Monday, November 9, 2009

Farewell, Shadow Lady

This was supposed to be a happy post about Shadow Lady, the only cat at Jewel Girl's house that I hadn't done a limerick for. I had written her happy limerick and chosen the picture below to go with it, then I had my tooth problems and didn't get it posted in time.

Shadow Lady was the calm, collected elder cat of the house. Nothing ever seemed to bother her and she left the rough-housing and play to the younger cats. Her idea of fun was to find a great place to nap, like a handy lap. Last summer, Jewel Girl let her out into the back yard to enjoy the sun and grass and Shadow Lady loved it. Shadow Lady was born on March 5th, 1995, as one of a litter of eight. She lived the longest of any of them. She went into a sudden decline a few days ago and the vet determined that her kidneys had failed. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 6th. Jewel Girl is really sad right now. Here are Shadow Lady's two limericks.

                                       Shadow Lady is a gentle cat.
                                       She seldom, if ever, has a spat.
                                               She takes her naps
                                               In convenient laps,
                                       Which is something she is very good at.

                                        We now say farewell to Shadow Lady.
                                        She's lounging around someplace shady,
                                                  With grass 'neath her toes
                                                  And not any woes.
                                        Have fun at the Bridge, dear Shadow Lady.


Anonymous said...

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Gracie said...

The mom is typing for me with tears in her eyes? This is a beautiful tribute to Shadow Lady. She sounds like such a sweet kitty. I am glad that she got to go outside and enjoy the sun on her and the softness of the grass underneath her cute little body. Forever now she will be free to do those things. She can do them with her friends and family that have gone before her. Forever she will be free of any pain that the bad kidneys were causing her. Someday I will meet Shadow and we both will play together. I am sad for her family and friends. I will pray for them as they go through this very hard time.
Thank you for letting me get to know Shadow a little better.

The Monkeys said...

Very nice limerick! We were so sad to hear about Shadow Lady going to the bridge. What a gorgeous tortie she was.

Glogirly and Katie said...

Beautiful limericks for Shadow Lady, Karen Jo. You have a special gift. You pull at our heartstrings every time you write.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is a very nice tribute for Shadow Lady

Sammy and Andy said...

What beautiful limerick tributes to Shadow Lady. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

We are sure that Jewel Girl will miss Shadow Lady and her Lap Naps. Purrs to Jewel Girl.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

We are sorry to hear about Shadow Lady. Those are both nice limericks in her honor.

Jasmim said...

Beautiful tribute

marg said...

That is just a terrific limerick to Shadow Lady. She is a happy lady now.

-d ma said...

that is sad news. shadow lady sounds like she was a great cat.

Anonymous said...

Shadow Lady is enjoying your loving gesture, from The Bridge.

Debra Taylor said...

It is so lovely that you do tributes for those passing over the rainbow bridge. And you are so good at the limericks. I am sure Shadow Lady will be missed so much. She sounds so wonderful.

I would love to know the blog site where you learned about her.
Maybe it's in your post and I just cannot find it.

Thank you,

Talk to Your Angels


Tears here, thank you so much for the lovely limerick and tribute to
our dear Shadow Lady. Shadow sends
purrs on wings to you a very sweet person. (((HUGS))) Jewelgirl

Brian said...

I had heard about sweet Shadow Lady and it made us all very sad. That was a lovely tribute and my sisters and I will remember her always.