Friday, June 29, 2007


Ezra and his big sister Spirit were adopted from the local pound in January of this year.  They are two fun-loving kitties.  Ezra loves getting into mischief.  They live with a woofie and a big cat, who both live outdoors and and hamster.  Ezra is quite fond of the hamster and likes to lick him, but once he got carried away and gave him a little bite.  It wasn't a hard bite and didn't hurt the hamster, but Mom is making sure that he never does it again.  Ezra's favorite toy is a ball in a track, which he tries and tries to get out of the track, but never succeeds.  He also likes toy mousies.  He also really loves his blanket fort.  You can see him there in the photo.

                                          Ezra likes to hide in his blanket fort.
                                          From there he can indulge in serious sport.
                                                     Hidden, he can spy
                                                     With his watchful eye
                                           Anything that needs pouncing from his blanket fort.


snowforest said...

What a cute picture...Ezra sure seems a fun cat..

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Anonymous said...

Very cute kitty and great Limerick :)

Tatiana Gamarra said...

What a name! Im sure your humans love to read! or they tought it was a grate name anyway...

Hope we all can be friends. Do you speak spanish???

Seis Gatos

Lux said...

Hi Ezra - I like that game, too!

Zinger said...

great picture - very adorable girl

Zinger said...

hey ezra - sorry i called you a girl - i misread the post - it's you AND your sister spirit - oops :-)
you look like lots of fun to play with!

caspersmom said...

Ezra what a great blanket fort you have there. I like to get get under the blankets especially when Mom is by me. I have some pictures of me on my site somewhere where it looks like I'm hiding under a sheet.