Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I am sorry that this turned out all blurry.  My hand must have shaken as I took the picture.  I finally got my Christmas decorating, such as it is, done today.  I put up this little tree and decorated it with the Christmas cards I received from members of the Cat Blogosphere, got out Herman's stocking and put a couple of things in it and put a Christmas wreath on the front door.  This is the first time I have done any Christmas decorating since my Mother died.  I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas full of love.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is Brutus on the left and Gentleman Beau on the right sharing a bed and acting like brothers.  I didn't originally intend to write another limerick for Beau.  I had already written one for him years ago that you can find here.  I did my pick a random blog thing and came up with Jersey Fresh.  I decided to write a limerick for Emily first, then Brutus, then Marigold.  I spent an evening reading the blog and went to bed, thinking about Emily.  As often happens, when I woke up the next morning, I had a limerick in my head, but it wasn't about Emily; it was about Beau.  Not being one to waste an inspiration, I decided to go with it.

Beau lived and blogged happily with his Mom Cathy for many years.  Not too long ago, Cathy got an infection that just wouldn't heal.  She had other health issues as well and she eventually died, leaving Beau all alone.  Arrangements were made to have Beau move to New Jersey to live with a neighbor of Rose and the Royals. At first things seemed to be working out, but Beau had issues that weren't being resolved.  For one thing, the neighbor lived right next door to a large dog and that seemed to be upsetting Beau quite a bit.  Eventually, it was decided that Beau would move in with the Royals.  He was was given a room without other cats at first and was rather shy about the whole thing.  It didn't take him too long to decide that he was in a safe place and he started to come out and let Rose pet him.  Having been an only cat his whole life, he didn't take to the Royals nearly as quickly, but now he and Brutus have become very friendly.  I am thinking that it won't be much longer before they all get along famously.

                                                    Beau came to the Royals sad and afraid,
                                                    But for him cunning plans were laid
                                                                To treat him with care
                                                                So he would come out where
                                                    Welcome to the family he could be made.