Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell, PooPoo

Things are rough over at JB's Small World right now. Misty is so sick that she has her own room so she can rest and, hopefully, recover, and now PooPoo unexpectedly left for the Rainbow Bridge. PooPoo could be described as a cat with a lot of attitude. She got her name because, even as a small kitten, she pooped outside the litter box, though not really often when she was young. The older she got the more pronounced the problem became. PooPoo was really lucky to have her Mom, who tried everything there was to get PooPoo to be a nicer, happier cat. Unfortunately, nothing worked very well. PooPoo wasn't all naughty, by any means. She was a very lively, if mischievious, cat when she was young. She was very fond of her older sister, Taffy. PooPoo's problems didn't get really bad until Taffy went to the Bridge two and a half years ago. PooPoo really loved for her Mom to brush her. She would lie there and purr like mad during the brushing. PooPoo took her new catnip heart to the Bridge with her.

                                        PooPoo the cat had lovely gold eyes.
                                        What went on behind them no one could surmise.
                                                   She wasn't too nice,
                                                   But she added spice.
                                         At the Bridge she's playing Hide and Surprise.


Everycat said...

We will miss sweet PooPoo very much. She did indeed add spice to life.


KC said...

Furry nice tribute to Miss PooPoo.
She will be missed...
Love & Purrs,

-d ma said...

poo poo sounds like she had a lot of character.

castle diva said...

A lovely tribute to PooPoo.

Ms. P and Cinza

Cheysuli and gemini said...

OH no. It sounds like they are having a very hard time there.

Daisy said...

PooPoo was such a character! I am going to miss her.

JB's Big World said...

Thank you so much for your tribute to PooPoo. My mom has tears in her eyes again. We are so sad.
Thank you so much!

Thoughts said...

We will keep these sweet guys and their families in our purr-rayers.

Sasha and Theodore

Eduardo said...

You are one sweet person to make this tribute! Goodbye PooPoo, we will miss you.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh noes the moms eyes are leakin ... Karen Jo, we fink yoo do a wonderful job wif yer tributes. We is going to ask Bast to stop takin kittehs to be wif her, so dat we can has sum happy limericks too!

Lorianna said...

Wasn't PooPoo a pretty girl? That was a nice tribute for her Jan. And for Bow too.
Gosh, I wish this would just stop for a while... I'm glad you are kind enough to offer your sweet words of comfort though. You're a good friend to furbabies everywhere.

Lux said...

I was so very sorry to learn about PooPoo's passing. :(

The Devil Dog said...

We are sorry about PooPoo and hope Misty gets better.