Monday, November 2, 2009

Aniwa Scrat

This is the look that got Aniwa her forever home. She was all alone outside, starving and cold on an October 12th, with snow flurries in the air. She saw her new Mom and gave her this look and that was all it took. Well, could you resist it? Spooky Do welcomed Aniwa into the family right away and she has never forgotten it. To this day she loves to initiate play with Spooky Do, usually by giving him a bat on the head. This leads to a spirited wrestling match, sometimes followed by a mutual grooming session. When Kin Kin showed up, Aniwa was delighted. Here was someone who loved to play as much as she did. The two of them have become fast friends. Aniwa is a small cat and Kin Kin is quickly catching up to her in size. In fact, he may be as big as she is now, though he is still a kitten. Aniwa is often the first cat to size up a new toy in the house. She was the first one to play with the new tunnel. She has a favorite spot on a high shelf which has a cloth on top of it. She loves to get up there to watch the action below and nap. Lately she has been sharing it with Kin Kin. It appears that he followed her up there one day and now he enjoys it as much as she does. When the Halloween pumpkin appeared in the house, Aniwa was all over it. She rubbed up against the stem. When the top was cut off, she inspected the inside carefully and started to play with the insides. Her Mom made sure she didn't make a mess, though. Once it was carved, she was content to just look at it.

                                                 Aniwa says, "Will you play with me?"
                                                 Spooky may say no, but Kin Kin says, "Whee!"
                                                               They wrestle and chase
                                                               All over the place.
                                                 They have such fun as they play with glee.


The Creek Cats said...

Aniwa is a beauty! Just love those torties!

-d ma said...

that is truly an irresistatable look.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh she looks so sweet!

glogirly said...

Aniwa is a cutie with a beautiful story. Thank you for the perfect limerick. : )

Sammy and Andy said...

What a cutie and what a wonderful story. xxxxxxxx

Noll's Nip said...

Aniwa is cute as a button! Your limerick captures her purrfectly ;)

Brian said...

Oh my, Aniwa is a cute little thing isn't she!!! Yep, sometimes the look will do it!

Team Tabby said...

Thank you for telling us about Aniwa Scrat, she is a real cutie.

Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

Lorianna said...

Oh what a sweet kitty and story! And the limerick is so cute! How do you come up with them Karen Jo? Are you Irish? :)

caspersmom said...

Well, I guess that look would get anyone to take her in. She is a cutie. Really love the limerick that describes her, resounds with happiness.


Oh my you captured the spirit of
Aniwa Scrat here because she is surely a one of a kind cat with her
beauty,grace,intelligence and the happiness she brings to us! :)

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