Saturday, February 17, 2007


Skeezix must be one of the world's busiest cats. He runs contests, posts news about cats that need our help, runs the blogging cats help center, makes movies and still has time to have adventures and fall in love with Daisy. You can find a link to Skeezix's blog on my sidebar.

Skeezix is our darling boy.
Watching his moovies is a joy.
In his outfits so kyoot,
And bright PINK, to boot,
He's won Daisy's heart. He's her boy.


Daisy said...

Another great limerick! And you are very correct, watching his movies is a joy!! He is a special, special boy. Oh dear, my heart is racing just thinking about him....

Skeezix the Cat said...

Oh, I'm so ixsited yoo rote a limerik abowt me and posted it RITE ABOVE DAISY'S MOOVEY! I'm feeling litehedded! I mite wet my pants! This is the best day I've had sinse Valentine's Day!!!!!! THANK YOO!!!!!