Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pink for Skeezix

Today I'm going pink for Skeezix, the amazing mancat who did so much for the Cat Blogosphere.  I first met Skeezix before I even started Kitty Limericks.  At first I didn't know what to make of him, but he was very amusing and I soon grew to love him.  He made a mancat wearing pink dresses very stylish.  I remember when he first started wearing nail caps because he gave Rocky the Gutter Cat an abscess on his head.  The nail caps didn't slow him down.  I remember a picture of him clinging to the stones of the fireplace with his nail caps on.  After I started this blog, Skeezix became in inspiration to me.  I wrote two limericks about him.  The first one is here.  Then I wrote one about the Great Tunnel Box War.  I well remember a video Skeezix made for Daisy the Curly Cat to the song "A Bicycle Made for Two".  Skeezix's own special spelling made the rounds of the Cat Blogosphere and soon everycat was talking about "vishus deer"  and "kyoot outfits".  Rocky the Gutter Cat even started taking orders for his own special Vishus Deer Repellent.  I am rusty on my limerick writing, but I wrote one for Skeezix.

                                          It's time to bid dear Skeezix goodbye.
                                          I think I'll just break down and cry.
                                                      He looked manly in pink
                                                      Much more than you'd think.
                                           Now he's run off to the Bridge so high.