Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Now it's time to introduce the cats who live at Dobby's house.  This is Brudder.  His real name is Merlyn, but mostly he goes by Brudder.  He is the mancat of the house and he makes the most of it.  He started out as one of a litter of cats who were born on Dobby's uncle's farm.  Dobby's uncle really liked him, but they already had as many cats as they could comfortably care for, so he talked Dobby's Mom and Dad into adopting him.  He is a Pixie Bob and has no tail to speak of. He likes chasing Nala around and tormenting her.  He really loves nip.  His Dad gives him "violent manrubs" almost every night and sometimes Brudder gets a little excited and gives his Dad a bitey.  When Dobby was adopted, Brudder became his best friend. Brudder's absolutely favorite thing to do is to go hunting in the back yard and he is very good at it.  Brudder took over the blog once and the link points to this post, as I think it really shows Brudder's personality.  He reminds me strongly of Tripper.
                                Brudder is the mightiest hunter of all.
                                Birds and buggies under his paw do fall --
                                          Not to mention the mice,
                                          Who taste very nice.
                                 All hail Brudder, the best hunter of all.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Scarlett came to live with Dobby last August, as a puppy.  She is a Rat Terrier.  That's Scarlett in front in the picture.  Dobby's Mom and Dad wanted a small dog for him to play with.  Scarlett may get a little bigger than Dobby, but not much.  When she first moved in, Dobby wasn't so sure that he liked her.  However he tolerated her right from the beginning.  One of the first things she started doing was going after Dobby's toys.  Whatever Dobby was playing with, that was the toy she wanted.  Dobby would give it to her and go get another toy.  Then Scarlett wanted that one, so Dobby would give it to her and go get another one.  Dobby would put up with this for quite a long time, but he would finally have enough and would growl at Scarlett.  Scarlett would bark back, but quit the "Gimme Your Toy" game, at least until next time.  Scarlett and Dobby really enjoy playing Chase.  They will tear around the house and all over the back yard chasing each other.  Dobby really like this because he would chase the cats, but only Brudder would chase him back and not all the time.  Dobby is teaching Scarlett how to hunt mice in the grass in the back yard.  As a Rat Terrier, Scarlett is picking this up really fast.  I suspect that Brudder taught Dobby how to hunt mice, but I can't be sure. Scarlett and Dobby love to share naptime in sunspots, on the couch, in Mom's lap, anywhere.

                                      Scarlett just loves to play with Dobby.
                                      Stealing his toys is her favorite hobby.
                                                     They run and they play
                                                     And hunt mice all day,
                                      Then Scarlett curls up to nap with Dobby.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dobby, on the left, and Scarlett love to play tug-of-war with this toy, known as Long Dog.  This picture was taken last September and Scarlett is quite a bit bigger now, about the same size as Dobby.  Dobby is a purebred Chihuahua, but he is big for his breed.  He is 22 inches long and weighs 14 pounds.  He is four years old and full of energy.  He lives with his Mom and Dad, Scarlett and three cats.  Before Scarlett joined the family, Dobby mostly played with Merlyn, also known as Brudder, the male cat. Dobby can be quite mischievious, though he is not destructive.  He is really good at finding food, any kind of food, and has been known to make the cats' dinner disappear.  He is having quite a time trying to keep up with Scarlett now, as she has been known to make Dobby's dinner disappear.  One of Dobby's very favorite games is Chase and he and Scarlett chase each other all over the house. Dobby's very favorite toy is a stuffed monkey, called Monkey, oddly enough. Dobby really loves Monkey and watching him with it can get quite embarrassing at times. Dobby loves to sit in his Mom's lap and was quite relieved to find out that both he and Scarlett can fit there at the same time. Dobby hasn't been blogging lately.  He needs his Mom to help him blog and his Mom has cancer.  You can go here to give her some words of encouragement.

                              Dobby and Scarlett both fit in Mom's lap.
                              It is the very best place for a nap.
                                      They share their toys
                                      For lots of joys,
                              Then play chase through the house until they need a new nap.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I am sure that there are lots more Himalayan kitties out there, but the three that I know best are Prince Muddy Paws (top), Zoey (middle) and Maggy (bottom).  This post is for Zoey, who requested a limerick about Himalayans.  Himalayans came about through crossing Persians with Siamese to produce a cat which looks very much like a Persian with Siamese points.  They come in all the colors that Siamese do and are all born white or cream with the points developing later.  Most, if not all, Himalayans have blue eyes. Their fur is long and silky and needs daily brushing.  They mostly retain the body build and flat faces of their Persian background, though some appear more Siamese.  Their character is described in one of my cat books as "placid",
but I think Zoey may have something to say about that.

                                       Himalayans have long fur soft as silk.
                                       Some have tummies white as milk.
                                                  They have masks and boots
                                                  In their colorful suits.
                                       It's lovely to brush their fur, soft as silk.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Angus Mhor

If you look closely at this picture of Angus Mhor, you can see one of his "catcher's mitt" front paws.  He has seven toes on each front foot, which is common in his breed.  He is a Pixie-Bob, which is a natural cross between a Bobcat and a tabby.  This results in a large cat with very distinctive stripes, a deep chest, very strong back legs and a short tail.  Angus' tail is about six inches long. Pixie-Bobs tend to be very people-oriented cats.  Angus is three years old and has lived with his Mom, Dad and Sticky Little People since he was a little kitten.  His Mom saw a picture of him on the Web and fell in love with him.  She drove from Texas to Oklahoma to pick him up. She picked out his name because it suits him very well.  Angus Mhor means "exceptionally big, strong and valorous."  Angus' home has a very nice back yard with a high fence and Angus used to be let outside for short periods of time to explore and have great fun.  However, though he never tried to jump the fence, his Mom decided that he was getting a bit too adventurous and he picked up a virus somehow, so he is a mostly inside kitty now.  The smallest Sticky Little Person sometimes opens the back door for him, but these excursions tend to be very short, as the Mom always notices the open door and fetches him back in.  His Mom did get him a walking jacket, so he could go out again, but so far Angus hates it.  He has also figured out how to get out of it, so I don't know how this will work out.  Angus has a girlfriend, Delilah, and they are very fond of each other. The Road Trip for Love stopped at Angus' house on the way to Las Cruces and a great time was had by all.  One of Angus' favorite games is Bop a Little Sticky Person.  He gets up on the back of a chair and bops as the Little Sticky Person walks by. Angus absolutely loves any toy that has feathers on it, but he is rough on them.  In the middle of the night, he will play with his toy, whapping it all around the house, until he whaps it into the human litterbox room.  He then whaps the toy into the human litterbox, making it rather soggy.  Most of the time, his Mom notices the toy in the litterbox before she does her business in the morning, but Angus has lost some toys this way.

                                 Angus just hates his walking jacket.
                                 He would like nothing better than to bite and attack it.
                                        It binds him so
                                        And makes him go
                                 Plop on his side -- mean old walking jacket.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Spooky has moved recently, from one house in Florida to another one about two hours by car away.  She hasn't quite adjusted to the change yet, so she is spending a lot of time under the bed. She is a little over nine years old.  Her parents adopted her from a home where she wasn't being treated right. As a result, Spooky isn't as friendly toward people as most Snowshoe Siamese and she doesn't like being picked up or held at all. She also isn't much of a lap cat, but she loves to be brushed. Spooky would love to be a mighty hunter, but she doesn't get much opportunity.  She was occasionally allowed out on the patio, near the pool, where she could hunt anoles, but where she lives now is too close to a pool where alligators have been seen and she can't go out hunting at all any more.  Any bug who wanders into the house had better watch out, though. Spooky does get great quality time with her Dad.  When he gets home from work, he changes out of his work clothes and stretches out on the floor.  Spooky joins him for hanging out and some petting.  Spooky really loves her food, especially Greenies.  She has been known to get a bit grumpy if she doesn't think she is getting enough Greenies.

                                  Spooky really loves her Greenies.
                                  She's been known to call her parents meanies
                                            When they don't come through
                                            With a Greenie or two.
                                 Won't somebody please give Spooky some Greenies?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snowshoe Siamese

I only know two Snowshoe Siamese -- Chairman Mao, in the top photo, and Spooky.  Spooky asked me to do a limerick on Snowshoe Siamese, so I did.  I didn't know much about the breed, but I have a couple of cat books and I looked it up.  The breed came about because purebred Siamese sometimes were born with white toes, which was considered a fault in cats put in shows.  Some people really liked the white toes, though, and crossed these Siamese with American Shorthair bi-colored cats, what we usually call tuxedo cats.  The result was the Snowshoe Siamese.  The typical Snowshoe Siamese has the color points similar to the traditional Siamese, but they have a white nose and mouth area and it is preferred that they have an inverted-V shape where the white meets the dark mask.  Spooky shows this quite well.  Chairman Mao's coloring conforms to what is called the "mitted" variation, I think.  Snowshoe Siamese are best known for their friendliness.  They get along well with other cats and  dogs and they love their humans.  They are also extremely playful and will stay very playful into old age.  This makes them great cats for multi-animal homes and they also make great cats for children.

                                    Snowshoe Siamese just love to play.
                                    They can chase a feather or a mousie all day.
                                              There's never a struggle
                                               To get them to snuggle.
                                    They love their humans aaalll the way.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Prize Package Arrived

Look at all the neat stuff KC sent me for Second Prize in the Squillions Contest!  I got a Blogging Cats Rule T-shirt and bumper sticker, a cool paw print bandana, a KC reporter badge, some really nice soap, bath salts and salve from Praire Herbs and a paperweight that reads "Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life."  Thank you so much, KC and ML.  You may click on the picture to biggify.

Friday, April 18, 2008


There is some very good news.  Mama Jessica has come home.  Papa Jonathan found her and led her home again.

Here is Ollie in his favorite place, being held by his Dad.  Ollie absolutely loves to be held and carried around.  Whenever he is picked up, the first thing he does is check out the ceiling.  A long time ago, he spotted a moth on the ceiling when he was picked up and that fascinated him, so he always checks to see if there is one on the ceiling this time.  Ollie's full name is Oliver Oliver Oxenford, but everyone just calls him Ollie.  Ollie and Mr. Chen love each other very much, but their personalities are very different.  Ollie loves to be held and carried around like a baby, but Mr. Chen doesn't like to be picked up at all, though he does enjoy lap sitting.  Mr. Chen loves string, but Ollie doesn't get interested in it that often.  Ollie loves the red spot game, but Mr. Chen could take it or leave it.  They do have some things in common.  Both of them really enjoy sitting in the window and watching the birds and both of them sleep with their Mom and Dad every night.  Mr. Chen sleeps between his Dad's knees and Ollie sleeps between his Mom's knees.  They both love playing with toy mice.  They had a new addition to the family lately.  Last month they got a brand new little blurpy girl.  They are both very interested in her and make good babysitters.

                                    Ollie just loves, loves, loves to be carried.
                                    It is his comfort when he feels harried.
                                            He's held like a baby
                                            And he's hoping maybe
                                    He and the blurpy girl can both be carried.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mr. Chen

Here is Mr. Chen looking his fiercest as he attacks a piece of string.  About three months ago, Mr. Chen discovered how much fun string can be.  Now he begs to play with it all the time.  His Mom and Dad are very careful to make sure that he doesn't try to eat it, but they both enjoy playing with him with a piece of string.  Mr. Chen and Ollie were both born in May of 2006 and were adopted together that September from Morris Animal Refuge.  Their Mom and Dad were
lonesome because the cat who came before, Bingo, had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and the house seemed too empty without him.  Mr. Chen was recommended to them and they hesitated because Bingo was black and they thought it would be too painful to adopt another black cat, but once they held him in their arms, they fell in love with him.  The Dad still wasn't too sure about it, so he kept looking at other kitties and found Ollie.  The Mom really wanted Mr. Chen and the Dad wanted Ollie.  The nice lady at Morris Animal Refuge suggested that they adopt both of them and so they did.  The first time Mr. Chen and Ollie actually met was in the cat carrier when they were taken home.  Luckily, they liked each other at first sight and they have been the best of brothers ever since.  Mr. Chen loves to play more than anything else.  His first love was playing with toy mice.  He even took them to bed with him.  He still likes to play with them, but now he likes string better.  Mr. Chen and Ollie love to snuggle and wrestle with each other.  They keep each other entertained for hours.

                                    Lately, Mr. Chen likes to play with string.
                                    Right now it's his very favorite thing.
                                               He chews and whaps it,
                                               Bites it and fwaps it.
                                    Mr. Chen has discovered the joys of string.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miss Kitty

As promised, here is a limerick about Miss Kitty herself.  Yesterday I showed you Miss Kitty at her most alluring, so you could see how pretty she is and how well she illustrates her breed of Norwegian Forest Cat.  Today I am showing you her wild side.  She is getting all googly-eyed in her enjoyment of rolling around on the grass and dirt in her yard.  She really enjoys this and it gets her extra attention, as, when she is done, her Mom, The Red-Haired One, gets to brush all the dirt and stickers out of her fur.  Miss Kitty used to live next door to where she lives now, but there is a big dog and other cats there and Miss Kitty just didn't like it there.  She started hanging around The Red-Haired One's yard.  The people next door didn't seem to care and Miss Kitty was out there in all kinds of bad weather, so The Red-Haired One started taking care of her.  Miss Kitty caught a cold and was taken to the vet and became the cat of The Red-Haired One and The Very Tall One, who are now her bean parents.  That was about two years ago and Miss Kitty is much happier now.  She is about eight years old and very active.  She loves being outdoors and has an avocado tree in her yard that she loves to climb.  Miss Kitty is very good at catching bugs and mice.  She will catch a mouse and leave it on the doormat for The Red-Haired One, who doesn't really appreciate the gifts.  Miss Kitty loves being brushed, which is a good thing, because she sheds a lot in the spring, when she loses her winter coat. She also loves chin-scritches.  She has her favorite napping spots and when a bean is in the one she wants to use, she will give a pitiful meow and the big sorrowful eyes until the bean either moves or picks her up and lets her nap in a lap.  Miss Kitty loves meeting new friends and is especially eager to meet any other Norwegian Forest Cats.

                                Miss Kitty eagerly catches a mouse
                                And leaves it on the mat next to the house.
                                        It's a present for Mom,
                                        Who remains calm
                                 And takes the mouse away from the house.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Norwegian Forest Cats

Miss Kitty requested a limerick about Norwegian Forest Cats, so I wrote one for her.  Naturally, I used Miss Kitty to illustrate the breed.  Norwegian Forest Cats have lots of long, silky fur because they really did come out of the Norwegian forest to live with people.  As a general rule, they are very friendly toward people and love company, but the personality of each cat will differ with how they were raised, just as with any other cat.  They come in all colors, from pure white to black, with just about any combination in between.  The only type of marking they don't have is the points, as seen in Oriental cats.  They don't require a lot of brushing, except in spring, when they shed their winter coats.  I am working on a limerick for Miss Kitty herself, but this one is about Norwegian Forest Cats in general.

                                     Norwegian Forest Cats have long, silky fur.
                                     It is often difficult to tell him from her.
                                             In summer they shed
                                             Enough for a bed.
                                    They have lovely markings in all colors of fur.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great News

There is great, wonderful news about Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris.  They were hiding in the apartment the whole time.  A fireman found them, but they were too scared to let him bring them out.  Mom Laura got new PTUs for them and a very nice policeman brought them out.  They are safe and sound with Mom Laura now.  They are going to the vet to be checked out, but they appear to be totally unharmed by their terrible experience.  See the Cat Blogosphere for the full story.  I am so happy I could laugh and cry at the same time.

                             Mom Laura's kitties were found, safe and sound.
                             Throughout the Cat Blogosphere joy does abound.
                                           We're so happy they're free,
                                            We are dancing with glee.
                             Many thanks to the men and prayers that helped them be found.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sadly, Miral has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Please stop by and offer her family some consolation.

Fatty is a stray kitty who has been hanging around TT's house for a while.  At first the Mom and Dad thought she was just visiting and had a home, but they found out that she didn't have one.  Now Fatty is slowly moving in, but for now she just visits and apartment and sleeps in a cat bed in the basement, where the washing and drying machines are.  Molly and TT don't care much for Fatty, but Shadow likes her a lot.  Fatty still spooks at loud noises and sudden movements, but she does let the Mom pick her up and carry her around a bit.  Shadow has even shared his catnip with her.  This is a big deal, because Shadow really loves his catnip.  Fatty still has her meals outside the apartment on the stairs.  She likes Temptations, but has them outside the apartment, as well.  Fatty is spending more and more time inside the apartment and has even napped on the Mom and Dad's bed.  Soon she may move in for good.

                                     Fatty still mostly lives in the basement,
                                     Though the Mom is trying to get her to relent
                                                    And live upstairs
                                                    With catnip airs.
                                      Fatty still likes to sleep in the basement.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Molly is Shadow's sister and was rescued from the woods just a few days after he was, when she finally let the Mom catch her.  When she was brought to her new home, she was so glad to see her brother again that she cuddled up to him and gave him kitty kisses all over.  Molly is very attached to the Mom and loves to sleep with her, but she always goes onto the littlest girl's bed to cuddle with her each morning just before she gets up.  Molly got rather miffed when TT moved in and started sleeping with the Mom.  Now the two of them have learned to share and they both sleep with the Mom.  Molly is not happy that Fatty is moving in and spending more and more time in the apartment.  Molly is beginning to feel deprived of Mom-time.  Molly loves to play with toy mousies and catnip.  Molly had an adventure not long ago.  A little girl came to visit who doesn't close doors behind her.  The little girl left the apartment door open and Molly and Shadow went out the door to explore.  Shadow got spooked early on and went back in, but Molly went all the way down to the basement before she got spooked.  However, when Molly did get scared, she really got scared and didn't respond to her Mom and Dad calling her name or even rattling the treat box.  Finally, about 4:30 in the morning, the Mom told Fatty to go find Molly.  Fatty went down to the basement, where she spends most of her time, and chased Molly back up the stairs.  Once upstairs, Molly quickly found her way home and was back inside with her much relieved Mom and Dad by 5 that morning.

                                 Molly had a strong urge to roam.
                                 The door was open, so she left her home.
                                         She found dark and cold
                                         On her trip so bold,
                                  'Til Fatty chased her back to her home.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I went to the doctor and found out that I was half-right about what was going on. I did get a virus and an allergy attack at the same time two weeks ago. I thought that the allergies had calmed down and the virus was hanging on, but it was the opposite. In fighting off the virus, my immune system got really aggressive with the allergy, so the symptoms were much worse than usual. I got a nose spray and instructions to take my allergy medicine every day for the next two weeks. I think it's working. I am already beginning to feel better.

TT looks a bit miffed here, but it was the best picture I could find of her face. She doesn't like the flashy box and often has her eyes closed in photos. I love the way her green eyes contrast with her ruddy fur. TT shows every sign of being a purebred ruddy Abyssinian, but someone dumped her in the parking lot of a mall all the same. She shows some signs of having been abused before being dumped. She really hates to have her paws touched, she runs from any sudden movement and tall people, especially men, scare her half to death. She has had a rough time getting used to her new Dad, who is a tall man, but she is making progress. She eats Stinky Goodness instead of the crunchy food that Shadow and Molly prefer, mostly because she is missing most of her back teeth and had a hard time chewing it. She was also yakking it up quite a bit. TT's new Mom found her in the parking lot and TT was very friendly, so she took her home. TT lived in the bathroom until she could be checked out by the vet and until Molly and Shadow could get used to her a bit. She did have ear mites, but was otherwise in fairly good shape. The vet figured she was about 10 years old when she was found. Shadow and TT got along pretty well from the beginning, but Molly didn't like the new kitty. Molly and TT have some arguments about who is the Alpha cat, while Shadow just watches. It was never very serious and has quieted down quite a bit.

When she first moved in, TT couldn't figure out at all why the other two cats got so excited when the catnip came out. She would watch the other two sniff it, eat it and roll around with some bemusement. Last November, TT came over to sniff the catnip for the first time. The smell spooked her at first and she ran and jumped up on the bed. Her Mom brought the nip container over to the bed and let TT really get into it. TT soon discovered why the other cats like nip so much and now she is always right there with them for nip time. TT's favorite human is her Mom. She will knead on her and sleep next to her and sit in her lap. TT loves to sit in her Mom's lap at dinner and hope for bites. She usually gets them, too. TT gives her Mom hugs by putting an arm on each side of her Mom's neck, then bringing her face in really close and purring. TT does have one habit that dismays her Mom a bit. When TT gets some really good Stinky Goodness, she eats it too fast, then yaks. TT is also very particular about what kind of litter she will use. If she doesn't like the litter, she won't use the box. Mom learned really fast not to mess around with the litter.

There is a ruddy Abyssinian called TT.
She loves her Mom as much as can be.
She gives her hugs
To make up for the rugs
On which she yaks with abandon, does fast-eating TT.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I am still not feeling good, but I do to see my doctor tomorrow.  I did finally manage to write a limerick.  Shadow lives with TT, Molly, Fatty and their beans.  He is the only mancat and the calmest of the cats.  He nearly died when he was a tiny kitten in 2003.  Some very mean people dropped off Molly and Shadow and their momcat and left them to take care of themselves.  When their new Mom found them, Shadow was so cold and hungry that he couldn't even lift his head.  The Mom took him home and wrapped him in a warm blanket and fed him sugar water.  She couldn't get Molly at that time, because Molly was too fast for her to catch.  The Boy took care of Shadow when the Mom went to work and Shadow has been devoted to him ever since.  Shadow even kneads and sucks on the Boy's blanket while the Boy is at school.  Shadow loves catnip, but he will only accept it if it is on a plate or in a bowl.  If it is just on
the floor, he will ignore it.  Shadow also loves to play with toy mousies and feather toys.  Shadow is polydactyl, having three extra toes on each of his front paws.  He talks to Fatty through the door, when Fatty is outside.  He really likes Fatty, though Molly and TT don't care for her much, especially Molly.

                                     Shadow is the mighty mancat of the house.
                                     He stays out of trouble and plays with his mouse.
                                           He's quite fond of Fatty,
                                           Though she drives Molly batty.
                                     Shadow's quite content with things in his house.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Book Meme

-d ma over at Cat's Eye tagged me for the book meme.  Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

I tend to keep reference books next to the computer, so the nearest book is the Doctor Who Program Guide by Jean-Marc L'Officier.  Here is what I found:

Whisked away from Skaros by the Time Lords, the travellers disappear.

     The Doctor and his Companions travel to Skaro and back using a Time Ring provided by the Time Lords.

There were just two sentences left on the page after sentence five, due to the format of the book.

I would like to tag Alasandra from Alasandra and the Cats, The Big Piney Woods CatsCat in the Bag, Opus and
Roscoe from Cat Naps in Italy, and Lilly and Laila at Cat-a-holic.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Squillion Has Arrived

My kitten Squillion from Beau's auction arrived today.  Isn't he cute?  His tummy looks very floofy, so I named him Eric, after two very floofy ginger cats in England.  Thank you, Beau.

I guess I should tell you what's been going on here and why I haven't been posting much lately.  I am on vacation, but I came down with a cold that just won't go away.  The headache that came with the cold lately makes it hard to write limericks.  I am doing my research and get some ideas, but the limericks just aren't coming very easily at all.  I hope to have some more limericks ready soon, but I really can't tell how things will go.  I am not very sick, nothing to worry about, but it's enough to interfere with the creative process.  I am thinking seriously about calling my doctor on Monday to see if I can get in to see if I have a sinus infection or something that is making this dratted cold hold on for so long.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Tesla has lots and lots of mousies, but this red one is her very favorite.  He used to be called One-Eyed Pete because Tesla had chewed one of his eyes off.  Now that she has chewed off his other eye, he is No-Eyed Pete. Tesla was born on June 10, 2007.  Her fur Mom showed up on a nice lady's porch, very pregnant.  The nice lady took her in and took care of her and her kittens.  The nice lady decided to keep Tesla's fur mom and to find homes for the kittens after they had had all their kitten shots.  She took the kittens in for their shots to the vet where Tesla's Mom works and she liked her very much, but she had just gotten married and they didn't have their house yet.  The nice lady agreed to keep Tesla until Tesla's new Mom and Dad had their house.  At three months old, Telsa moved into her forever home, where she is very happy.  Tesla just loves the bed and especially loves the feather comforter.  Tesla is full of kitten energy and just loves to play.  She plays fetch with her mousies and hide-and-seek with her Mom.  Her Mom will hide just out of sight, then peek around the corner.  Tesla runs up to her Mom, then takes off to find a hiding spot.  Her Mom approaches her, then backs off and hides around the corner again and they start all over. Catnip doesn't have much of an affect on Tesla yet, but she doesn't need it.  She will tear all around the house just for fun.  Tesla has had some health problems, but she seems fine now.  She has to eat special food for her digestion, but she loves it.  Tesla is also very good at guarding her house.  Just let any bug try to get in.  Tesla sends them off in a hurry.

                                      Tesla loves to play hide-and-seek.
                                      Her Mama hides, then gives a peek.
                                              Tesla runs in
                                              And tags her shin,
                                      Then runs off, a hiding place to seek.