Sunday, June 15, 2008


There is some more sad news.  Tyler's older sister, Kali, was helped to the Bridge on Saturday.  Please go visit and give them all some hugs.

Tipper would like every one to know that she was not named for Al Gore's wife.  She got her name because when she was a kitten, she had a white pointy tip on her tail.  For some reason it disappeared as she got older. Tipper just loves to supervise anything that has to do with food.  In the photo she is checking out her Mom's breakfast.  She will get a bite or two of banana and a taste of the milk.  Tipper is always the first one to the kitchen when the can opener sound is heard.  She jumps up on the counter to see if there is a chance of tuna water or something else yummy.  She really got fooled once.  She heard the can opener, jumped up on the counter, saw a can that looked just like a tuna can and sampled the water.  Unfortunately, it was a can of water chestnuts.  She was most disappointed.  If we categorized the Crew as a cat family, George would be the Dadcat, Tipper would be the Momcat, Max would be the teenage boy and Misty would be the little girl. Tipper has been giving Misty lessons on becoming a ladycat for a couple of years now.  Tipper also makes sure that the other cats have done their grooming properly, especially their ears.  She is a bit disappointed that none of the other cats return the favor.  Tipper was adopted as a kitten from the same shelter as George.  George was originally adopted with his littersister, Gracie.  When Gracie died, George missed her terribly and started crying quite a bit.  The Mom and Dad adopted Tipper to be company for George.

                                  Tipper washes the other cats' ears.
                                  She has been doing this for years.
                                         They hold still and let her
                                         'Cause then they feel better.
                                 Tipper's like a Momcat, washing their ears.


goldenshade said...

Another sweet limerick. I would like someone to wash my ears.

purrs, Goldie

Parker said...

Tipper is a great kitty!
I bet she loves her limerick!

Gattina said...

I am catching up on limericks ! it's so sad lately, so many cats died in the last weeks ! Fortunately my old Lisa even with her depression and bald belly eats well and takes care to get on our nerves !

Lux said...

Tipper sounds like Silky, 'cept Silky bites ears whilst she's cleaning them!

cyclone cats! said...

It's my twin! That's a great limmerick, karen jo!


Daisy said...

I think Tipper is a very sweet kitty. I wish I could go over there so she could wash my ears.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

YEAH Tipper!

JB's Big World said...

Another great limerick. What a sad week it has been.

The Devil Dog said...

That is so sweet. Mom loves reading about kitties and woofies who help clean and care for their siblings.

Roxy & Lucky

-d ma said...

i love the look on Tipper's face in the photo... water chestnuts? ick.

Karl & Ruis said...

Tipper is a very caring momcat and you made a beautiful limerick for her!!

Karl & Ruis

michico*Adan said...

Tipper is a very cute cat, and very understanding~!!!! I like her very much~!!!!

Mickey said...

That is a good limmerick :) I like the info on Tipper too :) Now I know 2 cats that like bananners!!
Purrs Mickey