Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm finally finishing up Tiger Lily's family with Zeke.  Zeke is mostly a mixture of Miniature Pinshcer and Rat Terrier.  He thinks he is much bigger than he really is.  He is a great watch dog and lets everyone know when an intruder crosses the yard or a strange car goes by.  He was raised from a small puppy by two cats, Pfred (who has gone to the Bridge) and Jemima.  Zeke has picked up some cat habits from them, like lying on the back of the couch or the windowsill.  He will be 12 years old on March 10th.  Zeke is the referee for the cats.  When any of the cats start hissing or yelling at each other, Zeke gets right between them and barks at them until they stop arguing.  The cats respect him and always quit fighting when he starts barking at them.  Zeke doesn't really play with the cats, but he will occasionally wave his tail at Tiger Lily or Ruckus, then turn around and bark at them if they try to bat it.  Zeke does like to romp around in the yard with Sushi.  Zeke loves his Mom best.  He knows what time she comes home for lunch and after work and asks to be let out just before then so he can greet her in the driveway.  He loves to sit in her lap, which makes Sushi jealous at times.  The two of them have been known to have quite a barking match over whose turn it is to sit in Mom's lap.  Zeke always wins these matches.  Zeke's favorite place in the whole house is the bed.  He sleeps with Mom and Dad every night, usually right under the covers.  He also spends quite a bit of the day there.  He will snuggle down under the covers.  If he starts to get too warm, he will stick his nose out, but only his nose.  His nickname is Bed Spud.

                                     Zeke just loves to snuggle in bed.
                                     He dives under the covers right over his head.
                                           When he gets hot,
                                           He sticks his nose out.
                                     Don't disturb Zeke when he's snuggled in bed.


Anonymous said...

There's just something intriguing about the name 'Rat Terrier', isn't there? It even sounds fun to torment! C'mere Zeke!

Tybalt said...

Awwwww . . . Zeke is a cutie!

Gattina said...

I am just through all limerinckx sinc e my last visit ! There were quite a few. Jenny sounds like Kim, she still is not at ease with humans although she always lived with them and had never had a bad experience. I think it must be their characters. One of my friends said that Kim behaves like an autist !

-d ma said...

the two dogs i sometimes housesit are both rat terriers. they don't get along very well though so perhaps i should borrow zeke to place peacemaker.

he looks adorable.

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Oh my cats, Zeke looks like a really sweet woofie!

Lux said...

Zeke has excellent ideas about how to spend his time!

The Devil Dog said...

Zeke sounds like a cutie. It is neat that he referees the fights.


Tiger Lily said...

Zeke said that's exactly right! when Mom read his limerick to us. We love it!