Monday, June 18, 2007


Here's Buddy guarding his cat grass. Buddy is Finnegan's brother. When Buddy was a little kitten, he wandered away from his mother and littermates and got lost. A boy named Brandon found him while he was being mistreated by some boys and saved him. Brandon took him home and the two of them became inseparable and Buddy got his name because people would always say, "Here comes Brandon and his Buddy." After a while, bad things happened to Brandon's family and he couldn't keep Buddy any more. Brandon tried very hard to find a good home for Buddy, by asking around and finally asking on the internet. He contancted Debra, who put Buddy's need for a new home around on the internet and Finnegan's Mom found him and adopted him. Buddy missed Brandon very much at first, but now he and Finnegan are close brothers. Right now Buddy is living with Aunt Ree and two other cats named Gilmore and Grady, while Mom tries to sell their old house and find them a new place to live together. I think Finnegan and Buddy had to go to different houses during this time because Grandma and Grandpa already had two cats and Aunt Ree already had two cats and each said that they could take in one more cat, but not both. Let's all hope that the old house sells soon and Finnegan and Buddy can live together again soon.

Buddy is a farmer. He grows cat grass.
He guards and protects it and keeps it under glass.
When it is grown,
With teeth it is mown.
Buddy and Finnegan both love cat grass.


Finnegan & Buddy said...

Wowie Kazowie!!!! Thanks, Miss Karen Jo - my furry own limerick! I love it!

Love Buddy

Caesar and Princess said...

Buddy is sooo pretty and he is quite a good kitty too!

Daisy said...

Hahahaha! Buddy mows his cat grass with his teeths! He is a good farmer.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

That's a good looking crop, Buddy, and you are doing a great job of guarding it!

Chairman Mao said...

Wow, that's kool Buddy's a farmer and grows cat grass! And you wrote a great limmerick for him.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Parker said...

That was cool! Mows the grass with his teeth! HeeHee!

Lux said...

"... with teeth it is mown ..."

Great line! :)

caricature said...

Buddy is so lovely ~ hope he settles nicely and have great times with Finnegan in near future!

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

*applause* pawesome limerick! Buddy, you sure are a down to earth kitty, hehe!