Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Georgie Sr

This picture of Georgie Sr is from last September, just after he became a proud father. At 2 1/2 years, Georgie Sr is the oldest of the Poi rats and he is quite a character. He had his own condo because he was acting like a grumpy old man rat and didn't want any company. However, Morgan le Rat took to visiting him which he didn't seem to mind at all. The result was 9 ratlets. When they were old enough, the three boy ratlets, Georgie Jr, Mozart and Monty were given their very own condo. They didn't like this at all. They soon discovered that they could squeeze out through the bars of their condo and into Georgie Sr's condo. Poi Mom moved Georgie Sr into the now empty boy's condo and the ratlets promptly moved in with him again. As Poi Mom put it, they moved "lock, stock and chicken bones" which meant they were serious about staying. Georgie Sr accepted his sons in good grace and has even been seen playing with them.

Unfortunately, Georgie Sr isn't doing too well right now. His front paws have become paralyzed and he can't feed himself any more, as rats always hold their food in their front paws. Poi Mom is holding his food for him, but he is losing weight. Good wishes, purrs and prayers are needed.

UPDATE: Georgie Sr was helped to the Bridge yesterday afternoon, Hawaiian time.  The paralysis had spread from just his paws to his legs and he was in pain.  Run free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge, Georgie Sr.

                                   The oldest Poi rat is Georgie Sr.
                                    He is a sweet Daddy, never a mean-ior.
                                           His boys all adore him.
                                           Their play'll never bore him.
                                   You lived a good life, sweet Georgie Sr.


Anonymous said...

Poor Georgie! All of us Ballicai are purring and purring for him to get better.

Caesar and Princess said...

Georgie is so handsome with his brown furs on his face. we hope he gets better.
This was a super limerick!!

Cheysuli said...

Yeah George! Nice limerick.

Daisy said...

I sure hope Georgie feels better soon. I think your limerick will help him.

Anonymous said...

Great limerick so sad about
Georgie Sr.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hello George! My rat sisters just moved to their new home. Mommy didn't even tell me they were going. The kids stopped playing with them and they were getting sad. Now they're in a home with other rats and they're happy. Being alone isn't great if you're a rat. I guess you found that out. I hope you feel well soon!

One of us said...

Thank you so much for the limerick Karen. It is wonderful and Georgie would have loved it ~Mom Jane

Parker said...

Georgie was a good boy, we are sorry he had to get sick and go the bridge.

Gattina said...

I can never understand why a lot of women are afraid of rats, I just find them cute. Once a skinhead with a rat on his shoulder came near me to frighten me and was sooo disappointed that instead of screaming and running away, I petted the rat, who liked it so much, that she wanted to move on my shoulder. Poor skin head !