Thursday, May 17, 2012

Farewell, Beau

This is another really sad one for me.  I have known Beau for years.  I remember his first blog with the kitty with the moving tail along the top and side.  I remember his great bow ties, which he wore with such flair.  I was with him through the changes in his blog and the changes in his life.  Back when this blog was pretty new, I wrote a limerick for him, which you can find here.  I went through Cathy's illness and death with him and wrote him another limerick when he settled down with Rose and the Royals.  Now we have to say goodbye.  At the end of April, Beau started losing weight and becoming disinterested in eating.  A vet exam showed that he had some cancer indicators in his blood.  Last weekend, he started acting grrr-y with Rose and hiding.  The time had come.  The vet came to the house and helped Beau go to Cathy on May 15th.  Farewell, old friend.  I am sure that you and Cathy are together again and delighted to be with each other.

                                                       Beau was a gentleman cat through and through.
                                                       He loved us all, that much is true.
                                                            But he most loved Mom
                                                            And now he has gone
                                                       To be with her in a life ever new.


The Royals and Gentleman Beau said...

Forgive me for being oblivious.

This is a lovely tribute to Beau, as was the post last December.

Beau was a sweet little soul, and I was blessed to share even the brief time I had with him.

Today it seemed The Royals noticed that he was gone. He'd been keeping to himself for a few weeks, so I guess they all noticed his scent fading, perhaps.
Marigold was most affected - she befriended Beau first, and Beau took to her easily.

I read the comments, and many are kind, but there are one or two that cut me deeply. This is what led to my shutting things down.
(That and Emily using the keyboard of my laptop for a landing pad that has broken many keys off \O/)

Be Well, and Thank You again, Karen Jo

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We were very sorry to hear about Beau. He was a grand cat.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

This is a beautiful limerick for Beau.
It is hard to say goodbye to such a good furriend.

The Island Cats said...

We are sad that Beau has gone to the Bridge, but the fact that he has been reunited with his mom Cathy brings us some comfort.

Angel and Kirby said...

You always create great tributes. We are sorry that Rose has been hurt by unfeeling people

NTM and The Purries said...

A beautiful poem, Karen Jo.
So sad that anyone's words would hurt Rose, she did so much for Beau.
Sending many blessings and good thoughts.

NTM and The Purries said...

A beautiful poem, Karen Jo.
So sad that anyone's words would hurt Rose, she did so much for Beau.
Sending many blessings and good thoughts.


That was a beautiful tribute. We hope Rose reconsiders shutting down the blog. We would be even sadder to know that we've lost both Beau AND the Royals.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Sweet Purrfections said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Beau. We're sad to see he's gone, but we're comforted knowing he is back with Mom Cathy. We're also thankful for Rose giving him a forever home after Mom Cathy left and hope she'll continue blogging and letting us know how the Royals are doing.

Truffle and Brulee (and Mom Paula)

Brian said...

Lovely tribute to dear sweet Beau.

meowmeowmans said...

What a lovely tribute to Beau. WE miss him very much, but are glad he is now with Mom Cathy. Thank you to Rose and the Royals for loving him so much while he was with them.

Diamond said...

Farewell to Beau. It is sad for you to write farewell poems. I will make a nice purr for you.