Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There are four cats at TheVeryBestCats: K.C. (the eldest), Tiger (the Mancat of the house), Motor (the kitten) and Smokey (the outside cat). Tiger was adopted when K. C. was the only cat of the house and the Mom and Dad had been used to having more. They went out for a walk and decided to stop by the pet store to see if there were any kittens up for adoption. A foster group had a group of kittens outside the store, including Tiger, and the Mom fell in love with him at once. He went home with them and has been living there happily ever since. He is three years old now and a very happy Mancat. He has lots of fun with his toys and perches and he gets to go out in the back yard when the weather is nice. He has made friends with Smokey, who is living out there now. He is getting used to being Motor's favorite toy. Motor absolutely adores Tiger and wants to play with him all the time. Tiger will play until he gets tired, then he gives Motor a low, throaty growl to tell him that playtime is over for now. If Motor doesn't get the message, then the Mom will put Motor in his room and close the door. The funny thing is that it isn't long at all before Tiger goes over to the door and waits for the Mom to open it again, so playtime can start all over. Tiger has a thing about shoes, especially the Dad's shoes. He will lick them, bite them, bunnykick them and stick his face in them.

                                         Tiger has a thing about shoes.
                                         The very stinkiest ones he will choose.
                                                  He sniffs them and licks them,
                                                  Bites them and kicks them.
                                          His very favorite toys are shoes.


Elin! said...

I never try shoes yet, hey Tiger nice to know u!

Karen let's go to my blog to se my orchard!


sammawow said...

What a cute limerick about Tiger and shoes! He looks like China Cat but Willow is the one here who sniffs and plays with my shoes!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

He's got some nice shoes there in his corral!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow! We haven't met these kitties yet. We'll have to go over there and say hi. Tiger sounds like a good brother.
That is so funny he likes stinky shoes. Mommy's old woofie used to.

Thank for the nice words for my family. They were appreciated. purrrs

The Devil Dog said...

Tiger sounds like a very fun kitty. (if slightly different :))
What a great limerick.


The Island Cats said...

Hey, Tiger...I like shoes too! Mom gets mad when I bite hers, though!


Gretchen and Mike said...

Cute Tiger. He's a manly cat.


The Cat Realm said...

A shoe fetish cat - how funny!!! My maid says she knows another one too!

The Cat Realm said...

A shoe fetish cat - how funny!!! My maid says she knows another one too!

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

I love shoos, too! Laces or velcro, doesnt matter.


Anonymous said...

Zoey loves old socks, YUK!