Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am sure that lots of you remember the story of Dinah and her Mites, but I will tell it again for the rest of you. In July of 2007 a very pregnant tuxie showed up on the Sherwood porch. ML let her in and fixed her up a nice place in the bathroom. On July 31 she gave birth to six kittens. ML named the momcat Dinah, so naturally all the kittens became known as her Mites. Missy was not amused by this invasion, but KC was thrilled. When the Mites got big enough to play, KC would spend hours playing pawsie with them under the door. When the Mites got a bit bigger, KC was allowed inside the bathroom to romp with them. The Mites continued to grow and soon the bathroom simply wasn't big enough for them. They were allowed outside, one room at a time, to explore the rest of the house. Missy really wasn't amused by this at all and started giving all of them the Big Hissy. ML fixed up a place in a walk-in closet just for Missy to give her some alone time and some "just Mom and me" time and Missy calmed down. When the time came, all the Mites got their operations, then they were ready to go the shelter to find their forever homes. ML took all of them, along with a second batch of kittens who had shown up, to the no-kill shelter and said good-bye, then she went home and cried. The house seemed so empty with just Missy and KC that eventually ML went back to the shelter and came home with BJ, Sol and Smokey. Smokey was originally named Earl Gray, but Papa Charley changed his name to Smokey and it suits him well. Smokey has always been the major climber in the family. Sol almost keeps up with him, but Smokey is the champ. He has climbed up on cabinets, on top of doors, and up on the curtain rod. If something can possibly be gotten on top of, Smokey has been there. Smokey loves to play and cuddle with his brothers and KC and his humans.

                                Way up high loves to go Smokey.
                                Into the curtains his claws he will pokey.
                                         He climbs to the top
                                         And there he will stop
                                To survey the domain that belongs to Smokey.


Susann said...

We had this tiny black cat when i grew up and she was a climber too. She loved to sit on top of the doors. Smokey looks super cute :)

Anonymous said...

We like way up high a lot! And we love Smokey's limerick!

Forty Paws said...

Smokey is a great climber!

Luf, Us

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hello Smokey. You are a very good climber, aren't you?

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, Smokey is a great climber. Look at that photo. Wow! I wouldn't even dare that.


jenianddean said...

I love the story of Dinah and the Mites ... thanks for recalling that story. And always a great limerick.

-d ma said...

i love the way you rhymed 'smokey' and 'pokey.'

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Smokey you are the bestest climber we know!! Your Limerick is just right for you!! Thanks for the Dinah and her Mites story,too, Karen Jo!
Your FL furiends,

Lorianna said...

That is such a great story isn't it? Your limerick is perfect for Smokey. I like Lego's too.
Thank you for checking on Billie. Her tummy was at it again. This time an intestinal bug. She is finally starting to feel better, so my hopes are up a bit.
Have a really happy weekend!

Grrreta said...

That's a sweet story and a really cute limerick. It's wonderful that ML missed the kitties and gave some of them forever homes.