Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here is Rosie looking cute in her basket.  Rosie is seven months old now and is developing quite a personality.  She is a very punctual cat.  She knows when her meal times are and goes to her bowl in the kitchen when it is time to eat.  She knows when Gattina usually goes to bed and gets quite agitated if Gattina decides to stay up late.  She plays and naps at the same times every day.  She goes outside twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, unless the weather is wet.  Then she stays inside.  Rosie has also decided to become a house redecorator.  She loves to play with her little mice, but when she is through playing with them, she puts them in or near the food bowls in the kitchen.  She sometimes chews the tails off her mice, then festoons them in the most unusual places.  She once arranged all the toys under the coffee table in the living room.  She put Gattina's ballpoint pen under Gattina's pillow.  The other cats nap all over the house, but Rosie almost always naps in her basket.

                                   Rosie likes to redo the house.
                                   That place over there needs a mouse.
                                            The feather wand goes there,
                                            The ball under a chair,
                                   The ballpoint under a pillow, and on through the house.


The Devil Dog said...

That is one very funny cat. And a very nice limerick. It is very cold here. 22 degrees and windy and it feels like 6 degrees. Bet Rosie wouldn't go out in this weather. I don't want to either.


Black Cat said...

Lovely postings for Rosie and for Chase. I came across Chase a few days ago and she is such a special kitty. I'm so glad she found such a loving and caring forever person:) xxx

zevo calamari said...

Rosie sounds like a fun cat to hang with. Love the limerick!

Parker said...

Maybe Rosie has a future as an interior decorator!

Caesar and Princess said...

This one is fantastic!!
She is a wild one, Rosie is!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

i'm glad you're still writing great limericks, karen jo!

we've been quiet, just getting through day by day. it's nice to stop by to see our friends, though.

Miss Steffy said...

I am all for a mouse over there...or 20 or 30...hehe