Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I love this picture of Oscar because it shows off his magnificent whiskers and beautiful eyes so well.  He lives in Australia with his sister Molly and two dogs, who mostly stay outside.  Oscar doesn't blog much, but he is well worth reading when he does.  He is a very helpful cat.  He even helps his Mom with sorting socks and doing the laundry.  He loves to play with toys and he has lots of them.  He is one of the luckiest cats around, because his Dad owns a pet supply store.  His favorite toy is Crabby, a stuffed toy.  Once one of the dogs got hold of Crabby and Oscar thought he was a goner for sure, but Mom sewed him up again until he was good as new.  It took Oscar a while to forgive the dog, but they are friends again.

                                           Oscar has the most magnificent set
                                           Of whiskers I have ever seen yet.
                                                 They are thick and strong
                                                 And beautifully long.
                                            In a whisker contest first prize he would get.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Molly lives with her brother Oscar and their Mom and Dad in Australia.  Molly is a gentle, home-body type cat who loves to be loved.  She and Oscar get along great, though Oscar teases her sometimes by staring at her until she gets grumpy about it.  She enjoys playing with toys, though not as much as Oscar does.  She was fascinated by a small lava lamp which contained glittery stuff and would sit and watch it for a long time.  Molly and Oscar were both indoor/outdoor cats, as both of them stuck around their own yard.  This all changed in March when Molly went missing.  Mom and Dad had let Molly out earlier, then went to a wedding.  When they left, Molly was sitting on the front porch, but didn't want to go inside.  When they got back, Molly was nowhere to be found.  My theory is that something really spooked her and she ran, then got lost.  She was gone for nine days, which was a nightmare for her family.  Oscar spent a lot of time sitting in the window, calling out to her.  Finally, Mom opened the front door to go out and Molly came streaking inside, heading straight for the food and water.  She was dehydrated and had lost a little weight, but was otherwise healthy.  Molly and Oscar are both strictly inside cats now, though both are now microchipped.

                                             Molly wanted to go for a stroll,
                                             But she got lost while on patrol.
                                                     She was gone nine days,
                                                     Which passed in a haze,
                                              Until she ran back through the door, safe and whole.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stella's Kittens

As most of you probably know, Stella of The Meezer Mirror had her kittens Friday, July 27.  It was a long-awaited and very exciting event.  Stella had four adorable Meezer kittens and Mom and kittens are doing very well.  The Dad is Peter Pan, who has the most amazing ears.  It will be interesting to see who the kittens take after most.

                                     Baby Meezers!  Baby Meezers!
                                     In my arms I'd like to squeezers!
                                                 They look so cute
                                                 For their photo shoot!
                                     Stella's so proud of her baby Meezers!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here is Luna in her yard.  You can't really see her harness and leash because of all the fur, but it is there.  Luna is only let out while wearing her harness and leash because her Mom and Dad are afraid that she will take off and get lost.  She is a Maine Coon cat who lives in Germany with three other cats and a dog.  She is quite vocal and lets everyone know when she wants something.  She loves to play with toys, but she would rather play with the children's toys than with her cat toys.

                                      Luna wants to go out and play,
                                      But on her leash and harness she must stay.
                                                   Her Mom says so,
                                                   When she wants to go.
                                      It's all to prevent her from running away.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Rosie is a little tuxie kitten who was born on May 5, 2007 and adopted by Gattina and Mr. Gattino on June 13, 2007. She was a little shy when she first got to her new home, but she soon realized that she was there to stay and started exploring.  Arthur wasn't quite sure what to make of her at first, but soon started to play with her.  Pookie didn't like her at all at first and avoided her, but she has calmed down now and tolerates having Rosie near her, though she still doesn't play with her.  Rosie is a very active kitten and loves to get into anything she can reach.  She also subscribes to the cat rule that anything she can get her paws on is a toy, including Arthur's tail. Arthur injured his tail some time ago and has little or no feeling in the top half of it, but it is getting much better now, maybe because Rosie is giving it so much exercise.

                                      Rosie is a kitten who is full of fun.
                                      Her greatest desires are to play and to run,
                                              Then find a warm lap
                                              To take a nice nap
                                      To recharge herself to play and to run.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Luzie lives in Germany with Luna and Frieda and Patches, the dog.  Luzie is an indoor/outdoor cat who loves exploring the neighboring field.  She does most of her sleeping inside, with the youngest son's bedroom being a particularly favorite place.  She always goes along when Patches goes on her daily walks.  As soon as they reach the field, however, she goes off on her own.  Sometimes she catches up with the dog again and sometimes she goes home on her own.

                                          Luzie likes to go on walks with the dog.
                                          They pass a field with flowers and a log.
                                                    There she chases mice
                                                     And other things nice.
                                          Then runs and runs to catch up with the dog.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Here is Trixie just daring anyone to mess with her.  She is not quite three years old.  A co-worker of her Mom-to-be found a little six-week old kitten by the side of the road and brought her to work.  The co-worker couldn't take her, because she already had a houseful of dogs and cats.  Trixie's new Mom took one look at her and decided to take her home.  She put her in the boy bean's room to keep her away from the older, bigger cats until they could get used to her.  Trixie formed a strong attachment to the boy bean and he is still her favorite human.  Being so much younger than the other two cats, Bounce and Lucy, Trixie has decided that all the cat toys in the house, especially the tents, belong to her.  She won't even let Bounce into the tents.  What I find really funny is that Bounce likes to pounce Lucy, but Trixie likes to pounce Bounce.  Trixie has discovered Temptations and they are her favorite thing to eat.  Sometimes she will even ignore her regular food and try for Temptations instead.  Trixie can be very affectionate, but if anyone picks her up when she isn't in the mood, she puts the bitey on them.  She now has a boyfriend, Tigger, and they like each other very much.

                                     Trixie lays claim to all of the toys.
                                     She's the youngest by far and really enjoys
                                               The batting and thwapping
                                                And rolling and whapping
                                     Of all of the wonderful, beautiful toys.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I think Lucy is about 13 years old.  She doesn't like the stairs much any more. She prefers her cat food to people food, but she has a fondness for cookies and Cheetos.  Her Mom found her wandering around outside, starving, when she was pretty young.  Lucy used to have people, but they didn't want her any more, so they just tossed her outside to fend for herself.  Lucy's new Mom took her in and took care of her and now Lucy follows her around everywhere in the house.  Lucy is very attached to her Mom and it's easy to understand why.  Lucy gets along fine with Bounce and Trixie, but Bounce likes to pounce on her and Trixie occasionally whaps her on the head.  Lucy doesn't seem to mind this much.  Lucy is very ladylike and she probably won't trounce Bounce, but I liked the rhyme.

                                         Lucy is always on the lookout for Bounce
                                         Because on her he likes to pounce.
                                               When she sees him coming
                                               She starts fleetly running.
                                         One of these days, she is going to trounce Bounce.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Bounce is a 15-year-old tuxie who loves napping on his Mom's bed or on the recliner.  His two sisters annoy him a little bit, but mostly he just ignores them, unless he feels like pouncing Lucy.  He used to be a mighty hunter, but he has slowed down a bit with age.  He was born to a litter at a neighbor's house.  When his Mom and Dad went over to choose a kitten, he climbed right into the carrier they brought and made himself at home.  Of course, they had to bring him home after that.  Bounce likes his cat food OK, but what he really wants to eat is people food.

                                           Bounce likes to eat what the people eat.
                                           Whatever it is, he thinks it's a treat.
                                                             He will sit and beg,
                                                             Or paw at a leg
                                           And demand to be fed what the people eat.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Here is Lucy in the shower.  The cats think she is crazy, but she loves water.  On her walks, she can't pass by the river without going for a little swim, even if it is very cold.  Lucy was born on New Year's Eve 2005 and was adopted into her forever home on October 19th,  2006.  She is a purebred pug, but was going cheap, because the family who adopted her from her first family, who couldn't keep her anymore, found that she wasn't getting along with their other two, older, pugs.  Molly took to her right away, but Maggie wasn't about to make friends with a D-O-G.  Things have settled down now.  Maggie has stopped hissing at Lucy all the time, but she still isn't really friends with her.

                                         Lucy the pug likes to go for a swim.
                                         She will jump in the shower on a whim.
                                                       She loves the water,
                                                       Inside or out-er.
                                          The cats shake their heads when she goes for a swim.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here is Molly on top of the counter.  Molly came to live with Maggie when she was five weeks old, on June 9th, 2006.  Mom also found her through the pet supply store where she works.  Molly first went to a rescue center, then to the SPCA and had an appointment for an early trip to the Rainbow Bridge, but the lady who was fostering her overnight said she wasn't going to allow that and took her home.  When word reached Mom, she took Molly in immediately, as she had been looking around for a playmate for Maggie.  Maggie, at four months, was none to thrilled to get a little sister, as she had been basking in the glory of being the only cat. At first they had to be separated to keep Maggie from pouncing on Molly and biting, but by the end of the month, they were good friends and getting into mischief together.

                                Molly the tuxie is the Counter Queen.
                                Calm and relaxed, she is there to be seen,
                                          While down below
                                           Maggie and Lucy go
                               Respectfully past the Counter Queen.

Friday, July 20, 2007


This is Maggie.  She was adopted in late April 2006 when she was six weeks old.  Her Mom works in a large pet supply store and a lady came in wanting supplies for a new kitten.  The lady mentioned that she got her kitten from a friend of hers and her friend had two more kittens who needed forever homes.  Maggie's Mom-to-be got excited when the lady said that one of the kittens was a calico, because she had wanted to adopt a calico kitten for quite a while.  The lady left with her purchases, but came back later with Maggie.  It was love at first sight.  Maggie only took one night to get used to the idea that she had a new home.  A few months later, Maggie was joined by Molly, a tuxie kitten, then a while after that Lucy, a pug, joined the family.  All three of them get along quite well now, but Maggie is the boss.

                                             Maggie thinks she should be in charge here.
                                             After all, she was the first to appear.
                                                        Then along came Molly,
                                                         And Lucy, by golly.
                                             All in favor of Maggie, stand up and cheer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here is Gatsbi of Forty Paws showing off her awesome widebody.  Gatsbi was named as a little kitten and Maw and Paw thought she was a boy.  That's why her name ends in an "i" now.  She was born to a feral mother, but all the kittens were brought in as fosters at Forty Paws when they were very young, so none of them were really ever feral.  Their Mom was fixed and released in a barn to live, because she was so very feral.  The other kittens in the litter were all found forever homes with other people, but Maw and Paw kept Gatsbi because she has neurological issues.  The vet thinks that she suffered a minor spinal cord or brain injury when she was born.  She walks keeping one front paw straight, like a peg leg, and her head bobs when she eats or grooms.  Due to her leg problem, she can't jump very high.  Gatsbi really loves to eat and she got fat when all the catfood was on the floor and she could constantly help herself.  Now she gets diet cat food on the floor and all the other cats get their food on the counter, where she can't go.  This does not make her very happy, but she has lost two pounds on her diet so far.  This has helped her walk more easily and she can now fit through the cat flap into the backyard cat enclosure again.  These two things make her happy, so the diet is worth it.  Gatsbi doesn't like other cats for some reason.  She will growl at any cat who gets closer than three feet to her, even Bow, the Alpha cat.

                                     Gatsbi is the one who eats on the floor.
                                     That's so she gets her food and not any more.
                                                 Keep it quiet,
                                                 But she's on a diet,
                                     Which is something that she does not adore.

Monday, July 16, 2007


This is Skeeter.  He's a big 14-year-old mancat now, but when the Big Thing found him he was  a traumatized little kitten.  I'm not quite sure whether the place he was in was a shelter or a pet store, but they were doing renovations and Skeeter was all by himself in a cage near the door with lots of noise and dust.  There had been another kitten in the cage with him, but it died and was taken away in a plastic bag.  To this day, Skeeter is terrified of plastic bags.  The Big Thing found him just in time, or he might have died, too.  When he got home to the cave, he hid out for a couple of days, but finally came out to eat and drink and decided that the Big Thing was his friend.  Skeeter got his name from mosquito, because once he decided that the Big Thing was his friend, he never wanted him out of sight.  The Big Thing was reminded of the way a mosquito will keep buzzing around a person's head.  Skeeter is still happiest when he is near the Big Thing, especially when the Big Thing makes a lap and Skeeter can lie in it. Skeeter won't go outside unless the Big Thing goes out, too.  The best time of the day for Skeeter is after dinner, when the Big Thing sits in his favorite chair to watch the sparkly box and calls out, "Skeeter, lap time."  Skeeter jumps up into the Big Thing's lap and LC jumps up on the ottoman in front of the chair and all three of them contentedly watch TV until bedtime.

                                    Skeeter loves, loves, loves the Big Thing's lap.
                                    It's his most favorite place to nap.
                                           All warm and cozy
                                           From tail to nosie,
                                    Skeeter could stay forever in the Big Thing's lap.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This is LC showing off her long legs.  LC stands for Little Cow because the Big Thing thought that her black and white patten was like a cow's.  LC also stands for Lucky Cat, because when she was adopted from the shelter, she was badly infected with ear mites.  In fact her whole head was so badly infected with them that her eyes got glued shut at night when she slept.  The Big Thing noticed that she was bumping into things and wiped her eyes with a damp cloth.  He then took her straight to the vet and got medicine for her.  She didn't like the treatment much, but it got rid of the mites.  LC is 13 years old now and still very active.  She and Skeeter have a high fence around the back yard so they can play outside safely.  The Big Thing keeps a close watch on them while they are outside.  She likes to go outside and hunt for mousies and froggies.    She's pretty good at it, though she fell in the pond once while chasing a frog.  She also likes to play with the big goldfish in the pond a bit, but she doesn't catch them.  She is a good climber and jumper and likes to get on the top platform of the cat condo.  She likes it up there because it gives her a good view of the aquarium.  She does love fish.  When the Big Thing goes fishing, he lets her have any left over bait fish and she loves them.

                                       LC loves to catch froggies by the pond.
                                       Of frog legs tartar she is very fond.
                                                    When she hears a plop
                                                     She makes a short hop
                                      And pounces the froggie near the pond. 

Friday, July 13, 2007

Schmooze Award

The great Jeter Harris has given me the Schmooze Award and I am really grateful.  I feel very honored.  Here is the definition of schmooze and an explanation of the award:

"As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Here are the rules:  Each award winner is to display the badge on the sidebar of his blog with a link to the post which contains the explanation of the award, then nominate five bloggers to receive the award.

Now comes the really hard part.  It's not hard at all thinking of bloggers who schmooze, it's finding ones who haven't been nominated yet.  Here are my picks:

1. Luxor.  He is all over the place, commenting on blogs and being very kind.
2. All the cats at Forty Paws.  They are full of fun and good advice and so very loving.
3. Kimo and Sabi.  They are just so much fun and very friendly.
4. Parker.  I see her commenting on so many blogs, always in a very open and loving manner.
5. William of Mass Destruction.  He is so much fun and his comments are always so witty, but never in a way that puts anybody down.

Mrs. Sniffles

This is Mrs. Sniffles with a couple of her wicker balls.  These balls are great fun for buns, as they can be tossed through the air, kicked around, rolled and even eaten.  Mrs. Sniffles is a Mini Rex rabbit.  She loves to play, snuggle with her Mom and Dad and run the Bunny 500 through the house.  She also enjoys licking the cushions on the couch.  She is mostly a very good bunny, though she has been known to take a few bites out of the baseboards.  She is Lando's girlfriend and they have a very sweet ongoing relationship.

                                       Mrs. Sniffles loves her wicker ball.
                                       Just playing with it is enough to enthrall.
                                                When she is done
                                                Having her fun
                                       She chews and chews until she has eaten it all.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is Reno of Forty Paws.  He is about three years old and is a perfectly symmetrical tuxie.  He was born to a feral mother with Feline Herpes1 and has a very badly scarred cornea on his right eye.  He was kept in a cage in a garage, along with his littermates, by a crazy lady, whose idea of taking care of these kitties was to deny them medical treatment.  His littermates developed very bad diarrhea and the crazy lady gave them to Maw, but she kept Reno for another month.  This means that the damage to his eye is much worse than that of his littermates.  Maw thinks that he is mostly blind in his right eye, which may explain why he is the most skittish of the Forty Paws.  Reno runs when he sees anyone coming toward him and he hates having his claws clipped.  This means that Maw has to find him deeply asleep before she can grab him and clip his claws.  He protests each clip.  If he sees Maw coming with the clippers, he hides for three weeks.  Reno likes to watch the rain and found out that he could push the cat flap open with his head and use it for an umbrella to watch the rain coming down.  Unfortunately, there has been so much rain at Forty Paws recently that he has become bored with this and doesn't do it any more.  I thought it was worth a limerick anyway.  The (whap) is the noise the cat flap makes whenever it is opened or closes.

                                         There is a perfect tuxie named Reno
                                         Who watches the rain in a way that is keen-o.
                                                   He pushes the flap
                                                   Up with his head (whap)
                                         And watches the rain with the flap on his bean-o.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mickey Mantle

Here is Mickey Mantle relaxing on the wall.  It's one of his favorite places to be.  Mickey is another pure white cat.  He is the older brother of Jeter Harris and has taught his younger brother quite a bit, like how to hang out on the wall and how to get back into the house through the bathroom window.  Mickey has fallen deeply in love with Marilyn MonREOW and the two of them write love poems to each other on a regular basis.

                                          Mickey Mantle loves to lie on the wall.
                                          It's wide and comfy, so he doesn't fall.
                                                  And there he dreams
                                                  Of poetry schemes
                                          To write for the kitty he loves most of all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marie the Defender

Here is Marie the Defender looking cute as can be.  She is an all white kitty with blue eyes, who is not deaf.  She is somewhat over a year old and weighs around eight pounds.  She has a brother, Donny, who is her littermate, and a big sister, Casey, who is a Meezer.  When she first came to live with her forever family, her Mom and Dad thought she might not be able to make any sounds, as they never heard a peep out of her.  After being with them for a year, she suddenly began to meow, chirp, peep and make all kinds of vocalizations.  Now she is the most talkative cat in the house.  Once her Mom's shift key came off the computer and Marie ran off with it.  Mom and Marie had a great game of hide and seek until Mom finally got her shift key back.

                                        There is a really cool cat named Marie.
                                        Once she stole her Mommy's shift key.
                                                  They played hide and seek
                                                  And bend down and peek
                                        Under everything until Mom found her shift key.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Kimo & Sabi

At first I thought I would do separate limericks for Kimo and Sabi, but then I thought, "Naw, they do everything together, so I should do their limericks together, too." I read this great story about how they escaped from the house recently, so I wrote a series of limericks about their great adventure.

Kimo and Sabi were both born on the Fourth of July, but in totally different litters. Their Mom and Dad adopted them together and they have been inseparable ever since. They eat together, nap together, play together and get in trouble together. They do have different personalities, though. Kimo likes to go outside on a halter and leash, but Sabi doesn't really enjoy it. Kimo likes to collect coins and bottle caps, which he then drops in his food bowl. Mom puts these items in a can for him and that becomes his fun money. Sabi would much rather play with a feather toy than hunt for coins. Both of them like to blog about things that are helpful to cats and their people.

Not long ago, Daddykitty decided to go outside to take some photographs at night, but forgot to close the door behind him. It didn't take long for Kimo and Sabi to find the open door and take advantage of the situation to go outside. Mommakitty discovered the open door pretty quickly and the lack of cats in the house. She went outside and called to them. Sabi answered right away, but was a little spooked by this big thing coming toward him in the dark and backed away. Mommakitty reassured him, then caught him and brought him back inside. Kimo was having none of this going back inside. When Mommakitty saw him, he puffed up, hissed, spat and even swiped at her. It took Mommakitty a long time to calm him down enough to smell her hand, but then he came to her and she took him back inside, too.

                                    Kimo and Sabi saw a chance to run free,
                                    So they snuck out the door as quick as could be.
                                                  Mom missed them and cried,
                                                  "Are you both outside?"
                                    Sabi meowed, "Here I am!  Come and get me!"

                                    Kimo was braver and wanted to stay
                                    Outside in the dark to sniff and to play.
                                                   Mom saw him and cried,
                                                   "Kimo, please come inside!"
                                    But he hissed and he spat and meowed, "Go away!"

                                    Now Kimo and Sabi are both safe in the house.
                                    Poor Daddykitty is feeling just like a louse.
                                                     The hero is Mom.
                                                      She is da bomb!
                                     Three cheers for the cat-catching Queen of the House!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Both Catzee and Marilyn nominated me to be a Rockin' Girl Blogger.  I feel very honored.  Now I have to find five more.  That is the hard part.  I don't think my choices have been nominated yet, but I could be wrong.

1. Tiger Lily
2. Bonnie
3. Angie
4. Princess
5. Gemini

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I got this picture of fireworks here.  I hope I didn't do anything bad by copying it.  I tried to take my own picture for my Fourth of July post, but I couldn't get my camera to take the picture.

Have a great Fourth of July, everyone!  Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe.  Don't forget the great party for all the kitties who have July birthdays.  I'll try to drop in for at least a little while.  Unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow and I won't get home until late, but I'll try to visit some before I go.

Beverly Sills

Yes, I know that Beverly Sills isn't a kitty or connected with the Cat Blogosphere in any way, but she meant a great deal to me.  I was blessed by growing up in a home in which music in some form was heard every day.  I had just begun to discover opera when I went off to the University of Texas at Austin.  The University had a great program where students could buy a season pass to a great series of musical performances each year, including at least one full scale opera.  If my memory isn't playing tricks on me about the year, the opera for the 1967-68 school year was The Tales of Hoffman, starring Beverly Sills and Norman Triegle.  I was sitting in the third row center.  It was a magical experience for me.  It was only the third live opera I had ever seen and I was absolutely entranced.  It was sung in English, so I had no problem following the plot.  It was one of those perfect performances, where everyone was in perfect voice and the energy level was so high I could taste it.  Afterwards, people who were patient enough could wait backstage for a word or two with the performers.  That was magical, too.  I was even on the receiving end of that world-famous grin, as something I said, I don't remember what, amused her.

From then on, I pursued an interest in opera and, while I can't can myself a real opera buff, I really learned to enjoy it.  I also followed Beverly Sills' career and read whatever I could find about her.  She was one of those special people who could light up a room just by walking into it.  On my supper break tonight I was paging through the newspaper and saw the headline that she had died on Monday.  I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.  This little limerick came to me while I was getting through the rest of my shift.  It is not in any way worthy of her, but she gave me the best she had and, poor though it is, this is the best I have to give back.

                                     There once was a singer named Beverly Sills.
                                     Just listening to her would give me thrills.
                                             Now she is gone
                                             And I feel forlorn.
                                     Oh, how I will miss you, Miss Beverly Sills.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Ping is up on top of the cat perch, looking very mancatly.  Abby came by a little while later and wanted up there, so Ping got down.  Abby is the alpha cat and Ping knows what is good for him.  Ping adores Gracie and loves to snuggle with her.  Ping and Jinx love to play fight with each other.  Ping particularly likes to start things with Jinx and will come over and bite his tail for no reason at all, just to get things moving.  Sometimes Abby comes over to where they are wrestling and tells them to knock it off and they both obey.

                                 There is a cool orange cat named Ping.
                                 He can climb to the top of anything.
                                       But he will get down
                                       When Abby's around.
                                 Then off he goes to annoy Jinx, does Ping.

Monday, July 2, 2007


This is Kaia of The Meezer Gang showing off her slender physique. At The Meezer Gang, Kaia is the shy one. She was adopted from her breeder when the person who originally wanted her changed his/her mind. She is Stella's half-sister, as they have the same mother. She is not quite two and it has taken all of her life to begin to feel enough at ease with the other cats to begin to play with them. She does love her people, though, especially Dad. Her favorite thing is tummy rubs. She likes to sleep next to Mom and sometimes gets a little miffed if she finds Celeste in her spot.

                                         Kaia is a shy Meezer kitty.
                                         While others play, she sits and looks pretty.
                                                    She will creep and sneak,
                                                    'Round the corner peek,
                                        But seldoms joins in 'cause she's such a shy kitty.