Saturday, October 27, 2007


Before I get on with Maddie's story, I would like to say how much I hope that Miss Peach will start feeling better very soon.  I think the whole CatBlogosphere is very worried about her and we all wish her well.  Hugs to her Mommy and Lapdaddy.

I couldn't find a picture of Maddie walking around in the snow, so here is a picture of her enjoying bubbles.  She really likes playing with bubbles, but she doesn't like the catnip kind, just the regular kind.  She also really enjoys lying in any sunspots she finds.  Maddie is a cat who really likes to play and she can be very demanding when she wants someone to play with her.  She enjoys catnip toys very much.  She recently turned seven, but that hasn't slowed her down any.  She lives with her beans and another cat, named Ivy.  Maddie didn't like it much when Ivy came to live with her and she still doesn't like it much, but she is much more tolerant of Ivy now.  Maddie is a Maine Coon and likes to go outside on her harness in all kinds of weather, except rain.  Unlike most cats I know, she even likes the snow.  The cold doesn't bother her because of her very thick coat.  Ivy hasn't been there for a winter yet, so the limerick is a bit premature, but based on Ivy's total disinterest in going outside ever again, I think the reaction described will be a true one.

                                          Maddie really loves to walk in the snow.
                                          She's ready to put on her harness and go.
                                                    The cold never fazes her.
                                                    In fact, it amazes her
                                         That Ivy never wants to put toes in the snow.


Mickey said...

What a pretty cat! She also likes to play with bubbles. I'm not sure about snow,it's very cold ;)

Miss Steffy said...

I would like to show the piggies snow, i need to buy them new jackets.

The Meezers said...

Maddie is purrty!!! but we doesn't want our tosies in the snow eifur!

how is your doing Miss Karen Jo? We is werried about your sister-in-law too. We is purring for your and for her too!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi! My mom emailed you at the address you have posted on the left side. Hope that is the right one. Nice limerick and story about Maddie and Ivy.


michico*Adan said...

Playing with bubbles, that is really neat~!!! I like Maddie already~!!!!!

And very happy to know that Maddie doesn't bother by cold snow, that is really amazing to me~!!!!

I am so happy to know Maddie, thanks for let me know her, she is amazing beauty~!!

And pray for Miss Peach for sure.

Lux said...

Cute limerick! I love that picture of Maddie with the bubbles!

Parker said...

Maddie looks like a good snuggle kitty!

Caesar and Princess said...

WOW Maddie is a gorgeous girl! She looks so sweet <3

WE would love to see her walk in the snow! This is a very cute limerick!!

The Furry Fighter said...

that is such a cute limerick :) very fitting indeed.

i am so worried for miss peach and am praying hard for are right, i finks the whole blogosphere has her in their thoughts x

Boy said...

Haha...Maddie wooks wike she's enjoying herself a wot with those bubbles!

Christine and FAZ said...

Snow can be quite old so I sympathise with Ivy. FAZ

p.s. we are thinking of Miss Peach too and very worried about the little lady.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We love Maddie & Ivy!!! This is a great limerick!