Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frodo Baggins

The top picture is Frodo Baggins dressed as his namesake and the second picture is what Frodo does to amuse himself while his humans are away.  Frodo is an indoor/outdoor cat in Georgia.  He doesn't blog much, so I don't know a whole lot about him, but what there is I found very interesting.  He lives with his beans, which includes a couple of small boy beans, and another cat named Coco.  Frodo and Coco aren't the best of chums, but they tolerate each other and sometimes wrestle for fun.  Frodo is a mighty hunter.  He catches and kills birds on a regular basis, but doesn't seem to eat them.  He will put them on the porch for his beans to find sometimes.  He does eat the lizards he catches.  The little boy beans once brought a lizard inside for a pet.  They put it into a terrarium, with heavy books holding the lid down to keep Frodo out.  One night, Frodo pushed the books off, got the cover off and caught the lizard.  He left just enough behind for the boys to realize what had happened to their pet lizard.  Frodo wasn't very popular for a few days after that.  Frodo loves his beans and often asks for attention.  He also likes catnip very much and has been known to help himself if he can find the catnip stash.

                                         Frodo Baggins was stalking a bird.
                                         The birdie laughed and thought it absurd.
                                                 With a stealthy creep
                                                 And a mighty leap,
                                         Frodo Baggins captured the bird.


Boy said...

Wow! We've got a Fwodo! And he's the same handsome cowour as me! And he pways the piano! Cool! I've always wanted to do that, except that mine Mummy is never considewate enough to weave the piano wid up!

Gattina said...

Bodo in concert ! that must be wonderful ! I picked up the award, thank you very much !!

Mickey said...

Frodo looks cute at the piano :)
Maybe he needs a bell for his collar ;)
Purrs Mickey

snowforest said...

Frodo is very handsome ~ we went to his bloggie and he sure is a mighty and clever hunter!
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

-d ma said...

Frodo looks like a talented lil kitty. When Diego plays the piano he needs all four paws to play.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I have not met Frodo. I will have to go do that!

Angus said...

Frodo is very good at slaying those Nazgul!

Team Tabby said...

Ah, this limerick made us laugh! We will now visit Frodo and say hi. thanks for visiting us.

The Devil Dog said...

That is a great limerick. That is also a great story. I bet Daisy would love him.


Caesar and Princess said...

Ooooohhhhh Thank you for the awardie. How wonderful that you received this awardie. It is well deserved and you can display it proudly for sure!

Happy Week-end Karen Jo..

Frodo is very cute. He looks just like Frodo in that Frodo outfit, hahaha, really

What an adorrrable limerick!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

oh wow- frodo must have gotten into tuns of trubble for his little lizzard issue with the boy bean. What a kul always!

Sunny's Mommy said...

He's a very handsome kittie :-)