Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here is Harlie, Mattingly's little sister.  She was born on March 23, 2006 and was adopted when still a little kitten to be company for Mattingly.  The two of them took to each other right away, though Harlie would act a little aggressively toward Mattingly at times.  Harlie would pounce on Mattingly, they would wrestle, then Harlie would start hissing at Mattingly.  Mattingly would back off and go lie down somewhere and Harlie would pounce on him again.  They love each other very much and cannot stand being apart.  When Harlie got her ladygardenectomy, the vet said that they should be separated overnight, because Mattingly might react adversely to the vet smells and Harlie needed to rest.  That didn't work at all.  When Harlie found herself all alone in the bathroom with the door closed, she started crying and crying for Mattingly, then trying to dig under the door, then trying to reach the doorknob.  Mattingly was on the other side of the door, talking to Harlie and crying, too.  The Mom figured that all this activity wasn't doing Harlie's stitches any good, so she decided to let Harlie out.  However, Harlie had managed to lock the door and the Mom and Dad didn't have a key.  It took quite a bit of work to get the door open.  When Harlie finally came out, all Mattingly wanted to do was give her a bath.  Harlie loves all kinds of toys, but her favorite is a crocheted disk.  It started out to be a crocheted ball, but Harlie stole it before it was finished.  The Dad likes to throw it like a little frisbee and Harlie catches it with her paws, then puts it in her mouth.  Sometimes she will take it back for another throw and sometimes she just plays with it.

                                               Harlie loves her crocheted disk.
                                               Flip it into the air -- she has never missed.
                                                       She grabs it with paws,
                                                       Well-equipped with claws
                                               To catch in mid-air her crocheted disk.


Parker said...

Harlie is an adorable kitty! It's so nice that she and Mattingly get along so well. That doesn't happen here!
Great Harlie limerick!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

i reelee like harlie an mattingly. thankz fer sum grate limerickz kj.
i'm sorree dat dis izza sad munth fer u. i'm glad dat yer feelin like ritin again.
i luv u--jh

The Devil Dog said...

Mom loves the sibling love stories like this. You are such a great story teller.


The Cat Realm said...

Karen Jo, look at my blog, I gave you an award, long overdue and well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Harlie and Mattingly are both adorable! and your limericks are just such light fun! what a labor of love you give!

Boy said...

What a sweet pair of sibwings! Harwie is beautiful!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

You are really good at this. Are you gonna write a book?

Opus and Roscoe

Black Cat said...

I love the stories of Mattingly and Harlie and the limericks you have done for them; they look like really cute kitties. Good news about your sister-in-law too. I hope she continues to recover and can come home soon. xxx

Lux said...

That story is so touching - how much they wanted to be together. She's really pretty!

michico*Adan said...

Harlie is a beauty~!!! And I love the story about her and Mattingly~!!! Thanks for let me know about her, and great limericks as usual~!!!!!

Hi, Harlie~!!

Skeeter And LC said...

We are inspired...

A doorway did separate two-o
Who never apart wanted to-o
They fussed and they dug
Until a big lug
Set them free where they played as a du-o…

Skeeter and LC ;)