Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Scooby is Shaggy's brother. They are from the same litter, though you would never know it to look at them. One thing that really distinguishes Scooby from Shaggy and Scout, besides being a tuxie, is that he can be let out into the yard without restraint. Shaggy used to be let out, until he took off down the street one day. Now he has to wear a harness and leash when he goes out. Scout was never let out, but he escaped one day and Scooby spotted him in the neighbor's yard and alerted Mom. Now Scout has a harness and leash, too. Scooby is content to stay in his own yard to patrol the grounds and sample the grass.

Scooby is the responsible one.
Mom can let him out and he won't run.
He stays in his yard,
Which isn't hard,
For there is much patrolling to be done.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am going to have minor surgery to remove both big toenails permanently tomorrow morning, so there might be a small gap in the limericks. I have one ready for tomorrow, but the wells of inspiration have been a little low of late and I don't have any more written. I'll try to think up some more while I'm laid up and I'll be back soon.


Scout was a single kitty litter all by himself. SS&SMom saw him when he was only two days old and fell in love with him. When he was eight weeks old in 2005, he came to live with Shaggy and Scooby. Neither of them were particularly thrilled with this little bundle of energy, but they tolerated him, Shaggy more than Scooby. Scout wanted to play with the big kitties, but his idea of play often included tail pouncing, and still does, for that matter. Both Shaggy and Scooby will wrestle with Scout now, but sometimes it gets a little rough between Scooby and Scout. Then Shaggy steps in and puts stop to it. Also living in the house are a number of guinea pigs. Scooby and Shaggy have always ignored them, but Scout was very interested in them from the beginning. At first there were fears that he wanted to hunt them, but the most he has ever done is give one of them a little fwap on the head with his paw. The piggies don't like it, but it doesn't hurt them. It looks like Scout just wants to play, but he is never left alone with them unless the tops of their cages are securely on.

Scout likes to watch the piggies,
He plays with them, too, but it's no biggie.
He'll fwap a head,
It must be said,
But he has never harmed a single piggy.

Monday, April 23, 2007


This picture of Shaggy is about a year old, but he says he hasn't changed much. Shaggy and Scooby were adopted together in 2003 when they needed a new home. They are litter brothers, three years old at the time, and the person who cared for them wanted them to be together, but was having great difficulty finding someone who would take them both. SS&SMom stepped in and took them home with her. Scout joined them in 2005 as a tiny kitten, but more about that tomorrow. Shaggy is the Alpha Cat and steps in when Scooby and Scout get into a ruckus. Shaggy is also the most laid back of the three, tolerating and playing with Scout more than Scooby will. Shaggy loves going outside, even when it is very cold. He says he must be part Norwegian Forest cat. Sometimes, though, it gets too cold even for Shaggy. One night last winter, he was very insistent about going out and SS&SMom finally let him out, figuring that he would just sit on the porch for a little while, then come back in after a few minutes. This was most likely just what he wanted, but SS&SMom got busy with something and forgot about him. After 30 minutes, Scooby let Mom know that it was high time to let Shaggy back in, which she did. Shaggy let her know in no uncertain terms just how cold his little feet got.

Shaggy likes to go out in the cold.
His fur is thick and he is bold.
But once he was forgotten
And he shivered something rotten,
Until Scooby made it known that he was still out in the cold.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Iris is still just a baby girl. She is about 10 months old. Iris is a purebred Siamese and was adopted from a cattery by a family who soon found out that they were just too allergic to her to keep her and took her to the no-kill shelter where Mama Laura was helping out. Iris soon made it very clear to Mama Laura that she wanted Mama Laura to be her Mama. Iris came home with Mama Laura in November 2006 to live with Mu Shue Pooh King Cat and Lilly Lu. More than even Chicken Temptations, Iris loves to play. Well, she loves to pounce Mu Shue to make him move out of his sun chair so she can nap there, but she usually gets into minor trouble for that. Since Mu Shue doesn't want to play with her and Lilly Lu doesn't always want to play when Iris does, Iris plays with her toys. Unfortunately, the toys have the annoying habit of ending up under the couch where Iris can't get to them. There they stay until Mama Laura fishes them out again. As tiny as she is, Iris has a yowl that can be heard all over the house and, possibly, down the street.

                                        Iris's toys hide under the couch.
                                        It's enough to make her grouch.
                                               "Come out and play!"
                                               She likes to say,
                                        But the toys stay stubbornly under the couch.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Pixie is Daisy the Curly Cat's older sister. She is quite a bit older, so she doesn't play with Daisy nearly as much as Daisy would like. She also has a heart condition, so she has to take it easy. She takes her medicine every day and is doing quite well. She has an unusual taste for a cat -- she loves bananas.

If you give Pixie a banana to eat,
She'll gobble it up, just like a treat.
She munches it down
With never a frown.
Isn't our Pixie just too sweet?

Friday, April 20, 2007


This is the best picture I could find of Tazo. She lives with Earl Grey and Titus. I believe she is Earl Grey's littermate, as they are both just under two years old. They will both turn two in July. Tazo had the barfies recently, but I think she is all better now. She is the Professional Bug Killer at her house. As PBK she patrols the whole house daily.

Tazo is a PBK.
She patrols the house every day.
She creeps down the hall
With no sound at all
And whaps any bug who comes her way.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get Well Soon, Lilly Lu

Lilly Lu is very sick. She needs your purrs and prayers. We all want her to get well very soon. Many thanks to Daisy the Curly Cat for the beautiful picture.


This is Titus in his seventh birthday picture from September 2006. He lives with Earl Grey and Tazo and likes them very much. He has been known to help himself to kitty logs from the litter box, but his humans discourage this behavior. He loves to chew on just about anything, but he is not really destructive. He loves his two kitty companions and they love him. While Earl Grey was at the vet's with his plastic problem, Titus comforted himself by chewing into the kitty food bag and really stuffed himself. This gave him the biggest tummy ache of his life, but everything came out all right at the end. Snicker, snicker.

Titus once ate two pounds of cat food.
Both of the kitties thought he was rude.
His tummy got sore.
We hope that no more
Will Titus desire to eat all the cat food.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lilly Lu

Lilly Lu is Mu Shue Pooh King Cat's sister and is five years old. She was adopted from a shelter just in time, as she had been returned twice and was facing an early trip to the Rainbow Bridge. The full story of her adoption is really amazing and you can find it on her blog, Lilly Lu and Iris Tell All, in the 2006 post archive. Lilly Lu loves dressing up, especially in pink. She is a real baseball fan and her favorite team is the Red Sox. She also loves to make nests of things she finds around the house, like her Mom's clothes, cat toys, cat blankets and shiny things, like CDs. While Mu Shue was at that vet, getting his radio treatment, she updated his blog to keep us all informed, but she also turned it pink, much to Mu Shue's annoyance once he got home again. Lilly Lu hasn't been feeling well lately and has to go to the vet tomorrow. She would appreciate it if you could send her some get well kitty mojo.

                                   There is a smart cat named Lilly Lu.
                                   You'd be amazed at the things she can do.
                                              She can turn a blog pink
                                              As quick as a wink,
                                     Then she has to hide from brother Mu Shue.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mu Shue Pooh King Cat

Mu Shue Pooh King Cat is another cat who had a rough start in life. He was feral until he was about 5 years old. There was a woman who was trying to take care of him, but he was outside most of the time and there were some very bad people living in the building who would abuse him. Finally Momma Laura found out about his situation and took him in. He has been living like a king ever since. He is 16 years old and recently had radio treatment for his thyroid. I felt so sorry for him because he couldn't sit on his Momma's lap or sleep with her for two weeks after the treatment. He is doing much better now. He has two sisters, Lilly Lu and Iris, who drive him crazy by stealing his toys and favorite places to nap. He lets them know that he is the King, though.

                                         Mu Shue Pooh King! Mu Shue Pooh King!
                                         He is the King of Everything!
                                                   Everyone bow,
                                                   Or even kowtow,
                                         To the marvelous King of Everything!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Caroline is the newest addition to William of Mass Destruction's house. She was adopted from a shelter and arrived on Thanksgiving Day in 2005. Unfortunately, she also had the kitty version of Kennel Cough and was quarantined until she got over it. No kitty else caught it this time. She has Restless Tail Syndrome, which means that she whacks other kitties and people with her tail quite a bit. I wonder if putting the bitey on is contagious among cats of the same household. Eddie used to put the bitey on newspapers he found lying around; William puts the bitey on weather stripping, paper towels, toilet paper and rubber gloves; Olivia puts the bitey on the blinds and Caroline puts the bitey on William's ears. Caroline is part tabby and part Meezer. The Meezer side shows up most in her vocalizations.

Caroline likes to talk and talk.
She can even talk and walk.
She talks when she eats
And asks for treats.
She talks enough to make William squawk.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I am really glad I write these limericks in advance, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do one today. I am really sad about Bear.

Olivia was adopted from a shelter in, I think, 2003. She had the kitty version of Kennel Cough and gave it to Eddie. A miserable time was had by all until they both recovered. Olivia came with a unique addition. She says that the vet who gave her a ladygardenectomy put a kangaroo inside of her. It is the kangaroo which makes her jump around so much and do naughty things, like bite the blinds. Just so you know, it's the kangaroo making her tummy look floofy in the photo.

Olivia has a kangaroo
Inside her which makes her do
Things she should't
And certainly wouldn't,
If not for the naughty kangaroo.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


UPDATE: Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge at 12:15am Central Time. She had come home from the vet and was sleeping in MaryLynn's arms when she passed. Please go over and offer the family what comfort you can. I am very sad.

Bear is a small dog who loves cats. She is 17 years old and she has just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This is very sad news and please keep Bear and her family (MaryLynn, KC and Missy Blue Eyes) in your thoughts and prayers. Bear decided that she liked KC very much the first time she met her and the feeling was mutual. Bear loves homemade chicken soup. When KC first arrived, she was so small that she could actually walk under Bear. One day while Bear was lapping up her chicken soup, KC walked under her and was fishing out pieces of chicken while standing between Bear's front legs. Bear didn't mind a bit.

                                          Bear is a woofie who thinks like a cat.
                                          She adopted KC and told Missy, "That's that!"
                                                 She shares her food
                                                 And is never rude.
                                          KC loves Bear like her own mother cat.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Missy Blue Eyes

There are two pictures of Missy Blue Eyes because I wanted one to go with the limerick and one to show you how she got her name. Missy was a feral cat who had a litter of six kittens when she was only six months old. Natalie captured her and her kittens. She found the kittens good homes, but kept Missy. Unfortunately, Natalie developed a severe cat allergy and had to find Missy a home. MaryLynn took her in and added the Blue Eyes to her name.

                                        She got a new scratcher, did Missy Blue Eyes,
                                        But to her it was just a bed in disguise.
                                                With her tail in the groove,
                                                She's too contented to move,
                                        So she'll take a nap, will Missy Blue Eyes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bonnie Underfoot

Bonnie just turned 10 on April 10th. She was an only kitty for a long time and was not best pleased when Victor showed up a couple of years ago. She still doesn't like him, though she seems to be tolerating him a bit more these days. She loves getting into boxes, treats and naps. She likes to play, but she will leave if Victor shows up to play, too.

                                        Bonnie likes to hiss and growl
                                        When brother Victor is on the prowl.
                                                    She'll swat his head
                                                    With her Paw of Dread.
                                       A little brother is enough to make her howl.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Gattina suggested that I write a limerick for Arthur, so here he is. Arthur is a very friendly, outgoing cat who is well known all over the neighborhood. He got a scare last January when he disappeared for four days. Gattina and Mr. Gattino never found out what happened, but he wasn't particularly hungry when he got back and there were no signs that he had been outside the whole time. Their guess is that someone tried to adopt him against his wishes and he finally escaped. After his adventure, he showed no interest in going outside again for the rest of the winter. Now that the weather is warming up again, he has been venturing out again to see what the neighbors are up to. He loves leaving his pawprints on cars, especially if they have been freshly washed, inspecting whatever the neighbors are doing and has even been known to invite himself inside if he finds an open door.

Arthur likes to patrol his neighborhood.
He is always looking for something good --
A door left ajar,
Or a nice clean car.
Arthur makes tracks through the neighborhood.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Gizzy is the oldest cat at Millie's house. He was the first to be adopted of the cats who live there now and he is the most laid back of them. He took to Millie fairly quickly, but he doesn't really play with her. He got really sick a while back and lost a lot of weight, but then he threw up a mighty furball and has been feeling much better. He has always liked to go outside with his harness and leash and will even go out to inspect snow, if it isn't too cold. As an older cat, he does a lot of napping now and this cat hammock in the window is one of his favorite places.

Gizzy likes to sleep in the sun.
He recommends it to everyone.
When the weather is hot
He goes out a lot
In his harness to walk in the sun.

Monday, April 9, 2007


Beau Beau was quite an active kitty when he was adopted, so his Mom and Dad decided that he needed a playmate, as he was wearing them out. Enter Angie, a fluffy little cutie. Angie is quite the little lady, very dainty in her habits. She does get into mischief once in a while, like staring at nothing on the ceiling to see if she can get Mom and Dad to try to figure out what she is looking at, but not nearly as much as Beau Beau does.

Angie uses her paws to eat.
She's, oh, so dainty, and very neat.
She scoops with ease
Her palate to please.
Isn't it just a very neat feat?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mistrie Rose

Here is a picture of Mistrie Rose looking in the window last January. Mistrie just showed up at the house in the Big Piney Woods and took up residence under the deck in the summer of 2004. Now she has two beds under the deck and two blankets in the woodshed to sleep in. She still prefers to live outside, though she did come into the house briefly a month or so ago. She has become very friendly to CalicoMom Toni, coming up to her for petting when Toni takes out her food and water. She got the Rose in her name from the color of her nose.

There is a beautful cat named Mistrie Rose.
She has the cutest little pink nose.
She has thick, warm fur,
Which is good for her,
Because she lives outside, where the cold wind blows.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Beau Beau

Beau suggested that I write limericks for Beau Beau and Angie. Here's Beau Beau and Angie is coming up soon. Beau Beau was adopted from Meridian Humane Society as a kitten. He claimed his Dad right away and the rest is history. Beau Beau is a fun-loving cat with a very expressive face. He gives high fives for treats. Last November Beau Beau went in for his physical and booster shots and got put on a diet. The picture is his reaction to seeing what his meals would be like.

Beau Beau had to go on a diet.
He didn't even want to try it.
What little food was there
In his bowl made him stare.
It will take lots of treats to make his tum quiet.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Precious Flower

CalicoMom Toni found Precious Flower in the woods about a mile from the house in late August 2006. Apparently she was dumped because she was pregnant or had just had her kittens. She was starving, but the two kittens appeared healthy. The kittens disappeared after Toni captured Precious. There are other houses in the vicinity and hopefully the kittens found a home in one or two of them. Precious spent a few days in the shed until she could be checked out by a vet and Toni could be sure that she wouldn't be bringing in any parasites or diseases into the house. When she was cleared, she moved right in and made herself at home. Since then she has spent a lot of time trying to get Patches to play with her.

Precious Flower wants to play with Patches,
But Patches only wants to play in snatches.
Precious plans to pounce;
Patches threatens to trounce.
Precious waits until a new plan hatches.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Patches was the first cat to be adopted by CalicoMom Toni in the Big Piney Woods and she takes her role as #1 cat seriously. She was a bit suspicious of Mittens when she first came, but got used to her quickly. It took Patches a bit longer to get used to Precious when she first came, probably because Precious was still mostly kitten and is still much more active than Patches was used to. Recently the house in the Big Piney Woods was visited by a pair of Meezer kittens. Patches greeted one of them at first, then decided she was better off upstairs with Mittens.

Patches is the Lady in Charge.
The others obey her, by and large.
If she wants to play,
Then it's OK.
Otherwise it's safer not to charge.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Beau suggested that I write limericks for Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. I had already written the one for Grr, but here is Midnight and Cocoa will be coming up soon. Grr, Midnight and Cocoa are siblings born to a feral mother in an abandoned car. They were all rescued and now the three siblings all live together. In the summer, Midnight has the least fur of the three, but this last winter, Midnight grew a winter accessory that she hadn't ever grown before.

See the red ruff that Midnight grew.
How she did it she never knew.
It kept her warm,
And was a charm-
Ing winter outfit, all fresh and new.

Monday, April 2, 2007


As promised, here is a limerick for Suzanne. Suzanne is a tiny, shy kitty who is 15 1/2 years old and weighs just under five pounds. She has lived with her Mama since she was a kitten. She has kidney problems, but she and her Mama, Toni, have worked out a special diet for her and she seems to be holding her own. Keep your paws and fingers crossed for her. She has a younger brother, Benjamin 2, who is only 3. He looks a lot like Prince Muddy Paws, but he recently got a lion cut because of his tangled fur. All three of them get along very well. The name of their blog is Under the Bed.

Suzanne is a kitty who is very shy.
She goes under the bed when people drop by.
But her Mom she will hug
When they get all snug
In the bed to sleep while the stars light the sky.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Gree and Pepi were originally "owned" by people who didn't take very good care of them. They were left outside all the time and not fed much. Then these people moved away and left the two cats on their own. Mom Robyn took over responsibility for them completely, as she had already been feeding them every day. This last winter it got really cold and Gree and Pepi were allowed into the sun room, then the rest of the house. By mid-winter, they were staying in all the time. When the weather started to warm up again, Gree was a bit dismayed to discover that she wasn't allowed outside any more. She has adjusted to the situation now, though.

                                    Gree is a cat who likes to roam.
                                    She visits Mistrie, far from home.
                                            She now lives inside,
                                            But she likes to glide
                                    Through the Big Piney Woods, far from home.