Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farewell, Nickodemus

Things are really sad over at Thoughts Fur Paws. Nickodemus was helped to the Rainbow Bridge after a very hard decision at the emergency vet's on August 22. He was nineteen years old and in failing health, mostly kidney problems. Jamie is really sad because Nickodemus had been with him for over half his life. Jamie's Mom is also really sad, because Nickodemus was her best friend for years. Nickodemus was rescued from the woods when he was seven weeks old. He had never even seen a human before. He became an inside cat and it took him months to get used to it. Once he did, though, he loved it. He loved to snuggle into warm spots. His very favorite food was fish. He loved to be loved and now he is being missed terribly.

                                                Nickodemus had a great life.
                                                He lived inside, away from strife.
                                                      He got lots of scritches
                                                      To soothe his itches.
                                                He went to the Bridge to start a new life.


Anonymous said...

A lovely limerick, Karen Jo. We are glad Nickodemus enjoyed his itches being scritched while he was here.

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

We were so sad ta hear about Nickodemus goin over the Bridge...

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are sorry to hear about Nickodemus--what a nice tribute.

Lovey said...

How very sad. Hope your heart is filled with the rainbows from the life of your little Nick. We meant to stop by long ago and thank you for the sweet post you put up for our Charlie, and are sorry that when we finally did, it was to se such sad news. Our hearts are with you.

Lovey (for Charlie's DogBlog)

Brian said...

What a wonder life sweet Nickodemus had and it is so sad to loose a loved little critter. Thanks for sharing the Nickodemus story because now we will remember the sweet orange Nickodemus forever.

Thoughts said...

Karen JO,

This means SO much to me and my family. THANK YOU for posting this, I didnt even see it until today. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends like you. We are still heartbroken over our loss but Nick's memory will always be with us.

Thanks again for your wonderfully heartfelt tribute to Nick.


Jaime Smith