Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell, Aunt Bee

Here is Aunt Bee in all her glory before she got so sick. Whimpur acts as a foster Mom to cats who get put on death row in her local high kill shelter. Aunt Bee wasn't on the list, but a worker pointed her out to Whimpur and begged her to get her out of there. Whimpur couldn't refuse. Here was an 11-12 year old cat, who had clearly been dearly loved, in a cage without a clue as to what had happened to her happy home. When Aunt Bee got to Whimpur's home she was still very sad and wouldn't eat much at all. Whimpur began to worry quite a bit, as this can cause Fatty Liver Disease. Five days later, Whimpur brought home three kittens who were on death row because they had colds. Aunt Bee perked up. She began mothering the tiniest kitten, Isadora, who is the cutest little black ball of fluff I have seen in a long time, and began eating again. Unfortunately the damage had already been done. Little Isadora went to her forever home on January 1st and Aunt Bee went to the Bridge on January 2nd. She did have Fatty Liver Disease. It is as if Aunt Bee wanted to stay around long enough to see Isadora get her forever home, then she felt that her last job was done and she was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

                                    Aunt Bee was a sweet old cat.
                                    She mothered Isadora, almost hugged her flat.
                                            When Isadora went
                                            To her home, Heaven sent,
                                   The Bridge called to Aunt Bee, "Come home, darling cat."


ML said...

Okay, that made me cry.
Very sweet tribute.

Parker said...

Oh Karen Jo,
That was beautiful.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

No not another kitty. We hope that one day you will not have to write tributes but happy things.

But we are relieved it is not Aunt Bee who comments on all the cat blogs!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Such a sad story :( At least Aunt Bee was able to spend her last days out of a shelter.

The Devil Dog said...

Thank goodness Aunt Bee didn't have to spend her last days at the shelter. And she did get Isadora ready for a forever home. How sweet.


The Creek Cats said...

Leaky eyes! We are so thankful that Whimpurr rescued Aunt Bee from the shelter to live out the rest of her life in comfort and love.