Tuesday, March 31, 2009

K. C.

First a brief Mom update: she continues to improve and was moved from the Cardiac Unit to a regular hospital room today. I still don't know when she's coming home, but she is definitely on the mend. Thank you again for all your good wishes, purrs and prayers.

K. C. rates two pictures -- one so you can see her pretty face and one to go with the limerick. K. C. is the oldest cat in the house at about 13. She belonged to her Dad before her Mom and Dad got married. She has adapted to the addition of two rowdy boys into her peaceful world, but sometimes she doesn't appear to be thrilled with it. K. C. is completely deaf and has the loudest meow the Mom has ever heard. She uses it a lot and it gets her rapid attention. She also collects a lot of dirt in her fur and her Mom can't figure out how. She never goes outside, but when she lies in one spot for any length of time, she leaves behind a bit of dirt along with her fur. That was why the Mom was not terribly thrilled to find K. C. sleeping in her sweater drawer. K. C. was allowed to finish her nap, but now the Mom keeps that drawer closed. K. C. naps a lot, but she has been getting a bit more playful lately. She was recently spotted chasing her own tail.

                                 K. C. found an open drawer.
                                 She napped in it to her Mama's horror.
                                         She shed fur all over
                                         The sweaters to cover.
                                 Now her Mom always shuts her drawer.


PinkynAsh said...

That drawer looks like a cozy place for K.C. . A very cute limerick too.

Kaz's Cats said...

We're so glad that your Mom is doing much better - we'll purr and purray that she gets to come on home soon.


Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

PS That's a cute limerick - K.C. looks like a real character.

Elin~ said...

I've try drawer, and yes it's cool! Good to hear your mom is getting better, send our regards to her!

Elin & Syazni~

Millie said...

I'm sending purrs to your Mom and Mom sends hugs to you.

The Meezers said...

we are very glad that your mom is doing better. {{{HUGS}}} and purrrss to you.

Zoolatry said...

Pleased to read your Mom is doing better and hoping that means that you, too, are doing better...

Purrs and prayers continuing.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

First we are so very glad your mommy is doing better. We will turn our purr and prayer buttons on high that she will continue improving and get to go home soon. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

This is a fun limerick! We haven't met KC yet and will have to head over there. Personally I think that is a perfect place to nap!

Gattina said...

So cute !

I am sorry I missed that your mom had to be hospitalized. and glad that she feels much better. You know elderly people sometimes forget to drink enough that's a real problem.

Jodi said...

Well I am so glad to hear your mom is on the mend, thank God. K. C. looks absolutely beautiful as always. Sorry I have not been by Karen Jo, I have just been on the outs lately. But hey some good news, I have two awards for you on my blog Jodi's Journey, because your such an awesome person and friend. God bless.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad to hear that your Mom is better. We are sorry we weren't around more during your crisis. But we are glad to hear it is going well so far!

That is lovely of KC!

Sunny's Mommy said...

That is very good news she was moved to a regular room. I hope soon your Mom will be home.

Shadow / Molly said...

Dat was a furry cozy place to hide KC!

Karen we did not know dat yer mom was sick, we will purr fer her to hurry and get outta dat v-e-t place.

William said...

We're glad your mom is doing better!

P.S., If I could sleep in a drawer, I would--they're the best!

The Devil Dog said...

And I thought that the photo was so cute. LOL. Well, the fur is one thing, the dirt another.


Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Mom doesn't let me get into drawers, so the adventure sounds like fun! Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better.

Thanks for coming by to wish me a Happy Birthday! I had a very good day with a special meal, treats and toys and snuggles.