Friday, August 31, 2007

Silence and Remembrance

A Light in Silence & Remembrance

This candle will stay lit all weekend. I will put up a new limerick Monday Tuesday. I wanted to have the candle up one day for each cat who went to the Bridge this week.  I just learned that Brendan of Caturday went to the Bridge today, so I am adding Labor Day just for him.  Get your own candle here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


This is how Tommy asks to be let out on the balcony.  He seems to be wishing that he were just a little taller and had thumbs, so he could let himself out.  Tommy is Shilgiah's brother.  He came to live with her in September of 2006, when he was about three years old.  When he first arrived, he had a nasty virus and had to be isolated in the study for two weeks.  During that time, he and Shilgiah talked to each other and played pawsies under the door.  When he was allowed out for the first time, Shilgiah hissed at him, but she soon discovered that he was a lot of fun.  One of the things he did that endeared him to her was to show her how to get rid of her collar.  After Tommy took both his and Shilgiah's collar off time after time, the Mom finally decided that it was useless to try to keep collars on them.  Both Shilgiah and Tommy really enjoy going out on the balcony, but Tommy loves it more.  Last spring, a bird made a nest on the balcony and the cats weren't allowed out there until the baby birds were reared and flew away.  Tommy really hated not being allowed out, but he made the best of it and now he and his sister get to go out for a while every morning again.

                                    Tommy loves to sit on the balcony,
                                    Listening to birds sing him a symphony.
                                                     The brisk morning air
                                                      He sniffs with a flair.
                                    Life is good for a cat with a balcony.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oscar the Puppy Cat

This is the last picture of Oscar the Puppy Cat to appear on his blog and I think it is very appropriate to put it here.  He is sitting on his favorite windowsill and looking his Mom with love.
Oscar went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday rather suddenly and left a gaping hole in the Catblogosphere.  He was only nine years old, but he filled up those nine years with love for all around him.  He adopted Suzanne, Marilyn MonREOW and Miss Peach as his daughters and Benjamin Fuzz as his son.  He married Pounce in a Las Vegas wedding that was really something to read about.  He leaves behind his Mom, Kim, his Dad, Alan, and his bean brother, Sean.  All of them are very sad and could really use any comfort you could provide at either his blog or Emma's.  I really enjoyed reading his blog and could feel the love he felt for us all pouring out of every post.  I am going to miss him terribly, but take comfort in the knowledge that he and Suzanne are together at the Rainbow Bridge.  I am sure that he will be providing love and comfort to all the other cats there, waiting for their loved ones to arrive.  I am also sure that he will be watching over his family.

                                        Oscar the Puppy Cat is with us no more.
                                        Our teardrops are falling by the score.
                                                He was loved by all,
                                                And as the tears fall,
                                        We remember he loved us even more.


I am going ahead with the limerick that I had planned for tonight, even though I just found out that Oscar the Puppy Cat went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  There is something brewing in the back of my mind and I may come up with something for him later tonight.

I went to visit Watgog's blog yesterday afternoon, only to discover that all the Watgogs have a cold.  I thought that maybe a limerick for them might cheer them up.  Watgogs are little creatures who live in the desert, usually in prickly pears.  They are very shy and most people never know they are there.  They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and are known to the Native Americans and appear in their folklore.  Although shy, Watgogs are very friendly and loving beings.  They love to kiss and are very good at it.  Unfortunately, this is how they all caught their cold.  The parent Watgog was kissing a squirrel goodbye after a nice visit, but the squirrel had a cold.  Not knowing about this, the parent Watgog went home and kissed all the little Watgogs hello.  Now they all have the squirrel's cold.

The picture is of the parent Watgog riding friend Tivsan, the tortoise.  Watgog saw the friendly human who lives nearby riding Sammy the horse and decided it looked like fun.  Watgog asked Tivsan for a ride and Tivsan agreed.  They were having a great time until Tivsan climbed up over a rock.  Watgogs don't have any front legs to help hold on, so Watgog fell off.  That was the end of the ride, but Watgog is trying to figure out a way to stay on better, so Watgog and Tivsan can have more fun together.  I refer to Watgog as a she in the limerick, though I don't really know if Watgog is a she or a he.  Since there seems to be one big Watgog and several small Watgogs in the family, I am guessing that the big Watgog is the mother.

                                  Watgog went for a short tortoise-ride.
                                  She could hardly contain her joy inside.
                                          Tivan climbed a rock;
                                          She fell from the shock,
                                  And that is why it was a short tortoise-ride.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shilgiah the Huntress

This is Shilgiah the Huntress' favorite picture of herself in her old park.  She is a stumpy-tailed white Manx.  You can just see her tail if you look closely.  She was dumped in this park about seven years ago and fended for herself for a while.  When the nights started getting colder and the coyotes bolder, she decided that she really needed to find a home.  She caught herself a little sparrow and took it to the patio door of a nearby house.  The woman who lived there opened the sliding glass door, picked up Shilgiah and told her to spit out the sparrow.  Shilgiah did as she was told and after the sparrow flew away, the woman informed her that nobody ate little birds in this house, but Shilgiah was welcome to stay and live on cat food.  Shilgiah gladly took up the offer and has been living with the woman, now her Mom, ever since.  Because Shilgiah liked being outside, her Mom would take her for long walks in the park and even let her stalk the doves and the elusive blue-tailed lizard, as she used to do when she was an orphan, but she doesn't catch them now.  Actually, she admits, she wasn't very good at catching them then, which is one of the reasons she really needed to find a forever home.  Last August, they moved to a new apartment, away from the park and Shilgiah doesn't get to go for walks any more, because there are too many woofies running loose in the area where she lives now.  She misses her walks, but she has a very nice balcony, which is screened in, so she still gets to go outside some.  She got a brother last year, too, and the two of them have a great time together.

                                       Shilgiah once stalked the elusive blue-tailed lizard,
                                       But it was tricky and in running was a wizard.
                                                  She now lives inside
                                                  And takes as her pride
                                      That she once stalked the elusive blue-tailed lizard.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This is Bebe, sitting in a box, which is one of his favorite things to do.  I made a bad mistake yesterday.  It was Bebe, not Tiger who had the favorite toy, which was a sheepskin mouse, not a rat, who played with it until it became a shapeless mass, then possibly lost it by hiding it in a wastepaper basket.  Bebe is the second oldest cat living at Pumpkin's house.  He was found as a tiny stray, not even properly weaned, on January 3, 1996.  He was bottle fed for a few weeks, until he could eat solid food.  He was originally the cat of Pumpkin's Mom's sister, but when they moved into an apartment which did not allow pets, he came to live at Pumpkin's house.  Bebe is the official new cat greeter.  He was the first cat to accept first Tiger, then Pumpkin, as new brothers.  After my mistake yesterday, I am not absolutely sure of anything any more, but I think Bebe is the cat who enjoys unrolling toilet paper.  He loves wrestling with his two brothers and they all have a lot of fun together.  Bebe really loves boxes, for sitting in and chewing on.

                                                  Bebe is a box-loving kitty.
                                                  He sits inside and looks so pretty.
                                                        He chews the sides,
                                                        While inside he hides,
                                                   'Til the box is thrown out, more's the pity.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is Tiger asking nicely for a tummy rub.  Tiger was a small feral kitty who decided to live in the hedge at Pumpkin's house.  The Mom heard him crying and put out food for him, which he would come out to eat, but he darted back into the hedge whenever he saw anyone coming.  At last he decided to trust the Mom and let her get close enough to catch him.  She let him go again, because he had a lot of fleas and it was too late that night to bring him in for a bath.  She caught him again on June 7, 2003 and brought him inside.  He took his bath rather calmly, after only brief struggle, and has been part of the family ever since.  Bebe was the first cat to welcome him and they have been the best of friends ever since.  Tiger likes to play with toys and had a favorite stuffed rat which he played with until it became unrecognizable.  One day it disappeared, never to be seen again.  The Mom doesn't know what happened to it, but because Tiger liked to hide it in lots of different places, she suspects that one day he hid it in a wastepaper basket and it got thrown out.  Tiger also likes to pull the towels down from the towel rack.

                                          Tiger used to live in the hedge.
                                          He felt the branches gave him an edge
                                                On any of those
                                                Who would nip his toes.
                                          Mom finally tempted him from the hedge.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Come Home, Anastasia!

I just got home from vacation today and found out that Anastasia from The Cat Realm has been missing since Tuesday. Please join in wishing, hoping, praying and purring that she comes home safely. I will be sending out my good thoughts and prayers one minute early, as I have to clock in to work at that exact time, but I will do it. Thank you, Skeezix for starting this BlogBlast and for the graphic.

Back from Vacation

I'm back from my vacation.  There will be a new limerick up tonight.  My mother and I had a really good time visiting her older sister, but I missed everyone here.  I'll be around visiting lots of kitties today, then I go back to work tomorrow.  I hope everyone is well and having a great time.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Since I will be going on vacation and this will be the last Kitty Limerick for nine days, I thought I would do a Pumpkin extravaganza.  This first picture is Pumpkin as a kitten, just because it is so very cute.  Pumpkin's cat mom was very smart.  She "lost" Pumpkin in the yard of Leona, Pumpkin's Mom-to-be's sister.  Leona rescues cats quite frequently and saved the two-week old Pumpkin on October 29th, 2005.  She brought him over to Pumpkin's Mom's house in a bucket, along with a nursing bottle and some cat formula.  You can see how happy he was to be rescued.  Pumpkin got his name because of his color and because he was rescued just two days before Halloween.

Some of you may have noticed that I have a real thing about floofy tails.  Pumpkin has one of the floofiest.  Isn't that tail just magnificent?

Finally, here is Pumpkin with one of his two favorite toys, a twist-tie.  His other favorite toy is a crumpled paper ball.  For some reason, he likes to drown his paper balls in his water dish.  Pumpkin likes to play with fake mousies and feathers and other toys, but twist-ties and paper balls are his very favorites.  Pumpkin also really likes to jump up on things, especially things he isn't supposed to jump up on, like the kitchen counter, the table where the people eat and the top of Quincy's cage.  As you can imagine, Quincy isn't too thrilled about that last one.

                                      Pumpkin loves to play with a twisty-tie.
                                      He'll jump on the counter when he can spy
                                               A tie he can grab.
                                               He will quickly nab
                                      And jump down again with his twisty-tie.


Karl of The Cat Realm made my NOMSSF button for me because I am so bad at manipulating pictures.  Isn't it great?

I will be going on vacation from August 18th to August 25th.  I will see you all again when I get back.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Blackie is the oldest cat at Pumpkin's house.  She is about 17 years old now.  The Mom's sister Leona found her hanging around her office and took her home to be an outside cat.  Then Leona had to move and gave over the care of Blackie to her brother-in-law, but later discovered that he was not even feeding her.  Then Leona decided to take Blackie to the humane society, even though it was close to Halloween and the humane society doesn't adopt out black cats at that time of year.  On her way, Leona changed her mind and took Blackie to her sister's house, where she has remained ever since.  Blackie spends most of her time in the patio, which is enclosed.  Her favorite place to nap is on this cage.  Although she is an old cat now, she still really enjoys catnip and toy mousies.  She will send the mousies flying through the air, then chase them.  

                                       Blackie likes to nap on a cage.
                                       She finds it cool and all the rage.
                                              She'll nap in a chair
                                              Or the couch but where
                                        She likes to nap best is on her cage.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Some of you may be wondering why there is a green parrot in this post. Quincy is a very special bird. He lives in Hawaii with Pumpkin, Blackie, Tiger, Bebe and Benson the dog.  When Quincy's feathers fall out, the Mom saves the best ones for the kitties to play with.  When Pumpkin and the other kitties told everyone how much fun these feathers are to play with, lots of kitties wished they had some, too.  Now Quincy's feathers fly all around the world, making kitties happy.  Quincy recently celebrated his 24th Gotcha Day.  He really loves chew toys and he participates in Secret Paws, making sure to include some feathers whenever his Secret Paw is a kitty.

                                         Quincy's a parrot with feathers galore.
                                          Sometimes he moults them so he can grow more.
                                                              The kitties delight
                                                               When feathers take flight
                                          For smelling and pouncing and playing and more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is Fiona, Ali's little sister.  She was actually chosen to be adopted first.  Fiona's Mom-to-be heard from her sister-in-law about a litter of four all-black kittens that she was fostering for the shelter and decided to adopt two fo them.  Unfortunately for him, Fiona's brother got too sick to be adopted and the Mom chose Ali instead.  Little Fiona is about five months old now and into everything.  She is very smart and has learned to sit up, shake paws and give high fives for treats.  She does love her food.  Fiona adheres to the kitty rule that everything she can get her paws on is a toy and that includes Ali.  Fiona loves to cuddle with her Mom, but she has an unfortunate habit of chewing on her Mom's hand while she is cuddling.  This can get quite painful for Mom, who hopes that this is a kittenish behavior that Fiona will eventually grow out of.  I hope so, too.

                                           Fiona loves to chew on Mama's hand.
                                           To her the Mama tastes quite grand.
                                                 Mama says, "Ouchie!"
                                                 But doesn't get grouchy,
                                           For Fiona purrs while chewing her hand.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Here is handsome Ali modelling a squiggle which came in a package from Miss Peach.  He is about one year old.  His Mom-to-be adopted him from a shelter when she went to pick up Fiona, whom she had already picked out.  She wanted to adopt Fiona and her brother, but it turned out that they were still a little too young, then Fiona's brother got very sick and was deemed unadoptable.  When Ali came into the shelter, he had had a rough time of it.  He had bite wounds on his backside, fleas and ear mites.  He was also very skinny.  Ali is  a fighter, though, and he overcame all these problems and is now a very loving and playful cat.  He was named after Mohammed Ali.

                                           Ali is a great snugglebug.
                                           He loves to give his Mom a hug.
                                                 When she's gone all day,
                                                 He just says, "Hey,
                                            I'll snuggle Fiona there on the rug."

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Miss Peach asked me to write a limerick for her good friend, Adan, so here it is.  This is Adan, looking all sweet and innocent.  Actually, he is a very good cat and is hardly ever naughty.  He lives with Mummy and Michico in Taiwan in an apartment several stories up.  He loves to look out the window and visits frequently with a pigeon who lands on the outside windowsill.  Adan was born in 1997 and I think he was adopted as a kitten.  He lives mostly in Michico's room.  He is a very active cat.  There are some truly amazing pictures on his blog of him jumping all around the room.  He loves to be petted by Mummy and Michico.  He hates thunderstorms.  When there is a thunderstorm while Michico is at work, he hides under her sheet in a way that makes him look like a bun.  Michico has never figured out how he arranges the sheet all around himself like this.

                                    Adan has the largest, greenest eyes
                                    I have ever seen in a cat his size.
                                                From shelf to the bed
                                                He leaps without dread,
                                    But when thunder booms he makes bun surprise.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Here is Josie just after she caught the feather-on-a-string toy.  Josie loves playing with this toy, but she tries to run off with the feathers after she has caught them.  Jasper says she looks like a fish on a line.  Josie was one of the kittens from momma cat's first litter.  The Mom wanted to adopt her right away, because she reminded the Mom of a cat who came before.  When the Mom and Dad finally caught all the kittens, Josie was adopted right away, on November 3, 2004.  Once her flea problem was taken care of, she was given the run of the house and became very snuggly with the people right away.  Jasper took a little convincing that having a little sister was a good thing, but now he loves her dearly.  Jasper may be the Alpha cat, but Josie has taken it upon herself to be the house defender.  Whenever a woofie or a strange cat comes into the yard, Josie paces from window to window, looking out and hissing.

                                            Josie is the cat who protects the home.
                                            From window to window she will roam,
                                                       Checking to be sure
                                                       That no immature,
                                            Noisy, barking woofie is near her home. 

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My New NOMS Special Friends

I would like to introduce you to my brand new NOMS Special Friends.  Please meet Miss Pickles McHushpuppy, on the left, and Miss Go-Go Gadget.  They are guinea pigs and they are still just babies.  Miss Steffy adopted them on June 13th because she was so sad at losing Onion, her last guinea pig.  Pickles is a short hair and Gadget is a long hair.  They live with Miss Steffy, who also is Mom to rats and hedgehogs and at least one hamster.  I don't know much about them yet, because they are so young, but I am going to really enjoy watching them grow up and develop their personalities.  What I know about them so far is that they love to eat timothy hay; they enjoy playing with toilet paper; and they really enjoyed their first bath, as shown above.  So far Gadget has been sweet and Pickles is showing a tendency to be stubborn.  Please go visit them at their blog.


Here is Maggie in action.  I love this picture because it shows how active and playful Maggie is.  This is important to me because Maggie had a really rough start in life.  Yesterday I told you about the neighbor's cat who was let roam without being fixed and got pregnant.  Huggy Bear and Josie are from her first litter.  The young couple still didn't get her fixed and she had two more litters.  She had four the second time and they all found forever homes pretty easily.  The third litter was enormous.  When Jasper's Mom and Dad finally figured out what was going on, they discovered that the poor little momma cat was taking care of thirteen kittens.  Jasper's Mom and Dad think that momma cat may have adopted some other babies abandoned by their own mother because the didn't see how so small a cat could have possibly had thirteen babies by herself.  By this time the young couple were merely leaving food and water out on the back porch and leaving momma cat and her kittens to fend for themselves.  Jasper's Mom and Dad were always looking out for them and giving them extra food and water and discovered that all of them were sick with some kind of infection that glued their little eyes shut.  They were also covered with fleas.  Jasper's Mom and Dad rounded up all the sick kitties and momma cat and made sure that they were weaned as quickly as possible.  Then they took in momma cat and had her spayed before returning her to the young couple.  With the help of a very caring vet, they cured all the kittens and the great kitten home-finding began.  They found homes for all the kittens except the smallest, who had been the sickest.  This little kitten was named Maggie and joined the family on August 15th, 2005, after she had to have her right eye removed because it was so badly damaged by the infection.  Huggy Bear thought that Maggie was the greatest thing ever and took to her right away.  Josie and Jasper took a little longer to warm up to her, but they are all a happy family now.  Because she is so small, Maggie wears a collar with a bell, so the people can hear her coming and be very careful not to step on her.  Maggie occasionally finds a way to ditch the collar and hides it.  The limerick is about one of those times.

                                                Maggie hung her collar on the Christmas tree,
                                                Way in the back, where no one could see.
                                                         She went collarless,
                                                         Which caused her some stress,
                                                 Till Dad found her collar on the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Huggy Bear

Here is a great picture of Huggy Bear relaxing with Jasper.  Huggy Bear was originally named Bullet, because he was so fast at charging in and out of doors.  When Jasper's family originally moved into their present apartment, they noticed a lot of stray cats around.  One little cat seemed especially drawn to their apartment.  They were glad to notice that one day she showed up with a flea collar and they later found out that she belonged to some neighbors, a young couple. She liked the outside a lot, so they let her roam.  Unfortunately, they hadn't had her fixed, so she got pregnant and had her kittens in their apartment.  They also had a Siamese, who didn't like the kittens at all, so the young couple put the momma cat and the kittens outside.  The couple was feeding them, but not caring for them much.  Jasper's Mom finally couldn't take the way the kittens were getting slightly injured, limping from paw hurts, mostly, and caught all four of them.  The poor little things were heavily flea-infested, so they were confined to a bathroom until that problem was cleared up, then Jasper's Mom took three of them to a no-kill shelter and tried to get them adopted.  Josie was the fourth one and Jasper's Mom decided to keep her.  All of the kittens, except Bullet, were eventually adopted out.  On December 12th, 2004, Jasper's Mom and Dad decided to add Bullet to the family, as no one seemed to want him.  Bullet eventually became Huggy Bear because he was such an affectionate cat.  He just loves to be loved and he loves all the other cats very much.

                                                  Huggy Bear is as black as he can be,
                                                  But that shouldn't frighten you or me.
                                                          He's gentle and kind
                                                          And he doesn't mind
                                                  Being hugged and loved by you or by me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monty Q's Babybean

Monty Q's Babybean was badly hurt on Saturday and airlifted to Children's Hospital with burns on her face, chest and arms.  Please drop by and wish her a speedy recovery.  She has improved some since her arrival in the hospital, but still needs all your good wishes and prayers.  Thank you, Maobert, for the great graphic.

Laffin an Laffin

Jeter Harris told me that his Squillion, Laffin an Laffin, has been feeling rather sad and self-conscious about his scar and asked if I would do a limerick for him to cheer him up.  Laffin an Laffin is a great Squillion and he posts about his adventures every Sunday.  He does lots of fun stuff, like celebrate Cinco de Mayo and climb trees.  He also had a great contest where he gave away really fun prizes.  It might cheer him up if all of you would go over to Jeter's blog and tell him that his scar doesn't affect the way we feel about him.  We all love him just the same.

                               Laffin an Laffin posts his adventures on Sundays.
                               He had a great contest to give kitties fun days.
                                             Now he has a scar
                                             But that cannot mar
                               The great big heart which he shows us on Sundays.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jasper McKittenCat

I really like this photo of Jasper McKittenCat.  You can't see his color very well, but I love the play of light and shadow on his floofy fur.  He is a gorgeous ginger and just turned five in April.  He was born in a shelter and his Mom and Dad found him there when he was just a tiny kitten.  The family has grown quite a bit since then, with the additions of Maggie, Huggy Bear and Josie.  Jasper had been an only kitten for a few years when the new additions started showing up, but he was pretty gracious about it and they all get together wonderfully well.  Jasper loves being up high and will relax on the wall of the shower, when the shower isn't running, of course, and loves to climb up on all the boxes stored in the garage.  Sadly for him, a lot of the boxes have disappeared recently, but he still climbs up those which are left.  In hot weather, he lounges in the bathroom sink, seeking some cool relief.  He is quite playful and can catch a feather toy on a string pretty well.  He has one really bad habit.  From the time he was first adopted, on the first day in fact, he discovered wires.  He loves to chew on any kind of wire and has messed up a few appliances and phones in his time.

                                             Jasper McKittenCat chews on wires.
                                             He knows it's naughty, but he aspires
                                                      To chew them all through,
                                                      Whether old or new.
                                             How to keep Jasper from chewing on wires?

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Here is Kellie in her Mom's chair.  She was born in August of 2001 and adopted her Mom in December of 2001.  Kellie is a floofie cat who really enjoys sleeping on her back, all stretched out.  She does a really good Full Monty.  Kellie enjoys playing with her toys.  She also likes to sneak into the kitchen cabinets, but her Mom put latches on them recently and she can't get into her favorite ones any more.  Another thing she likes to do is to get into the bathroom sink.  She has discovered that if she does this in the morning, when her Mom is trying to get ready for work, her Mom will bribe her with treats to get her out of the sink.  Smart kitty!  Kellie has a piece of blue material which she really likes.  She will sleep on it and drag it around the house with her.  Sometimes she even takes it to bed with her when she sleeps with her Mom.  Kellie's favorite way to greet a person is to smell and rub all over the person's feet.  She will do this to her Mom and anyone else who comes into her home.

                                      Kellie the cat has a thing about feet.
                                      It's her favorite part of a person to greet.
                                             She will rub and smell
                                             To see what befell
                                       The interesting feet before they did meet.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Tigmut'hep, also known as Tigs, just turned seven years old. He ran away from his first home and ended up at the RSPCA where he was adopted by his present Mom and Dad. His favorite person is the Boy. Tigmut'hep has a strong tendency to get grumpy when the Boy is absent from the house, but he can be cheered up by a phone call. Tigmut'hep loves to go outside, either on his harness and leash, or with the Mom in the garden. He will stay in the garden with his Mom without the leash. He loves to hunt for frogs in the grass. When he finds one, he will hop after the frog as if he were a frog, too. His favorite toy is a white stuffed rat, but he also really likes the little toy mice that the Mom and Dad got for Isis.

                                        When the Boy is away, Tigs is a grump.
                                         If you get too close, he will give you a thump.
                                                     When the Boy comes back
                                                      He will stop his attack
                                        And be just as joyful as he was a grump.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Isis is a Ruddy Abyssinian and Ramses' half-sister.  They have the same mother, but different fathers.  She is six months old and was just adopted on July 14th.  At first Ramses and Tigmut'hep didn't know what to make of her, but they all settled in together in just three days.  Isis is a little ball of fire and loves to play with anything that comes her way.  However, her favorite toy is another cat's tail.  Tigs doesn't like this too much, but Ramses thinks that it is a fun game.

                                           Isis the kitten will chase after a tail
                                           Whenever she sees one.  It is of no avail
                                                      For Ramses or Tig
                                                      To beg, "Please don't dig
                                            Your sharp little claws in my poor little tail!"

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Ramses is a Sorrel Abyssinian.  He lives with his Mom and Dad and half-sister, Isis, and adopted brother, Tigmut'hep.  Ramses is very attached to his Mom, as she adopted him from a bad situation when he had lost all faith in people.  He loves to be loved now, especially by Mom.  He likes to wrestle with Tigmut'hep and play with Isis.  He also loves to go outside with his Mom.  He has learned that if he stays close to her, he can go out without his harness and leash, which he very much enjoys.  He considers himself the family alarm clock and feels it is his duty to make sure that his Mom and, especially, Dad get up on time.  He has been known to use his claws a tiny bit to make sure that Dad gets out of bed.  Ramses is nice enough to usually wait until the alarm goes off before he starts his get-Mom-and-dad-out-of-bed routine.

                                          Ramses wakes his folks in the morning.
                                          He leaps on the bed without warning.
                                                He squeezes between
                                                Mom and Dad Bean
                                          And fusses until they are up in the morning.