Saturday, March 22, 2008


Caitie was the third cat to be adopted into the Good Cats family.  The Mom and Dad found her in 1997 at a Good Mews adoption clinic held at a nearby Petco.  They were thinking that three cats was a good number to have and were looking for an adult cat to fit in with Kelly and Lizzie.  They found a thin one-year-old calico with green eyes in a cage labelled Tinkerbelle.  The Mom and Dad had already decided to name the new cat Caitlin, but loved the Belle part of her first name, so she became Caitie-Belle.  Caitie is the hunter of the group.  When she is inside, she chitters at the birds at the bird-feeder.  When she is outside, she goes hunting.  She has caught more critters than the other three combined.  She brought a live mouse to the Mom once, but when she put it down, the Mom made sure that it got away.  There are at least one mouse, rat, chipmunk and rabbit who weren't so lucky. Caitie also guards the yard from the neighbor cat.  If Tigs comes over for a visit and Caitie is outside, she chases Tigs all the way home.  Caitie also keeps an eye on the dog next door, who stays inside his invisible fence for the most part. Caitie also enjoys the wild catnip growing in the yard.

                                               Caitie is a hunter and a mighty one is she.
                                               She has caught more critters than the other three.
                                                       A mouse or a rabbit,
                                                       She leaps to grab it,
                                               Then brings it back for her folks to see.


Mickey said...

What a nice limmerick for Caitie! She is such a pretty cat and does not seem to mind the snow outdoors!
Wild catnip,mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

-d ma said...

Great limerick. Caitie Belle seems like quite the in charge kitty.

Quasi said...

Hi Karen Jo,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I grudgingly admit that bunnies ARE pretty cute (although not as cute and clever as us cats!).

Hey Caitie, isn't that snow pretty cold on your paws? We don't get too much snow in Burbank.

zevo husssein calamari said...

Caitie is adorable... thanks so much for the fun limerick!
have a happy easter

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Caitie, I think you are a great hunter! Very nice limerick.

felinesopher said...

we love the limerick:) Caitie is so sweetie!

Though things get rough lately, Meaouwy Troops still like to share their furryfriend story about the unusual mark on her body and helping mommy disclose one of the reasons why we become the best communicator with humans:) so check them out in our blogs to find it more.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

A housee wit multy-pull cats alwayz goez better wit a cally-co. We haz to haz a cally-co...ALWAYZ. Da dadee here sez dat cally-co cats iz "speshull cats."

The Devil Dog said...

Caitie is a very pretty kitty. And quite a hunter. That is a great story and limerick. Mom likes happy endings and happy stories about animals. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Caitie-Belle doesn't sound like a Mighty Hunter, but her actions speak louder than her name!

Mom just bought us seeds for Grampy to plant us some Catnip in our yard too. Hooray for Catnip!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking for all the Good Cats, thank you again for the honor of featuring us these past few days. We enjoyed reading them, and we appreciate your hard work putting each of them together. (I think mine was the best, too.)

All best purrs,

Lux said...

Yayyyyyy ... you go, Caitie!