Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Georgia's favorite place is out in the enclosed porch.  It's almost like being outside, but without the dangers.  Georgia just loves to stretch out on the floorboards and soak up the sun.  Two years ago Georgia and Tillie's first Mom, an older lady, went to the Bridge and Mickey's Mom adopted them.  They are littermates and are now four years old.  Georgia and Tillie love to play together and Georgia likes to pounce on Tillie.  Georgia also occasionally pounces Mickey, but she knows that he doesn't really like it and doesn't do it often.  Georgia also likes to curl up in baskets and boxes to nap.  Georgia is a polydactyl tortie with extra toes on all four paws.  Her front paws look quite a bit like mittens.

                                 Georgia likes to stretch out on the porch
                                 With the fierce hot sun her fur to scorch.
                                           No, wait, that's a dream;
                                           It's cold as ice cream
                                 This time of year outside on the porch.


Poppy Q said...

Hi Karen Jo,
I enjoyed reading about Georgia and Mickey. Dems nice stories you write and nice poems.

Sorry about your sister in law, she sounds like she was a lovely lady and you must miss her. We are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives, and it is tough to say goodbye.

Parker said...

Oh what a pretty gal Georgia is! That was a sweet limerick!

Eric and Flynn said...

That was nice to read about Georgia and Mickey. We like reading your limeriks too.

TT said...

Georgia is Shadows favorite kitty. I think it's cuz their paws are alike.

Mickey is always very regal looking.

Caesar and Princess said...

Georgiea has cool paws
and pretty furs!

This s a very good limerick!!
Happy Day KJ!!

zevo calamari said...

Welcome back.. we missed you.
Love the limerick!

Daisy said...

I love Georgia's special paws!

Tybalt said...

Yay! It was Georgia's turn today! She's an adorable tortie polydactyl, just like our Holly!

Mickey said...

Oh,I just love,love,love my limmerick!!!!! I like my porch too.Even though it's cold, when the sun shines,it gets fairly warm
out there.That's because the windows are covered.
Thank You so much Karen Jo :)
Purrs Georgia

Chairman Mao said...

Georgia is a purreshus kitty girl, and what an adorabble limmerick you wroted fur her!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

Sultanfus and Guy said...

Porches are great! We have a sun porch that we love!

Anonymous said...

Georgia looks so comfy and happy on the porch. She is a beautiful kitty girl, and you wrote a precious limerick for her!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Great limerick :-D

Boy said...

Haha....gweat one! Cold ice cweam!