Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have been reading William of Mass Destruction's blog for a long time and got to know Eddie mostly though updates on how he was doing. I was very sad to read that he had passed away on Sunday. William, Olivia, Caroline and the rest of the family will miss him very much.

With heavy hearts we say farewell to Eddie.
His family knew it was coming, but they could never be ready.
Now we are all sad,
But it's not all bad.
Running and playing at the Bridge is dear Eddie.


Daisy said...

How great to do a limerick for sweet Eddie. I am sure he is running and playing and having fun at the Bridge!

Oreo said...

That am all way sad. Furry sweet of you. ::sniff sniff::. We will miss Eddie.

William said...

Oh, my goodness! This is so so sweet and kind of you. I didn't even realize you had a blog until tonight, and while I was reading through it I found this. Thank you thank you thank you.

P.S. My tiny brain has been kinda fuzzy lately but I don't think I realized you're in NM too!