Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope that this year brings you prosperity, love and joy in all things.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell, Radcliff

Update: I have been informed by Parker that the Food Source is actually the Dad, so I will edit the post accordingly. Radcliff trotted off to the Rainbow Bridge all by himself Christmas morning. His Dad noticed that he was having a bit more trouble with his hind legs than usual when he got breakfast for the kitties, but didn't think much of it because Radcliff had arthritis and had his good days and not so good days. After he got dressed and returned to the kitchen, he found him on the floor. It must have been quite a shock, as he hadn't been ill. His Dad adopted Radcliff from a shelter as one of the two first kitties in the house. Though he wasn't too keen on the other cats who joined him later, he remained the most laid-back cat his Dad had ever known. Radcliff loved to be loved and if he felt that he wasn't getting enough attention, he would wake his Dad up in the middle of the night for his head scritches. He was a fine, handsome cat and will be sorely missed.

                                         Radcliff went to the Bridge on his own,
                                         Softly and quietly -- not even a moan.
                                                    Now he runs free
                                                   And leaps with such glee
                                        To find that his legs are once more his own.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Farewell, Sox

I haven't been online much lately because of the holidays, now I find that I have four of these to do. I hope I can do them all justice.

Sox was a very cuddly and loving cat. He was the cat most likely to be found snuggling a bean or another cat at his house. He was also very active and mischievous. He liked to explore shelves, to see what was up there. He loved to sit by an open window and look at the birds. He was sometimes called Mr. Houdini, because he got very good at running out of any open door, but then his People got very good at watching out for him and his escapes came to an end. He never went very far when he got out and was easily brought back inside. He and his brother Cubby originally belonged to a lady who died of cancer about a year ago. Her son couldn't take care of Cubby and Sox, because he was away at college. Various things were tried, but last February, Sox and Cubby came to live with the other cats and beans at Irish Coda. Sox was about eleven years old. He got a tumor under his tongue that couldn't be treated. When it became apparent that he was suffering, his Mom and Dad helped him to the Rainbow Bridge.

                                  We now say farewell to dear little Sox.
                                   He was a sweet kitty; we will miss him lots.
                                          He loved to cuddle
                                          And sleep in a huddle
                                   With brother Cubby, who will really miss Sox.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas or a joyous Hannakah or a bright Solstice. May love and happiness be yours in the coming year. We will certainly be having a white Christmas, as there is already enough snow on the ground to insure that and we have two more storms coming. There are really no big worries about that, as our town is fully prepared with lots of big, noisy machines to clear the streets. My very best wishes to you all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Farewell, Pepper

This very nice graphic was made from the last picture taken of Pepper as he enjoyed the sunshine while sitting next to Whimpurr as she wrote her post on Sunday. Pepper was a purebred Maine Coon, but he was a rescued cat. He was big and floofy and very loving. He liked to sit in Whimpurr's lap and he purred a lot. He did like to try to intimidate some of the other cats once in a while, especially the girls, but it was all for show. He was just strutting his Mancatliness. Not long ago, he started acting very sick and was rushed to the vet. The vet found so much fluid in his lungs that there was hardly any room for air and the vet couldn't even hear his heart properly. The vet managed to drain a lot of the fluid and Pepper felt much better. He still wouldn't eat or drink much but he was purring again. It occurred to Whimpurr that he might have cardiomyopathy, as this crops up frequently in Maine Coons. He had an appointment with the vet Monday for an ultrasound to see if this was the case. It turned out that Pepper had a very advanced case, with a possible blood clot already formed in his heart, which could break loose at any time and give him a fatal heart attack, or painful paralysis. Whimpurr decided to send Pepper on to the Bridge before he suffered any more.

                                     Pepper had a very sick heart.
                                     It could no longer do its part
                                          To keep him well,
                                          So we say farewell.
                                     Pepper's playing at the Bridge with all of his heart.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The lovely cats at Forty Paws gave me this wonderful award. Thank you very much. I am very grateful. The rules are that:

This award is for the humans - not the cats - so remember to give it to the humans.

Link back to the furson who gave it to you.

The felines in the family then get to pass it on to three other crazy caring cat ladies (or not ladies, as the case may be).

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HERE is the link to the small size award (200 pxl) to put on your side bar.

I would like to pass this award on to:

The Mom at The Creek Cats because she not only takes care of seven cats and a dog, but takes in fosters, too.

Toni of The Big Piney Woods Cats because she takes such good care of Mistrie Rose, even though Mistrie won't come inside and join the family and she has volunteered at a shelter in the past and may do so again, now that she has found a no-kill shelter that won't break her heart.

Whimpurr who also takes in fosters, even though she has seven of her own, including one FIV+ who has to have his own room, bowls and litterbox.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Diamond Emerald-Eyes was kind enough to give me this wonderful award. Thank you so much, Diamond. Here are the rules:

"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I would like to pass this award along to:

Max the Psychokitty
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
Dr. Tweety and Da Fab Five
Black Cat
Missy, KC, Sol, Smokey, BJ and Faith Boomerang
Goldie, Shade and Banshee

Monday, December 15, 2008


The Gibbs Creek Cats gave me this great award. Thank you very much. Here are the rules:

  • Put the logo on your blog or post.
  • Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
I would like to nominate:

Sammy, Miles and Billy
Roxy and Lucky
William, Olivia, Caroline, Russell and Grace
Shadow, Molly and Jake
Princess and Pierro
Sunny, Ollie and Rascal
Jan's Funny Farm
Miss Steffy, her rodents and Georgina

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Farewell, Kelly

Kelly was the Big Guy over at Good Cats and he will be sorely missed. He was getting on in years and had had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for quite a while. Lately he was having more digestive problems and when it was discovered that his kidneys were failing, his Mom and Dad knew that they would have to help him go to the Bridge. On his last day, he wanted to go outside, even though it had been raining all day. He looked around and scratched on his favorite tree, then turned to come back inside. He refused to eat anything at all, so his Mom and Dad knew that it was time. There is a wonderful video of Kelly getting a tummy rub and purring on his blog.

                                      Kelly was a Good Cat; of that there is no doubt.
                                      He was really slowing down, but he still wanted out.
                                            He gave his tree one last scratch
                                            And looked around for a mouse to catch.
                                      Then he went to the Bridge, where he leaps about.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Farewell, Cloud Chaser

I didn't know Cloud Chaser at all when I read of his going to the Rainbow Bridge on the Cat Blogopsphere. I was very sad when I learned that I should have gotten to know him a bit, as the Cafe Cats had been visiting my blog, but I hadn't returned their visits. I am about six weeks behind in returning visits, but I am trying to catch up. As it turns out, none of us could have known Cloud Chaser very well, as he was sick when he joined the Cafe Cats. He had a nasty fungus in his sinus cavity, then cancer moved into the same spot. As you can imagine, this was causing him terrible pain and his Mom and Dad had him sent on to the Bridge as soon as they found out how bad it was. They left his body with the vet for research purposes, so other cats might benefit from the knowledge that can be gained by studying what happened to him. He was a very brave cat and it's a shame to lose him. I am sure that he is having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge now.

                                     Cloud Chaser was in terrible pain.
                                     His Mom and Dad couldn't take him home again.
                                                      So they gave him peace
                                                      And of pain surcease.
                                      He is playing at the Bridge till they meet again. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell, Skeeter

Here's Skeeter looking around his backyard, on the lookout for intruder kitties or prey. Skeeter was a fabulous hunter and he taught LC and Ayla how to be good hunters as well. He lived with The Big Thing for 15 years, but lately his kidneys started failing and he went to the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday afternoon. The Big Thing realized that all he wanted to do was hide in the bathtub and he wasn't eating anything at all, so it was time. Everything was very peaceful and Skeeter went while looking into The Big Thing's eyes. He was buried near the pond, which was the last place he visited outside. LC, Ayla and The Big Thing are really going to miss him, so please drop by and let them know that you care, if you haven't already.

                                     Skeeter was a hunter of great renown.
                                     Sadly his kidneys let him down.
                                                Now he can run free
                                                As fast as can be.
                                     He's having fun at the Bridge and he'll never slow down.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I decided to take part in the sixth picture meme. My sixth folder only had three pictures in it, so I chose the best one. I took this picture in January of 2007. This icicle reached from the roof to the ground. It forms off one side of the gutter over the front door, which is supposed to keep the water melting off the roof from forming ice on the front steps.

If you want to take part in this meme, the rules are simple. Go to your sixth folder of pictures and post the sixth picture in that folder. Tell the story behind the picture. Tag anyone you want. I picked up this meme from several open tags, so I will just encourage anyone who wants to do this meme to go for it.

In his birthday post, Vampy Victor encouraged everyone to post a story about love. I thought about it and decided to tell the story of how I got my first cat. I have always loved cats, but I was allergic to them as a child and my mother is extremely allergic to them. At one point while I was in college, I moved into a student co-op which allowed pets. The place was full of cats and dogs. I was determined not to get a cat, because it wouldn't be fair to the cat. I would take care of the cat for a few months, then have to find it another home. I managed very well for several months. One day a good friend of mine, who had two cats of her own, came up to me in the living room of the co-op and said, "Here, will you hold this cat for a minute?" Of course, I took the cat. She immediately hooked her claws into my shirt and looked up at me with pleading eyes. She was terrified and trembling, so I cooed at her and held her close. My friend said, "This cat is sick. Her owners are having her put to sleep in a couple of hours because they say they don't have enough money to take care of a sick cat." I was horrified. She was a beautiful tabby with yellow-green eyes and even I could tell that she was quite young. What did I say? "Let's go to the vet."

My friend said, "Great! Let's go! Oh, I think her name is Louise. Doesn't she look like a Louise to you?" I agreed and off we went to the vet. I found out that her owners had put a flea collar on her and never checked it. Louise had an adverse reaction to the flea collar and had developed and abcess under it. I got quite a lecture from the vet, but never mentioned that I had only adopted the cat a few minutes ago. I was that glad that she was going to be fine. Louise was the cat that liked to sleep on my chest. She also liked to make biscuits on my "pillows" and we had some serious discussions about the use of claws. Everything worked out fine. I did have to find Louise a new home several months later, but I found her a good one and knew that I had saved her life. We loved each other very much.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Farewell, Jack Blain

Little Jack Blain didn't have his own blog, but you can read more about him at Friends Furever. He was the runt of the litter and these kittens are the ones most likely to have problems. He had some kind of congenital heart defect and the vet said that he probably wouldn't have a long life, but his family wanted to give him the best life possible. They loved him dearly and he loved them right back. He loved staying close to his Mom and would meow for her if she left the room without him noticing. He played finger skateboard with the kids. He loved to look out the window and watch the birds. He was very much intrigued by the Christmas tree. He lived a mostly normal kitten life, but if he played or ran too much, he had to stop for a while and catch his breath. He was just two days short of being seven months old when the end came. Now he's at the Rainbow Bridge playing with all the other kitties and he can run and play just as much as he likes.

                                   Little Jack Blain loved to run and play,
                                   But his insufficient heart got in the way.
                                           He had to stop and breathe;
                                           Now he has his reprieve.
                                    Jack went to the Bridge, where he can run all day.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I wrote limericks for all the PB&J kitties, so now it's George's turn. George is a three-year old Airedale terrier, which means that she is a very high-energy dog. She loves running and jumping and playing hard. This picture was taken when she went to the beach with her Mom and Dad for a very fun day. George is very well-behaved on her leash and is generally a very well-behaved dog all around. She was doing so well at the beach that her Mom and Dad let her off the leash for a little bit. She surprised them. She ran and ran and ran and just as her Mom and Dad were beginning to get a little worried, she turned around and ran back to them. It may seem to be a little odd to see a girl dog named George, but she loves bones so much that she was named after the bone-snatching dog in Bringing up Baby, one of my favorite movies. George was adopted from a breeder as a puppy and remembers when she was the only furry in the house. That didn't last long, as the kitties began to appear. George has always liked the kitties and she was really glad when Bert joined the family, as he likes her back. George likes the sunspots as much as the kitties do and it is not at all unusual to find George and Bert curled up together, napping in the sun. George loves her toys, especially balls. She is very fond of tennis balls, but they don't tend to last long, as she chews them up, or the lawnmower gets them. Her Mom and Dad got her a soccer ball, but she ate the skin off of it. Then they tried a dodgeball, but it popped the first time she bit it. They thought about trying a football, but couldn't find one. Finally they found a girl's size basketball, and that quickly became her favorite toy. She has played with it for two years now. Last winter, she left it in the mud when she was called inside for the night and it snowed. The mud froze to the basketball and poor George had to wait until the weather warmed up enough for the ice in the mud to melt to get her basketball back.

                                    George's favorite toy is her basketball.
                                    She throws it and bats it over all
                                            Her side of the yard.
                                            She plays with it hard.
                                    George really enjoys her basketball.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen, Mickey

Miss Peach was handing these out to people who went by German Mickey's blog to offer condolences on his untimely demise. I thought I would like to do a little bit more.

I had never met Mickey before hearing of his death, but I found out that he was much loved and loved his family in return. He was an inside/outside cat and disappeared for five days. Angelika, his Mom, found him under the neighbor's hedge in very bad shape on the fifth day. The vet initially thought that he had a broken pelvis from being hit by a car, but it turned out that he had been shot with what is called a Diabolo-Projectile which had pierced his large intestine and sphincter, then lodged in his buttock. He had a massive intestinal infection and the vet gave him only a 5% chance of surviving an operation to sew his intestine back together. There was a chance that his intestine could knit itself back together and that antibiotics could cure the infection, but when he got worse after a few days, Angelika made the hardest decision in her life and sent him on to the Rainbow Bridge. This is a family-oriented blog, so I can't really tell you what I think of anyone who would shoot a cat, but it really upsets me.

                                   When Mickey was found, he was tired and sore.
                                   It was too late to save him, but the vet did explore
                                        All of the possibles
                                        And the impossibles.
                                   Mickey went to the Bridge, where he plays evermore.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Farewell, Wizard

I didn't know Wizard very well, but I did want to say goodbye to him. Wizard was adopted when he was about two years old. He had a turned in eyelid that needed surgery to correct the problem, so he would not lose his eye. The vet who did the surgery recommended that he be fed IAMS and that is what he ate, up until the recall. Unfortunately, the recall didn't come soon enough to prevent him from getting severe kidney damage. He was only eight years old. He was a friendly and loving cat. He used to have a lot of fun playing with Angel, until he started to feel really bad. His Mom did everything she could for him, but the damage was too severe. He was helped to the Bridge on November 25th.

                                Wizard got sick and didn't get better.
                                His Mom followed the vet's advice to the letter.
                                       She gave him good food
                                       To tempt his mood.
                                 Wizard went to the Bridge, where he plays without fetter.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Bert just loves to be outside. Here he is supervising his Mom working in the garden. Like Pearl and Jake, Bert is a very good hunter. He is the speediest cat of the three and that really makes a difference. Bert also likes to be up high. He will climb up on the fence outside and seek the high spots inside to sit and watch the goings-on. He loves his nip and is especially fond of the nip banana. Bert was adopted in April of 2006 from the same shelter that Pearl came from. The shelter lady knew that the Mom and Dad were looking for a tuxie kitty after Basil went to the Bridge in January and she called the Mom and Dad as soon as Bert and his friend Cash arrived. As soon as the Mom set eyes on him, she knew that Bert was the kitty they were looking for. Bert was named after the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins and the name suits him very well. He is an adventurous and fun kitty. An interesting situation developed after Bert moved in. Jake had claimed the Dad as his special friend and Pearl had claimed the Mom. Bert looked around and claimed George, the dog, as his special friend. Bert and George spend a lot of time together, playing, wrestling and napping. Bert also plays a lot with Jake and some with Pearl, but he prefers to play with George.

                                    George is the one that Bert loves to pounce.
                                    He does it with such aplomb and bounce.
                                           They wrestle for fun
                                           And when they are done
                                     They both curl up and nap at once.