Jimbo's Mom Finn takes care of as many stray cats as she can.  Where they live shelters are almost non-existent and some of the conditions where stray cats and dogs are taken are horrible.  Not too long ago, Private showed up with her two sisters, Rudy and Coconut. They were welcomed in.  The three of them were practically inseparable and they spent a lot of time playing in the big tree.  One night last October Private, who was always very active, became suddenly lethargic.  Mama Finn was getting her ready to go to the vet the next morning when she just suddenly stopped breathing.  The family has no idea what happened to Private, but they all miss her very much, especially her sister Coconut.

Update:  I can't believe I forgot to put in the limerick.  My only excuse is that my head is so full of snot from my allergies that I can't think straight.  I also wanted to mention that shortly after Private, Rudy and Coconut showed up, someone left a cardboard box with four almost newborn kittens in it in Mama Finn's front yard.  The kittens were accepting nourishment, but they weren't thriving without their motherly contact.  They were in a large cage to protect them.  Mama Finn tried putting the adult female cats in the cage with the kittens one at a time, but they didn't like each other.  Private was very interested in the kittens, so Mama Finn put her in with them and they all got along very well.

                                                     Private came as one of three.
                                                     They all had fun up in the tree.
                                                              Private ran away
                                                              To the Bridge to play.
                                                     Now Rudy and Coconut miss her glee.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pen Arrived

The pen that the Spouse Thingy made arrived in the mail today.  It is totally awesome.  It looks even better than the photos.  Thank you, Thumper.

In other news, I am finding it impossible to post to two blogs and do my visiting and research all on the same night, so I am going to start alternating posting to Kitty Limericks and Herman's Hideaway.  I'll do a limerick tomorrow and get back to Herman on Thursday.  Tonight, I am really tired, so I am just going to do a short post for Herman and do some visiting.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have been researching a kitty who won't talk to me yet, so I decided to write a limerick for the kitty I know best.  Herman was born on June 3, 2007 and went to his first home.  His first family kept him inside and took pretty good care of him, but they never got him vaccinated or neutered.  Then they moved away and gave Herman to their neighbors.  The neighbors never got him vaccinated or neutered, either.  They decided that they were allergic to him and instead of taking him to the shelter, they just tossed him out in the back yard, though they did continue to feed him and give him water.  Evidently, Herman got into lots of fights with intruder cats and by the time the neighbors finally did take him to the shelter in May 2009, he had  both FeLV and FIV.  A very nice foster lady took him in and got him neutered and got him a lion cut for the awful mats he had developed while he was living outside.  I found out about him in November and adopted him on November 16th.  We knew that we were right for each other the first time we met.  Herman is full of fun and love and is eager to share it all with me.  He likes to watch the birds from his platform and play with his toys, especially any kind of ball.  He is quite a soccer player.  He thinks that water is strictly for drinking and doesn't want anything else to do with it.  He loves to eat and has put on some weight since he moved in with me.  He sleeps with me every night and curls up right next to me for some pre-sleep scritches.  I fall asleep listening to him purr.  He doesn't wake me up in the morning, but if he sees my eyes open, he wants his breakfast.  He has started tickling the end of my nose with his toehawks to let me know that he knows that I am awake.

                               Herman's as frisky as can be,
                               Though he  has FeLV and FIV.
                                           He tickles my nose
                                           With the floof 'tween his toes,
                               Which means, "I want my breakfast, MommIEE!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Farewell, BG

I am so far behind with the tribute posts that I will probably never catch up.  I will keep doing them every few posts, though.

This is my favorite picture of BG.  BG was a Jack Russell terrier who showed up one Labor Day at Mia and Ghost's house.  No one knew where she came from and no one claimed her, so she stayed.  She was always a very happy dog and loved to run and play.  Mia liked her, but Ghost always hissed at her, but then Ghost hissed at almost everything.  She loved to go for rides in the car and play with her toys.  Sometimes she hid behind the couch. She hardly ever barked, just sometimes at cows or at a squeaky toy when she got excited playing.  Last October she started having trouble breathing and things went from bad to worse very quickly.  She was helped to the Bridge because she couldn't be cured.

                                                 BG was a Jack Russell terrier.
                                                 She loved life; no dog was merrier.
                                                        She would run and play
                                                        In the yard all day.
                                                 Now she's gone to the Bridge, this happy terrier.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Smudge is the more active of the two cats who live with Kas.  This makes sense, as he is only nine months old.  He just loves to play fetch.  He will even go under the lounge, where he barely fits, to retrieve a toy.  Smudge has a favorite toy, Squeaky Mouse.  He will go anywhere and do anything to get Squeaky Mouse.  Kas has to hide it at night or the squeaking will wake her up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes Smudge finds it and she is awoken by the squeaking anyway.  Smudge is also a mighty hunter.  He will leap way up in the air after a moth.  Moths on the outside of the screen door drive him nuts.  Smudge is not a lap cat.  Sometimes Kas is able to bribe Smudge up on her lap with some duck jerky, but he never stays long. One of Smudge's favorite games is to pounce on Spider to start a wresting match or a chase session.  Spider is all to happy to oblige.  The two cats also groom each other and nap together sometimes.

                                        Smudge loves to play with Squeaky Mouse.
                                        He bats it around all over the house.
                                              Kas hides it at night
                                              So she can sleep tight.
                                        Sometimes Smudge finds it and goodbye, quiet house.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


By request, I am writing limericks for Spider and Smudge.  Here is Spider looking quite calm on the table where he is not supposed to be.  Doesn't seem to faze him much, does it?  Spider is five years old and a former shelter cat.  He is a real cuddle puss and loves to sit in Kas' lap.  He will jump through a hoop for treats, especially duck jerky.  Spider, Smudge and Kas live in Canberra, Australia.  The other day, Spider figured out how to open a sliding door to get outside and he and Smudge gave Kas a scary time, until she caught Spider and Smudge followed them back inside.  Luckily the two of them were a bit intimidated by being outside and were just creeping around the yard and easy to catch.  Spider is the more easy-going of the two cats, but he will cheerfully join in a wrestling match whenever Smudge pounces on him.  The two of them really enjoy a good race through the house, as well.  Spider wasn't too happy when Smudge joined the family at first, but now they get on well together.  This time of year there are lots of moths and other bugs to hunt and Spider enjoys this a lot.  The cat grass has grown up to munching height and Spider loves getting a chance to "mow" it.

                                                 Spider likes to chill and relax,
                                                 But he always has to watch his back,
                                                       For Smudge will pounce
                                                       With a mighty bounce
                                                 And that's the start of a wrestling match.