Thursday, March 1, 2007


I did Miles a couple of days ago, so now it's Sammy's turn. I really like this picture of Sammy because it shows off his very blue eyes. Sammy is a fun-loving Meezer who likes to perfom gravity experiments in the middle of the night if he needs some attention. He also knows how to turn off the alarm in the morning. Sammy is actually getting two limericks because I know that he lays claim to all the toys, but I don't know just how he keeps Miles from playing with them. Here are two possible ways.

Sammy and Miles are two Meezer boys,
But Sammy's the one with all the toys.
Under the couch, under the chair,
Under the bed, look everywhere.
Where has Sammy hidden the toys?

Sammy and Miles are two Meezer boys,
But Sammy's the one with all the toys.
"Don't you dare touch one hair
Of that mousie right there.
It's mine!" snarls Sammy, when Miles annoys.


jeterharris said...

deer kj ...
mi mom sez dat she luvz yer limerickz an iz gointa show dem to her stoodentz. den maybe dey can lern to rite sum limerickz demselvez.
luv--yer frend--jh

Tink said...

Wow, great limericks. We don't have our own blog (yet!), but our mom has dedicated her TT to us this week. Come meet us if you like!
Love, Freyja & Bastet


I like Sammy and Miles too.
They are so sweet looking.
I can only imagine what it is like at home with those two... something like two clowns :o) I hope you have a happy day

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh course I love Sammy! What a fun limerick about that adorable meezer.


Daisy said...

I think number one is the most correct limerick, because I bet Sammy hides the toy everywhere!

Cheysuli said...

A lovely photo of Sammy. It's too bad that sometimes Miles' outgoing personality takes over the blog!

Rascal said...

Hahaha! I vote for a two verse limerick. I added you to my bean link list!

Forty Paws said...

Those are great lims!! And we luf the one about Dragonheart too. You are very creative!

Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

That's great news, Jeter. I'm flattered. I will definitely come to meet you, Freyja and Bastet. Thank you, Rascal.

The Meezers said...

oh Karen Jo!!!!!!!!!! I is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy to haf a limerik 'bout me!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Akshually, don't tell anyone, but I just take the toys away from Miles if he tried to play wif them - I swat them out of his paws. Then again, he steals my food. - Sammy

Diva Kitty's said...

Perfection! We love these!

Reverse Barometer said...

Thanks for the comment left on my cat blog. I've tried adding the blogroll script, but it just didn't work. Well, maybe it's my lack of skills that didn't work (much more likely).

This site is a hoot. Great pictures and limbericks. Life doesn't get any better than that. I'll be dropping by regularly.

Karen Jo said...

I'm so glad that you like your limericks, Sammy. I won't tell anyone about what you really do.

Victor Tabbycat said...

That's great! I can just see Sammy hidin the toys an not tellin Miles where.