Monday, January 5, 2009

Farewell, Rascals

I know that this is out of order, but Rascals asked me very politely if he could be next and he even told me his limerick right away, so I didn't have to work on it much. Rascals was Kimo and Sabi's woofie cousin. He was a weener dog and the patriarch of his family. He was quite old ad his heart was wearing out, so he just quietly went to the Rainbow Bridge.  His woofie family consists of Queenie, Cece and Tigger. He was a favorite of Josh, his bean brother. Josh is really going to miss Rascals, because he has known Rascals his whole life. Rascals was 17 and Josh is 18. Rascals and his family don't have a blog, but if you want to pass on some kind words, you can do it on Kimo and Sabi's blog. You can also see some really cute pictures of Rascals and his family, especially if you do a blog search on Rascals.

                                   Rascals got so old and slow
                                   That to the Bridge he had to go.
                                             He left behind
                                             Eyes with tears blind.
                                    At the Bridge he's seeing just how fast he can go.


ML said...

How sweet. I will miss seeing Rascals on Kimo & Sabi's blog. Purrs and prayers for Josh, suddenly without his life long friend.
... these goodbyes do take a toll on us all.
But Rascals is probably speed racing at the Bridge right now.

Anonymous said...

We will purr for Josh, because losing Rascals will be hardest for him. Run fast, Rascals!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Rascals leaving will be hard for Josh, we will keep him in our prayers. They must have been the bestest friends ever.

Thank you for coming by and leaving nice words for us about our Bandit.

~ The Bunch, minus one

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is a lovely tribute to Rascals!

Eduardo said...

That is a great tribute for Rascals I will be snuggling for the family.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Shadow / Molly said...

The mom says sumtimes if yoo lead wif the heart the rest will follow ... dat's how yoo do yer limericks we fink!

-d ma said...

very nice tribute for rascals.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh, how sweet. We are very sorry for Rascals family. It must be very hard for Josh.

Roxy & Lucky

Grrreta said...

It sounds like he had a long wonderful life filled with love. That's a lovely limerick.

Cats said...

Very sorry to learn about Rascals and about Icon Baxter Bantley. They were both greatly loved and had a happy life with their adoring humans. Peace and comfort to them across the bridge and to their families. Thanks to you as always for creating the lovely limericks.

Princess said...

So many goodbyes lately. It is really hard to start this new life without those beloved pets
Wonderful limerick
Purrrs and love