Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is Sweets being calm and collected, not his usual style. Sweets started out life as a feral kitty and lived on his own for almost two years, before he was caught and sent to a shelter. During that time he became a formidable hunter and those instincts are still very strong in him. His Mom found him in the shelter and Sweets has been much happier, though a bit frustrated, as an indoor cat. He loves to watch the wildlife of rural Pennsylvania out the window and talks to the birds and animals he sees. He really wants to get outside and pounce on them. These days he takes out his hunting cravings on catnip mice, which he bats around the house with great abandon, then calls for Servant #1, as he calls his Mom, to fetch them out from under the furniture when he can't reach them. In his spare time, he plots world domination. I wonder if he knows Anita. He has moved around quite a bit in his time with Servant #1, from where she was going to college to out in the woods in Pennsylvania to Seattle and back again to the Pennsylvania woods. I think he likes the woods best, as there is more wildlife to watch and talk to. Servant #1 has a busy life, so Sweets doesn't blog much, but it is worth reading when he does.

                                             Sweets is a hunter of great renown.
                                             There isn't a critter he wouldn't chow down.
                                                         Squirrels and birds,
                                                         Even mice in herds,
                                             All must beware when Sweets is aroun'.


Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Sweets sure is a sweet♥ an' us kittiez would yike ta tell him that bein' an inside kitty will help him ta live a very long life...up to 4 times longer than an outside kitty. So, Sweets, you just keep battin' those purr-tend mice an' keep countin' youz purr-thdays!

Noll's Nip said...

*Herds of Mice!* Wowsers that is prowess. Nice to meet you Sweets!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hello Sweets! It's nice to meet you!

-d ma said...

sounds like one shouldn't mess around with sweets.

Leia said...

Oh Sweets!! You are so attractive, and believe me, being in indoor cat is CLASSY!!

King Valrohna said...

Hi Karen Jo,

It is nice to meet you, too. I like Hudson just fine; I just thought it would be fun to have an alter-ego for a blog. I'm going to visit Sweets's blog (we seem to have a lot in common). I'll be back to read more limericks.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sweets sounds very much like our cousin Tucker! In fact, they may be clones!