Sunday, December 23, 2007

Opus and Roscoe, Part 2

Here are Opus and Roscoe being held by their Grandma, who loves them very much.  I told my limericker to take some time off, as I was just going to post my Christmas greeting tonight and then not post again until after Christmas, so of course, it presented me with another limerick for Opus and Roscoe.  It seems only fair that two cats should get two limericks.

                                  Opus and Roscoe are Italian gatti.
                                  They would love to live on pizzas and gelatti.
                                             They nap in the sun
                                             Until day is done,
                                  Then party all night until it's time for their latte.

1 comment:

MoMo said...

Oh my, look SS! It's Opus and Roscoe! We must come here visiting more often otherwise we miss all these lovely things being said about our friends.

Actually we come around to wish you a Merry Christmas, yes a bit late, and a very Happy New Year.