Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell, Waffles

Steffie adopted Waffles and her sister Dandelion a little over two years ago to be company for her first rat, Molly. Waffles made her personality known while she was still quite young. She loved to be held and petted. She loved heights and adored riding on Steffie's shoulder and playing with her hair. She would also climb up to the top of her cage to see what she could see. If there was anything new in the neighborhood, Waffles just had to investigate it. Knowing that rats and mice are very susceptible to cancer, Steffie does everything she can to keep her house carcinogen-free and gives her rodents very healthy diets with lots of anti-oxidants, but Waffles got cancer anyway. She had two tumors successfully removed, but the cancer was an aggressive one and came back, this time in Waffles' bones. There was little to be done, but to give Waffles pain medication and keep her as comfortable as possible until she let Steffie know that she had had enough, which she did last week.

                                  Waffles was an adventuresome rat.
                                  She always wanted to know, "What is that?"
                                          She liked being up high --
                                          Now she has reached the sky.
                                  Have fun at the Bridge, you adventuresome rat!


Anonymous said...

Aw, sounds like Waffles was well-loved and will be missed. Have fun at the Bridge, Waffles.

Princess said...

Waffels was a good rat. I love this limerick. happy week-end Karen Jo

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Waffles sounds like a very good rat. Purrs to Waffles' and her family.

Thoughts said...

Waffles - what a cute name! And what an adorable little guy he was. Nice tribute Karen Jo.


Miss Steffy said...

Thank you so much Karen.. It means alot to us.