Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ariel and Nana

Here are Ariel and Nana in Dobby's new bed.  Dobby got to spend about a minute in it before Ariel and Nana chased him out of it and claimed it for their own.  Luckily, Dobby has a red cave that he likes better, anyway.  When Dobby's Mom first got an apartment all by herself, she decided that she wanted to adopt a cat or kitten.  She went to the Dumb Friends League and found Ariel.  The people at the shelter wanted to check with Dobby's Mom's landlord to make sure that she could really have a cat in her apartment, so the Mom put a hold on Ariel, who was a kitten at the time, and came back to pick her up when the people called her to say it was all right.  When the Mom got to her apartment and let the kitten out of the carrier, she discovered that it wasn't the kitten she had picked out.  She went back and found out that Ariel and Nana were littermates and someone at the shelter had simply mixed them up.  The Mom decided to take both kittens, so the sisters could stay together.  They have been together ever since and do everything together. Ariel and Nana are pretty calm cats and don't get flustered when Scarlett sniffs their butts.  They didn't even get much upset when Dobby showed up and started stealing their toys.

                                     Ariel and Nana stole Dobby's new bed.
                                     They worked together and planned ahead.
                                               When he was alone,
                                               They made it their own.
                                    Now Dobby uses his red cave instead.


TT said...

I has to take tips from thems. When Jake arrives I don't want him to think his stuff is actually his!

Anonymous said...

Ariel & Nana double-teamed Dobby! Hahaha!

The Devil Dog said...

That is too funny. Just a riot. Poor Dobby, but at least he likes his red cave better.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

You two look so cute in the bed! They are always more comfy when they belong to someone else!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Hee! We like that one Karen Jo

JB's Big World said...

They look so sweet together!

Princess said...

What a wonderful bloo plaid bed., super pretty!
I could have a nap there too!

Very sweet Limerick!
purrrs and headbonkies

Anonymous said...

that is an adorable picture and as usual, a great limerick :-)

-d ma said...

Poor Dobby. It's no fair when sisters team up against you. believe me I know.

Lux said...

That limerick made us laugh, especially illustrated with the pic of Ariel and Nana!