Sunday, March 15, 2009


Charlotte joined Henry and Clyde in November of 2007. She had been hanging around with Clyde outside the Lady's place of work, but the Lady thought that she had a home. When she found out that the neighbor lady was just feeding her, she brought Charlotte home to join the family. Like Henry and Clyde, Charlotte has no front claws. Some really cruel person or persons declawed Clyde and Charlotte, then eventually dumped them outside to fend for themselves. Because of the way that Clyde and Charlotte hung around together and the fact that they seemed to recognize each other when Charlotte was brought home, it is possible that they were both dumped by the same person. When Charlotte was introduced to the family, there was only a tiny bit of hissing on Charlotte's part at Henry, but within a couple of hours, they were all snuggled up together napping. Charlotte loves giving Clyde and Henry baths. Clyde likes it, but Henry's not too sure about it. Sometimes he just gets up and leaves before Charlotte is finished. Charlotte doesn't react to catnip, though she still enjoys playing with the catnip mice. Charlotte is a bit on the shy side. She likes to hide under the bed. The first time she met Mar, she was afraid of him and hid in the basement. She hid so well that Senor and the Lady had a very hard time finding her. She's not afraid of Mar any more. She has decided that Senor has the most comfortable lap and will jump up into his lap and demand scritches by pushing his hand with her head. She will do the same thing to the Lady, but Senor has become her new favorite.

                                     Charlotte is retiring and shy.
                                     When the boys fight, she wonders why.
                                                She prefers a lap
                                                Warm enough to nap.
                                       She lives a quiet life, being so shy.


PinkynAsh said...

What a cute limerick. Charlotte is such an adorable kitty.Thanks for visiting us.

Anonymous said...

hehe Charlotte sounds so sweet :)
They are al very lucky to have found a home together :)
And a warm nap hehe

Baby Patches said...

She looks likes a sweet kitty. Me is glad she was found by the lady and brought to a furever home. You came to visit my new blog, so here I ams and I hopes to get to know all of you.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Charlotte. What a sweetie! I am glad you got your own limerick!

William said...

Sweet limerick for a pretty girl!

Cory said...

Very sweet girl!

Thanks for stopping by my garden party!


Miz Allie Cat said...

meow to Charlotte...mes is shy to peeps too...nothing complicates...just like smummy best... meow....

Shilgiah the Cat said...

How lucky little Charlotte is to have found a forever home and with Clyde and Henry. Very sweet poem!

Thoughts said...

hee hee, we like this one! charlotte sounds like a very sweet little girl indeed!

jaime and the furkids

-d ma said...

charlotte sounds like a great sister for the boys. i love that photo...

The Devil Dog said...

Charlotte and Mar come from quite a family. You capture their essences so very well.


Katie and Da Katz said...

Weze luv u Charlotte an amz glad u gotted a furry warm lap ta sleeps in nao!!

Weze glad u gotted Clyde ta give baths to! And jus keep givin Henry baths anyway. him needs um.

Katie Too
n Bootsie Woo
Daisy May
Maxie Tigger
Mouse E. Kat.