Sunday, September 25, 2011


I didn't think it would take me this long to get back to the hang of writing kitty limericks. Sorry about the delay.  First some information, as Kitty Limericks has been neglected for so long.  You may wonder, how do I select the kitties to write limericks for?  Most of the time it is entirely random. Sometimes I see something on a blog that inspires me.  If you would like to have me write a limerick for you or some other kitty (or woofie or any other blogging animal) just drop me an note to nyctolopsATvlaDOTcom or tell me in the comments.

Now to tell you about Tenzing.  He moved in with Jack and Persephone March 1, 2010.  Somebody had moved and left him behind all alone.  The OTW and Big One rescued him and brought him home.  He was about five months old at the time.  He was big for his age and continues to be big.  The OTW (opposable thumbs woman) wonders if he could be part Maine Coon.  He has the size and long fur for it.  Jack and Persephone have not been best pleased with their new brother.  Jack calls him The Unnecessary Kitten and Persephone calls him the Orinch Meniss.  He has fit himself into the family and can be caught snoozing with both Jack and Persephone, though neither one really likes to play with him, still.  The photo shows Tenzing doing his second favorite thing in the whole world, rolling outside.  Once let outside, he will roll and roll and roll.  He just loves it.  His favorite thing is house-trashing.  I chatted with OTW not long ago and she thought that maybe he just doesn't realize how big he has grown or how strong his tail is or maybe he just likes to play "Will it bounce or will it break?"  Whatever the reason, if something is on a shelf or table, Tenzing is likely to knock it down.  He loves to climb the indoor tree.  He loves to climb up the shelves.  He has been known to knock over a floor lamp by pushing something over on it.  Jack just loves to have fun.  He always has fun, wherever he is.  Put him in a room by himself for time-out and he will find a way to have fun in there.

                                                  Tenzing has fun wherever he goes.
                                                   It keeps him Mom on her toes.
                                                       To Jack and Persephone he'll say,
                                                       "Please, won't you come play?"
                                                  Unfortunately, they mostly say, "Noes!"


Angel and Kirby said...

Very good! We are glad you are back, no matter how long it takes!

Brian said...

Hooray for a great limerick and double hooray for Tenzing being in a wonderful forever home!

Leia said...

Tenzing.. what a unique name! And a fine fellow he is! Cute limerick for him as well!

The Island Cats said...

We love Tenzing!!