Sunday, October 28, 2007


I made a mistake about Ivy in yesterday's post.  She has been in the StrangeRanger house over a winter, so the limerick wasn't premature.  She has absolutely no desire to ever go 
outside again.  She wandered into the yard on May 3, 2006.  She was in very bad shape: starving, so badly bitten by fleas that she had anemia from it, fur all matted, sores on her sides.  She got an immediate trip to the vet and was boarded there for a time while the Ranger household tried to find her home.  She had been wearing a collar, but no tag, so she had belonged to someone at some time.  No one claimed her, though, and no one else wanted to adopt her, so she came home with the Rangers.  She and Maddie were kept apart for quite a while, as Maddie didn't like the idea of another cat in her house at all.  There were a few issues, but the two cats are getting along pretty well now.  Ivy is about 15 years old.  She is not a tear around the house type, but she has taken quite a fancy to the new dining room carpet.  She rolls around on it and rubs her face against it.  She looks like a cat with catnip, but there is no catnip involved.  Her favorite sleeping position is in a chair with her feet up.  She can stay like that for hours, sound asleep.

                                         Ivy likes to sleep with her feet in the air,
                                         Propped up on the back of her favorite chair.
                                                         She can sleep for hours
                                                         With her legs like towers
                                          And her feet sticking way up in the air.


Daisy said...

That is a very funny sleeping position! Ivy, your legs are like little towers. That's cute.

Lux said...

That limerick (and the picture) are so *funny! As long as she's comfy, I say ...

archi ann said...

what a silly kitty

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We are so glad that Ivy found the Ranger home. She is living the life of comfort now!

Forty Paws said...

That's a great story! We're so glad that she is safe and happy inside in her newest forever home. The way she sleeps is very funny!

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