Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I really don't know how to begin to tell you about Clyde. He seems to be a kitty with two different personalities. When the Lady first adopted him, he had very few problems with Henry. He had no problems at all when Charlotte joined the family and he is Clifford, the dog's, best friend. However, he seems to hate Mar. Let's start at the beginning. In June, 2007, the people at the Lady's office noticed Clyde hanging around with a few other stray kitties. Since Clyde was wearing a collar with a nametag, they thought he had a home and was just visiting. After a few days, one of the ladies at the office noticed that he seemed very thin and scruffy-looking and went out to check on him. She picked him up and noticed a phone number on his collar and that he was declawed. This lady made a note of the phone number and called to say that she had found a lost cat. The woman who answered the phone at first denied that the cat was hers, then admitted that she was moving to Canada and couldn't take the cat with her. This horrible woman had just dumped a declawed cat out on the street and expected him to take care of himself. How did she expect him to do that? This is one of the worst things anyone can do to a cat. A declawed cat has a horrible time trying to feed himself. My sister-in-law adopted Bos because she saw how difficult it was for him to try to catch a mouse with no claws. She was a teacher's aide in a temporary classroom and Bos chased a mouse into the classroom. He finally managed to chase the mouse into a corner where he could bite it. She took him home the same day. The Lady also took Clyde home. Clyde and Henry got along almost at once. Clyde loves catnip mousies and is mostly gentle and easy-going. He sometimes bites Charlotte's ears so hard that it hurts, but the only kitty he has problems with is Mar. I think this is because Clyde had built up a little coterie of cats that he was leading while he was outside and got the feeling that he should be the Alpha cat in any group. Henry had no problems with this and Charlotte was part of his group of outside cats. Mar is twice his size and was used to being the only cat, so Clyde might think that Mar is a threat to his leadership.  Clyde also likes to be outside.  After everyone moved from Downing Street after the Lady and Senor got married, Clyde would rush the door anytime it was opened.  The Lady decided to let Clyde come outside with her when she was working in the garden.  He loves it out there.  One time he got to thinking that maybe he liked it more outside than in and took off on his own.  He quickly remembered how hard it was to look after himself and came home after four days.

                                      Clyde has a yearning to head up the pride.
                                      He will take on any cat, in- or outside.
                                             He will meet their gaze
                                             With eyes all ablaze.
                                       Intruders watch out!  Look out for Clyde!


-d ma said...

clyde is very handsome... i can't believe a person would abandon any cat like that let alone a declawed one....

Elin! said...

Yes he is handsome!
Thanks Karen for your compliment about my header!

I love it!


Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernies Voice said...

Some humans are not nice at all. It's sad this happens so often. He was so lucky to find you.
We are so happy, he came back home, after his adventuring from the garden.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

So glad Clyde got a home and returned when he ran away. The lady who dumped him should never have another pet. That was cruel and inhumane to abandon a declawed cat. Wonder why she left the tag on his collar?

Thoughts said...

Oh my, he certainly is a handsome boy! We like this story a lot and, of course, we love the creative limerick!

Jaime, Benson, gibson, Theodore and Sasha

us4 said...

kisses, squee and a hug for the handsome boy!

Grrreta said...

Clyde is a lucky kitty to have found such a great home. We hope he learns to accept Mar, so they can all get along.

Gattina said...

Clyde is such a beauty !
You know I read for the first time about declawed cats when I started blogging and only American cats. No vet would never do that here, unless you have a real important reason, not because of your leather sofa ! I have never met a declawed cat in my whole life and I can tell you I have met a lot. When I tell this to people over here, they just can't believe it !
It's cruelty against animals. No human wants to live without fingernails either !

Julie said...

Clyde sounds like a funny cat. They can be pretty picky about who they want to be-friend. I think it's cute that he's an alpha cat and so strong of a character. I guess he had to learn to be that way after being tossed out in the cold with no claws.

Lorianna said...

I'm so glad Clyde was rescued! Poor baby! He has a lot in common with my Cody.
Cute limerick about him too. :)
Lorianna and her kitties

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, Clyde has had quite the life. We are glad he was rescued and gets to spend time in the garden.


Skitto, Peanut and Chyanne said...

He sounds like Skitto use to be,she has used all of her 9 lives up though. She no longer goes outside to see if she can try to use anymore of them, mommmy makes her stay in now, and she has claws.

Well rock on Clyde and God speed. You are a real trooper and we applaud you dude.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family Clyde now has..poor little guy.. there is a special place in hell0 for the people that think my furry friends lives are so disposable..